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Ashley Greene Nude

Ashley Greene Nude

Twilight star Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen) is the latest Hollywood starlet to have her nude pics leaked onto the net. No word on how the nude pics of Ashley Greene got out, but I don’t think anyone is complaining!

Ashley Green nude pics *NSFW*.

(pics courtesy

Nude pics removed at request of Ashley Greene’s lawyers.

  • jj41

    Thank god for the internet!

  • Nighthawk

    Where are the full nudes???

  • daniel

    God damn! You have right. Internet is great!
    @Nighthawk: use google

  • mikeee
  • jasmine1103

    Everybody make mistake. She is just a normal person and beside she’s a grown woman she can do anything she wants. She’s famous now so the paparazzi will follow her everywhere she just needs to be careful beside that it’s not all her fault she can’t stop the photos and i don’t think people sud be blaming her at all its not all her fault.

  • benmanners

    sheesh its just nude pictures. get a hold of yourselves. or your penises.

  • alamanda

    why removed all the lovely pics..???

  • alamanda

    anyone already saved in your disc pls share..thanks

  • mr.greene

    Oh goodness, people are saying she pulled a Vanessa Hudgens!! NO SHE DIDN’T!! Vanessa has got NOTHING on this absolutely beautiful woman. Besides, she isn’t NUDE like Vanessa was. VH showed vag, bush, and ALL. My beautiful wife Ms. Greene is revealing, NOT NUDE. Stupid press and magz. And besides, this was for Maxim. We don’t look at Maxim to see girls dressed in nun outfits!

  • steve71j

    Who says she made a mistake poseing nude, its a free country, used to be. The pictures look great.

  • Jessieeden

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  • xiaolin


  • tulang
  • Payton_vege

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