• AllaN

    That would be really handy for designers, but im sure i can live without that as the notes i take, are normally organized enough to be understood.

  • kristurr

    I feel the same way! My notes don’t even make sense sometimes =T

  • http://www.kineda.com Tami Ng

    OMG! Thats sooo cute :)

  • David

    The bullets help make lecture notes go smoothly, slightly reminds me of those pantone colours you see at Home Depot.

  • asullivan

    What i like about the “action method” and the action pads is the focus on just making sh*t happen (hence the focus on ACTION!) rather than so much brainstorming, notes/sketches with nothing to show for it… If only we all could be more action oriented! But tools like this help.

  • glimmerish

    Cool pad! looks like it might really help too. :D

  • vm3z9

    i like it, i always like to stay organized with my thoughts

  • Dexter Kanuto

    This makes notetaking easier than operating a remote control.

  • http://www.erapo.szm.sk Lenka

    it is very big, isnt it?

  • playwiz

    Seems to me like the width is merely two regular notebook sheets attached together. Not that big. Me likes.. =]