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$100 Technorati Favorites Challenge

Technorati Challenge

After reading SEOmoz’s article on “Technorati Top 100 – Too Easy to Game?” I’ve decided to run a little experiment of my own.

On October 16th at 2pm PST, I will randomly choose one Technorati member who added this blog as a favorite, and send him or her this check for $100, no strings attached.

How far will one hundred dollars go?

Add Kineda to Technorati Favorites

  • heartofjosh

    Done! :)

  • glimmerish

    You come up with the craziest ideas!

  • rbx6jm7man

    i’d like to trust you…. i mean i’m itchin’ for some dough. to trust or not to trust – that is the question.

  • Lenka

    i want 100 bucks too

  • vm3z9

    very tempting…

  • madray

    I was hesitant because I needed to sign up for a technorati account, but since Kineda is one of my favorite sites and you’re offering a chance to win a hundred bucks I said why not!

  • David

    Please let it be me. Heh, I could use a 100 bucks in my wallet, never know what it might be useful for. =P

  • djmikey

    You have my support as a favorite even without the $100. ;)

  • GameDudeX

    But… I don’t… umm… have a Technorati account. =(

  • jules

    I didn’t either but I just signed up. Pick me for the $100!

  • Travis

    You’ve been Techno-ratified by me!

  • Terry Ng

    Technorati $100 Challenge is now closed. A winner will be randomly selected tonight and the announcement made tomorrow!

  • GameDudeX

    Woot! Thanks Terry.

  • andrew wee

    gratz to Chee Shan, my fellow member!

  • cheezycool

    hey thanks Andrew! Nice to see you here too! :)