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Angela Yang (born February 28, 1989) better known by her nickname Angelababy is one of Hong Kong’s most popular models. Angelababy began her modeling career at the young age of 14 and has literally been on the cover of every woman’s magazine in Hong Kong. The media simply can’t get enough of her huge eyes, sweet smile, and eurasian looks. Last year she grossed over HK$2 million from product deals with Nokia, Shiseido, Giordano, Fendi, 7 for All Mankind and other high profile brands.

Angelababy Pics and Photo Gallery

  • jlubbz

    wow she’s amaaazing

  • AllaN

    I’ve built immunity from seeing her too much!

  • heartofjosh

    Very pretty. What nationality is she exactly?

  • Fokai

    probably chinese. she is from the land of the beautiful, that is where!!

  • YpoCaramel

    Nationality doesn’t really work the same way in Hong Kong. People living in HK have all kinds of nationalities – PRC, UK, Canada, Australia are common – but people enjoy all rights in Hong Kong if they are Hong Kong permanent residents.

  • Dani

    She’s originally a 1/4 German-Chinese mix-blood. Came from ShangHai and has been currently working in Japan.