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5 Steps to Getting the Man of Your Dreams

Hot Sexy Cute

You’re cute, you’re hot, you’re sexy, you’re fun, you have a cool personality and a big circle of friends — in other words, you’re the whole package. Then why the hell can’t you meet a guy? Maybe it’s because you have a stale routine.

Step 1 – Venture Out

There are plenty of good men in this world, you just need to create opportunities to meet them. Venture out from simply flirting at the same gym or bars, and introduce yourself to new activities where single men are likely to be.

Hot Sexy Cute

Tip: Break out of your comfort zone and head down to a convention for Star Wars junkies or game night at the local sports bar. These places attract amazing amounts of testosterone, which increases your chances of meeting that ever-elusive critter, the single male.

Step 2 – Catch His Attention

The goal is to show him you’re available without throwing yourself at him. Sexy yet subtle signs can work wonders. A little smile, a glance in his direction, and a friendly touch like placing your hand on his forearm is usually more than enough to cue a guy that you’re interested.

Hot Sexy Cute

Tip: When you’re out partying, avoid staying in a pack which makes you unapproachable. Men have a great fear of being rejected, and an even bigger fear of rejection in front of others. Take a step away from your overprotective posse waiting to give him the once-over, and work different parts of the room on your own. Flying solo will make you much more approachable. To be on the safe side, be sure to have a rendezvous point with the girls you came with.

Step 3 – The Chase

The key is for him to suspect you’re interested, without knowing for sure. Men love a chase, so give it to them!

Hot Sexy Cute

Tip: Never make yourself too available. Although he’s a welcome addition into your life, you need to make it clear that you’re independent and still have friends to attend to. That means your date with the girls this Friday night is still on!

Step 4 – Don’t Forget Who You Are

Guys want an independent woman that has a life of their own. Ladies, this means take care of yourself, pay attention to your personal style and find time to hang with your fabulous friends and family.


Tip: No man wants a girl that doubles as a shadow. It’s suffocating, and is a surefire way that’ll get you kicked to the curb.

Step 5 – Together Forever

Men want a woman who’s positive, upbeat, and simple blast to be around.


Tip: Although there are different things that make men happy — when all is said and done, and the honeymoon stage on cloud nine has past, all men really want is love… and maybe a bit of sugar too!

  • phanguy

    i love these star wars lego pictures you use!

  • Kwan

    nice article. I agree with most of it except a warning on the “chase”. Guys only like the chase so far as it shows that the girl isn’t “easy”… but they don’t want to chase a girl forever, especially one that tries to play games and flirt with other dudes.

    …also, these days I think most guys are much more into girls that approach them.

  • yume

    OMG… HOW CUTE! I love the pictures. Great advice too! :D

  • duperpok

    Ha.. I’m not a big believer of courtship and romance. My girlfriend most likely fell for my cooking before she fell for me.

  • stargin

    What fantastic pics of the legos! I laughed my butt off on the captions! :P Sooooo cute.

    Advice isn’t bad either!!! hehe

  • David

    You’re such a geek Terry. :) The last picture is the funniest, I wanna see how the girls reply to this article. :P

  • glimmerish

    i love these lego articles terry! the pics are so adorable!!! You’re right about not suffocating your man and giving him space. It’s something I need to work on, but I just love being with my honey all the time! :D

  • heartofjosh

    LOL. Great job on the article and pics! :D

  • AllaN

    Hahhahahah, I like how the male version of this seemed so much harder, in this one,the girls dont need much, no money, no status hahhaha. Therefor its harder for a guy to get a girl than it is for a girl to get a guy, at least thats what i think.

  • yume

    it’s not as easy as terry makes it seem! girls just have to work a different angle than guys!!! plus god gave us some nice “assets” to work with. :p

  • Tami Ng

    super cute ;)

  • Lenka

    :D :D :D but i am supporter that women belong to kitchen

  • razi

    Hahaha! I just showed my girl friends and they absolutely love this article! :D

  • Dexter Kanuto

    ditto Allan…I mean looks, attitude, behavior, spirit, confidence, selflessness, patience and faith are the attributes to look out for…A guy like me is even struggling to cope with these criteria.

  • vm3z9

    the legos always give me a laugh, great job!

  • call_me_kim

    lol good read, but i can’t really say that it’s the best way to get a guy. but what do i know?

    when it says men love a chase, it’s true i guess, but some women tend to turn the chase into a game that gets old quick.

    i dunno what i’m saying -_-;;

  • sexygirls

    this lego pictures are great :)

  • s m i l e

    ha, i love the lego in this, its classic

  • terryberriest

    I love this. It says it all!

  • Ged

    If a Star Wars convention doesn’t float your boat, think about art exhibitions, learning sports like scuba diving. Oh and be yourself.

  • shadseaweed

    Hey I have my a female here that say’s she HATES it when a man orders for her. Women can make up there own minds and if they can’t then goodbye, nothing turns me off more then a women who needs a man for everything.

    Also if girls have big or huge boobs and cant stand it when guys stare then by all means don’t show cleavge. If you do then Iam staring and if there huge then I am drooling.

    I think the other guys comment about girls coming up to guys is right. I love it when a women is forward and not scared or waiting for the guy to make a move, Its like the guy said Men are afraid of rejection. So by all means ASK!!!!!!!!Talk!!!!!!!!!do just sit there thinking he’s gay or something because he’s not saying a damn thing.


    Now I am into tan cubby girls with huge racks but that does’nt mean that I would’nt date a black women…so you know……..what ever

  • Redpelerin

    You’re not making sense in the 21st century.

  • Shisha Hookah

    great dating guide explained with legos!

  • stephen

     A man can fail
    many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.

  • lilio

    i dont understand this

  • Samantha

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