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10 Internet Businesses You Can Start with as Little as $100

Do you feel like you missed the first dotcom wave because you didn’t have enough money at the time start an online business? Don’t worry, it’s not too late. You don’t have to be rich to be an entrepreneur in this new age of free online tools and Web 2.0 applications that get the job done.

I’ve whipped up ten business you can start with as little as $100 in your pocket. The great part is being able to work from home with just your laptop and can of Red Bull.

By the way… if you don’t think think you can make it at home on your own, check out the video above of Markus Frind. Frind runs Plenty of Fish (online dating service) from his home office and makes over $900k a month!

Apparel Store

Startup Costs: As little as $6 per shirt.
Details: Come up with witty slogans and sell your T-shirts online. Online T-shirt makers like CafePress have no minimum order requirements. Let them handle the fuss of ordering and printing. If you discover your a natural Van Gogh in the process, give the Threadless competition a try for a chance to win $2000 in cash and fame.

Photo Retouching

Startup Costs: $100 for photo-editing software like Adobe Photoshop Elements.
Details: Remove unwanted red-eye and strangers from photos or bring old photos back to life. Photoshop Elements makes this super simple with their magic tools. Start with your friends and family, and the word about your service will spread like wildfire.

Start a Blog

Startup Costs: Free or ~$10 for a personal domain and ~$8/month website hosting.
Details: Choose a niche you’re passionate about and write about it daily. Place contextual ads from Google or Yahoo on it to reap in the money. Services like Blogger and Typepad are free, but you don’t get your own custom domain. Shell out a little cash and get your own domain for a more professional look.

Answer Questions

Startup Costs: None.
Details: Are you the lifeline call that everyone makes when they’re on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? If so, you can sign up to be a Cha Cha guide and make between $5-10/hr answering questions.

eBay Business

Startup Costs: $120 for a compact digital camera.
Details: That pile of stuff in your garage that you consider junk may be a goldmine. Take it out of the box, snap of photo of it and list the sucker on eBay. More than 2 million people visit eBay every single day, spending an average of two hours navigating through eBay’s pages and listings.

Web Design

Startup Costs: $100 for web design software like Microsoft Frontpage
Details: Every business needs a web presence. Although there a many free templates available on the web, most are crap and clients are looking for something more first class. You can make anywhere from $500-1000 just by making a simple site for the local mom and pop shop down the street. For the clients that already have a website, they’ll need someone to keep help update it with fresh content.


Startup Costs: $50 for a microphone.
Details: Can’t keep your opinions to yourself? Then you might as well starting recording and broadcasting them to others via podcasting. If enough folks listen to your podcast, you can sign up with an advertising service like Podtrac and earn some nice dough.

Make Videos

Details: Create funny videos and post them online. Video sharing sites like Revver share 50% of their ad revenue with you. The guys that made the Mentos + Diet Coke videos made over $30,000!

Affiliate Marketer

Startup Costs: None.
Details: Join another company’s affiliate program like Amazon Affiliates. Earn a commission each time someone you’ve referred makes a purchase. Affiliate programs vary on commission so shop around for the best deal.

Sell Your Own Service

Startup Costs: Nothing more than what you already pay.
Detail: Whether you’re a photographer, legal consultant, real estate agent, tutor or anything in between, you can make money by selling your services online. It’s an easy way to increase the your market share and revenue. Start by creating an online ad of what you can offer on free classified listing sites like Craigslist, which receives over 14 million visitors a month.

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    Thanks for the ideas! :)

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    OMG. I just watched the video!!! I can’t believe he makes $10,000 a day?! What am I doing wrong? :(

  • vm3z9

    you wonder what he does with all that money

  • David

    What about something for those old school baby boomers :) could find some opportunity in that. As for as e-dating websites, they’re having their fame for the moment, have to find something fresh.

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    the one about blogging…. is that what kineda is?

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    Yup, Kineda is a blog about Men’s Entertainment and Lifestyle. Although the hosting costs are considerably higher since the traffic on this site is quite high compared to your run-of-the-mill blog. :)

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    so kineda, is like a few extra bucks in the pocket…. smart. really. pretty cool idea for a little pocket money.

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    all i need now is 100 bucks

  • LY9898

    I wanted to join cha cha and look into becoming a cha cha guide but i need to be invited to do this by a master guide. I have no friends in this area of the country ( i just moved) and my family doesn’t even use a computer, how in the world could i ever find a master guide to help me out. any clues anyone? the cha cha idea and the blog ideas are really worth looking into, for a few extra bucks.

  • AllaN

    Dude, id do thing from my computer if i get paid, cause it would be the WORLDS MOST CONVENIENT JOB, I can totally work on my computer and everything is just there, Shower, food, and if i wanted to excercise, i can, all i need is jsut good organization skills

  • haz

    is good to know you don’t need good qualification to succeed

  • rsodhi

    Another good feature on Markus Frind and Plentyoffish shows the hosting infrastructure he uses to run the site at PEER 1. A one-man operation with very little server hardware… very impressive!