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A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila

A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila, the MySpace celebrity, is getting her own reality TV dating show produced by MTV. First they brought us Flavor of Love, and then I Love New York, but nothing is going to top this bisexual dating show made up of 16 girls and 16 guys all competing for a Shot At Love With Tila Tequila.

Here’s how Tila puts in in her own words:

My new reality show on MTV will be like NO OTHER SHOW ON TELEVISION HISTORY! My show is about finding true love, because for me….having over 2 million friends is cool but sometimes it makes it hard for me to find someone real, and someone whom I can trust and love…..but there is a catch…..the show will be about me finding love as a BISEXUAL!!!!! THAT IS CRAZY RIGHT? So on my new reality show there will be 16 male contestants and 16 female contestants all fighting for my love….the only twist is….yes, there is another twist….the only twist is that these guys and these girls have NO IDEA that I am bisexual and that they are competing against each others sexes!!! GUYS AGAINST GIRLS….WHO WILL I END UP HOOKING UP WITH????? WILL I BE STRAIGHT OR LESBIAN IN THE END?????

Is there no end to this Tila Tequila craze? Lets hope this show does better than her tanked singing career!

  • Nor S

    WOW!.. I’d like to see that. Now I feel dirty. Need to go shower.

  • lawrencel715

    damn, that sounds kind of hot actually, and that’s so mtv. not that big of a tila fan, but that’s a pretty funny idea for a show.

    off topic, but so many changes to the kineda layout! this current one is very xanga like. i actually liked the previous one better out of the recent 3 that i remember. it’s not bad though, just saying =)

  • mattsfolio

    SNAP! very niice ;)

  • djmikey

    Gimme a crack at her! :)

  • lilkitty

    Is it me, or does she have a really wide face?

  • AllaN

    Wow, Tila is Hot in that photo. Shot at Love, a bisexual looking for her love, where 16 guys and 16 girls are competing against each other, but when you bring in the words TRUE LOVE and SHOW ….and perhaps TILA, I just don’t see it happening. As for the audience, there’s bound to be more than enough viewers for the show, i mean.. just look at her Myspace friends list, probably every single one on her list that lives in the US will watch it, so Tila won’t have to worry about the ratings regardless of its quality.

  • yume

    I can’t believe all this from being popular on MySpace! You’re right about people watching it, especially teenage boys that are in love with her sexual flirtatious flaunt.

  • beni

    Thats a pretty clever gimmick, using the bisexual factor to entice viewers and perverts a like. Though it my offend some Christians quite a bit, me in particular. But what can I say.

  • Lenka

    in my oponion, she must be crazy because of contract with some companies. but i think this will be a “one-time-watch and then turn off” show.

  • vgachi57

    I haven’t paid much attention to her career, let alone her Myspace fad. (Personally I find Myspace visually obnoxious.) In any case, is Tila that starved for attention ? Much like the previous article about millionaires, I applaud her drive to constantly attain more, but at what point do you stop and look around to say “I’m happy with what I’ve got” and really enjoy the fruits of your labors?

    I’m not denying she has the right to pursue “true love” but as a media blitz? My doubts run high she has her priorities straight.

  • Dexter Kanuto

    i dunno bout her but all i can say is dat she looks fine

  • kristurr

    tila.. mehh..


    I’ll admit that yes, she is physically attractive but her sexuality is far more raunchy rather than any sort of beauty.
    In regards to her bisexuality, Tila makes it sound like she only claims that she’s bisexual solely for attention, since it’s common that men typically find lesbian women arousing. She speaks so egotistically of it without any modesty whatsoever. It just leads me to assume that she’s a fraud.

  • macewan

    I think it’s all very sweet.


  • Dexter Kanuto

    a bisexual is undeniable sexy

  • mizerisha

    Wow. What a new twist to be added to a dating reality show. This is something I gotta see. Definitely something new. But than again, if the girls and guys aren’t supposed to know that its suppose like what it is stated there. Wouldn’t it be by chance that someone else who knows about the idea of the game and anyone of the contestant to actually blurt out the actually style of the game to the contestants. You never know. That wouldn’t that just defeats the purpose??? Just wondering…

  • alighieri

    another photoshop babe :) hehe but i like her..

  • jenihalla

    This show is SOO fake. Like the tall blonde chick, Amanda…was on another show called The Secret Lives of Women. She is a lipstick lesbian but has been in a relationship with “her wife” for like 8 years. She’s only on the show to further her comedic career.

  • kandyizapyt

    they have a few actors on this show. that girl Vanessa, i know i’ve seen her on something but i cant think of where. “comedian” amanda, is from the show on the WE channel “secret lives of women”. the guy marcus was on “the janice dickinson modeling agency” show as a model/aspiring rapper. guess he’s still tryna get his foot in the door!

  • verliebter_54

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  • i love erick

    hey tila i love your show a whole bunch and i think that you should make a shot at love with tila tequila 3 because i miss your show so much that i dont even watch tv anymore so send me a message tila tequila. one question why is your last name tequila i though that was an alcoholic beverage.

  • la chola

    HY tila tequila i just wanted 2 say dat ur da bomb man ur so cool and i think that oyu need to make a shot at love 3 like dat girl on the top says u i know i love you more than they all do and if any one has a problem they wilol have to deal with it and man also my boy friend thinks your cool and that he will totally leave me for you but it dosent matter as long as hes with some one i admire so yeah

  • Tila Tequila Uncorked

    Yep, I watched the show. It was so trashy; just a bunch of skanky people all trying to get attention and be on tv. However, it was entertaining and Tila is quite charismatic. Even tho she is skanky she’s got a big personality.