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There’s a new theme in town and it goes by the name of Akon. Named after one of my favorite hip-hop and R&B singers, the design goal of Akon is to be clean, simple and functional. Akon’s professional design will set your blog apart and help you on your way to becoming a publishing powerhouse.

Prepare to take your blog to the next level!

Download Akon v0.82 for WordPress

Release Notes – Akon v0.82 – Jan. 30, 2007

– XHTML 1.0 Valid
– CSS Valid
– wp_list_pages replaces hard coded page links
– Layout tested on Safari 2.0, Firefox 2, and IE6+
– Added Meta Information for Registration and Login
– Added Comments Feed URL
– Tested on WordPress 2.1

Release Notes – Akon v0.80

– Tested on WordPress 2.07

  • David

    Simplicity keeps the design clean, I love it.

  • vm3z9

    i like it, looks good

  • haz


  • raptrex

    i suggest changing the color or something when you hover over the links in the sidebar
    to make it more obvious its a link
    plus its cooler :P
    also nice theme

  • beni

    looks sexy

  • dandyna

    incredibly clean and cool at the same time. congrats. hey, I just tested my blogebrity, I’m an A list blogger woooooooooooooooow

  • Dexter Kanuto

    Straight A+ Grading.

  • Lenka

    me tooo, A-list

  • heartofjosh

    Nice theme Terry! Love the simplicity. :)

  • jules

    Just gave it a try. There’s a sidebar issue in IE7. Could you check it out?

    Other than that it looks awesome!

  • djmikey

    great theme! Could u add support for wordpress widgets?

  • yume

    Nice job Terry! :D

  • jmo

    I’m lovin the theme. Other than the display issue in IE7 that someone already posted about, it’s looking really good. On my system (XP w/IE7), first bits of body copy and sidebar render inside the header graphic.

  • Terry Ng

    The IE7 issue will be a priority fix for the next release which will be coming this week. :)

  • madray

    Thanks for the theme! Your design skills never fail to amaze me. :D

  • jmo

    Thanks for the quick fix!!! Again… lovin the theme.


    Looks good, but what is it?

  • WordPressTweaking

    This is a great theme. It looks a little bit like Cutline. I love it!

  • vinabuild

    How to show posts look like new version .I don’t know what i have to edit ?
    Could you tell me your way ?
    What do i have to edit ?

  • Icantulang
  • fasapay