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Apple iPod Touch

Apple iPod Touch

Don’t need a new phone, but you love the interface and form factor of the Apple iPhone? No need to fret, because Steve Jobs just announced the release of the Apple iPod Touch.

Available is just a few weeks, the iPod Touch (starting at $299) will come in 8GB and 16GB models, and is basically a phoneless iPhone. That means you still get the same cool motion-sensing screen turning, multi-touch interface, WiFI, Safara web browser, and other sweet iPhone features without having to sign your life over to AT&T.

  • vgachi57

    I personally hate how often Apple releases new hardware because it makes it near impossible to keep up… but I’d be lying if I didn’t say this was cool enough to pique my interest.

  • Kearns

    What is the Safari for if there is no cell connection?

  • Kearns

    Nevermind, I should have clicked first. It’s got WiFi.

  • Terry Ng

    Yup… built-in WiFi for Safari and YouTube. :)

  • Lenka

    In europe it is quite difficult to have apple, because there are many special tools for it which in europe (mean central europe) dont exist.

  • tummie

    i thin i need an up grade on my Ipod anyways .

  • AllaN

    Wow, My friend told me about this already and when i was in class, I came to this article and was pretty surprised it was true. Ipod touch and the Iphone look identical? I want an Ipod touch because the screen is huge, its very impressive and because it has WiFi for web browsing, meaning Kineda + Youtube in class hahhahah. Now if only Kineda would make the Ipod touch the gift for September hehehehe ;)

  • mattsfolio

    This is really cool and the price is pretty good.

  • paranoid007

    And Apple has done it again. I can say with a fair amount of certainty that there’s no other company today whose products can spawn this degree of excitement in the digital world. It is kind of nauseating to think that I’m still doing payments on my credit card after buying a brand-new 30GB iPod Video almost two years ago. And while the iPod Touch will no doubt be another huge success for Apple (especially in countries where the iPhone won’t be fully supported), I don’t think I’ll get in line for one. WiFi’s pretty non-existant in the greater South African area, and personally – I want a music player. No lovely touch screen that begs to played with all the time. No internet browser. No Wi-Fi. When I go running, I don’t want to stop to wipe my hands before I switch to a new song, or adjust the volume. Somehow I don’t think that my insanely expensive iPod Socks will work that good on an iPod Touch. But I’m sure that most people will still love it – and it is a wonderful piece of hardware – and flock to Apple Stores once it launches.

    I have been looking at the newly renamed iPod Classic, and I’m not too sure about it at this point. The gallery on looks to be computer-generated, more than anything else. And I don’t particarly like the slightly rounded edges on the front, even though that might be more comfortable, and less prone to getting chipped (I tripped, and dropped my iPod – now it’s got a small chip on the top front. I think they can replace that when it’s time to get a new battery though). I’m also not too sure about the new user interface. CoverFlow is a great addition, but from what I’ve seen online the new interface looks a bit crowded and messy. One of the features we all adore Apple for is it’s elegant simplicity. Maybe it’ll be different once I see one up close. My brother’s been nagging me for mine, so perhaps it’s time to treat myself this Christmas. Just have to finish those payments, then …

  • kristurr

    i’m so anti-ipod.. but this is gonna be really cool lol

  • Moey

    I find the releases nice but somehow weird, why making iphones and ipods look the same, thats just weird

  • beni

    Man, Ipod really screwed me over. They downed the price by $200 and they ran away with the extra from all the quick go getters.

  • David

    I’m not surprised of how Apple dropped the price by 200 dollars. For a regular consumer, the average space that the consumer would use is about 4-8gbs unless you’re a hardcore music addict. For that amount of space you can purchase a Meizu M3 for around 160 dollars. The pros of purchasing a Meizu is that its affordable, it can play a variety of formats including FLAC (the greatest feature about it) and it doesn’t give you any software problems that iTunes does.

    Its how Apple’s markets their products, they come with a product with a lot of features, sell it high then take a little bit of features away and sell it as a different product for little for a bit less. has some great alternatives to iPods for those who dislike Apple.

  • Inigo Montoya

    It is kind of nauseating to think that I’m still doing payments on my credit card after buying a brand-new 30GB iPod Video almost two years ago.

    Get a better job.

  • Inigo Montoya

    Sheshh… fix your CSS Terry.. put something for <Blockquote>

  • Tink

    eeeeeeee love the big screen.. i want one..
    have to wait :(

  • Nor S

    I was one of the schmo that bought the 500 dollar iPhone. I do feel a little frustrated that the price dropped as fast as it did, but as a long time Apple consumer, it was expected. It was really generous of Steve Jobs to give us complaining geeks 100 bucks back. No wait, that 100 bucks still goes to Steve Jobs because it’s a store credit. LOL Anyways, I love my iPhone!

  • Moey

    Sure, Apple is the leading purveyor of online, digital music & videos and the iPod is very popular but really, it means very little to buy music from iTunes even though they made it cheaper since you can buy an iPod and load it 100% with music, movies, etc. without making one purchase on the iTunes store. You can buy competing video players and mp3 players and avoid Apple, the iPod & iTunes in its entirety also.

    Yes, Apple has sold 110 million iPods but there are 6 billion people on Earth.

  • Anthony

    Yes, Apple has sold 110 million iPods but there are 6 billion people on Earth.

    Well, yes, not every single person on the planet has an iPod. However, your post is misleading because not too many people living in impoverished nations that can’t afford to eat are in the market for mp3 players.

    If you compare that 110 million iPods sold with the amount of people who use the Internet, which is 694 million (source), and also consider that only a certain subset of those people know how to or have the need for a portable music player, than the number of iPods sold is massive!

    And if you’re trying to say iPod isn’t totally dominating music sales, here are the reported market shares for the first 6 months of 2007 (source):

    iPod = 71% of U.S. unit sales
    SanDisk = 10%
    Creative Technology = 4%
    Microsoft = 3%

    And, no, the Microsoft Zune is not the iPod killer people were hoping it would be, heh.

    If you don’t think Apple has the power to do whatever it wants, think again… for now, anyway.
    Samsung = 2%

  • tulang