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50 Cent is the 2008 Hip-Hop Cash King


Move over Jay-Z. There’s a new Hip-Hop Cash King in town. According to Forbes, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson raked in $150 million over the past 12 months — almost twice what Jay-Z made.

The new king can thank his deal with VitaminWater which netted him $100 million after taxes. Coming in third is for the second year in a row is Sean “Diddy” Combs with a cool $35 million, and Kanye West clocks in at No. 4 with $30 million.

  • AllaN

    In my HONEST opinion, Mr. Curtis is not deserving of his title. I’d much prefer Kanye to be in his position. I mean, look at all the awesome tracks that kayne has on his Graduation album, and his Flashing Lights story(by using 3 videos) is just genius. 50 cent.. i though last time i heard from him was .. i really can’t remember.
    Verdict: Kanye > 50 cent, and diddy… I expected him to earn more.

  • David

    It’s not about the money, but the people listed on the list do make a argumentative discussion. I would say the more better way of listing these artists would be through album sales, not including product endorsements. Just like to point out that they are forgetting the legendary NaS and the Wu-Tang clan.

    Nonetheless, I doubt the individual(s) who wrote the article have understanding of the hip-hop culture.

  • daniel

    Sorry, I am not a hip-hop fan, but this is my opinion. 5Ocent- last time I saw him (sing a song, cuz I think I saw him only in TV shows like Cribs on MTV&VH1) so for the last time he had a video ‘In da club’ and he hung from the roof.
    P. Diddy… omg I mean Puff Daddy, he is a legend for me. I think everybody on this planet know a song “I’ll Be Missing You”. Kanye is quite good.I think he has a bright future. And 5Ocent … 5O who?!

  • benmanners

    personally, i also agree with the previous posts. they all present valid arguements of kanye’s brighter future and p. diddy’s solid body of work. however, as the post entitles, the cash value earned by 50cent clearly triumphs over the other artists because of his marketing genius. maybe not genius, but more or less opportunity seeking. this inevitable turn of events however just labels the biggest cash draw, not the talent. so its just money kiddos, not the end of the world.