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Behance Action Pad Organizes Your Notes

Behance Action Pad

I hate taking notes because when I do, they end up being so horribly disorganized, that I wonder why I even took notes in the first place. During meetings, I tend to scribble ideas all over the place, and apparently so does the Behance team, but they decided to remedy the situation with the Action Pad ($8).

Based on the Action Method, the pad features four distinct zones on each page to provide a flexible template to get the most out of meetings and everyday brainstorm sessions

“The Action Method was designed to help us push projects forward by organizing our ideas and focusing on action steps.”

Loyal users of the Action Pad include design studios, freelance fashion designers, advertising executives, and entrepreneurs. Sure, we could draw our own lines, but we all know how that’ll turn out!

  • AllaN

    That would be really handy for designers, but im sure i can live without that as the notes i take, are normally organized enough to be understood.

  • kristurr

    I feel the same way! My notes don’t even make sense sometimes =T

  • Tami Ng

    OMG! Thats sooo cute :)

  • David

    The bullets help make lecture notes go smoothly, slightly reminds me of those pantone colours you see at Home Depot.

  • asullivan

    What i like about the “action method” and the action pads is the focus on just making sh*t happen (hence the focus on ACTION!) rather than so much brainstorming, notes/sketches with nothing to show for it… If only we all could be more action oriented! But tools like this help.

  • glimmerish

    Cool pad! looks like it might really help too. :D

  • vm3z9

    i like it, i always like to stay organized with my thoughts

  • Dexter Kanuto

    This makes notetaking easier than operating a remote control.

  • Lenka

    it is very big, isnt it?

  • playwiz

    Seems to me like the width is merely two regular notebook sheets attached together. Not that big. Me likes.. =]