• http://www.myspace.com/bouney b0unce

    that’s pretty awesome.. I don’t think it’s gonna make anybody go and drop 4000 bones on a D700 though…

  • AllaN

    I love my D700, the ISO performance is simply astounding, as well as the photo quality, I love it to death!
    I wouldn’t mind being a paparazzi for hyori though! I’d use a 70-200!

  • http://www.erapo.szm.sk daniel


  • http://Spydermania.blogspot.com Spyderman

    4000? it’s under 2400 here in US.

    What’s funny is…if you look at the light flare, it’s of a Canon, not a Nikon. F A I L

  • David

    The flares are too strong to even tell if its a Canon or a Nikon or not. You used photoshop to zoom in ? :P

  • http://Spydermania.blogspot.com Spyderman

    Well, the Canon flares then to have less streaks and they’re more uniformed whereas Nikon flares out a lot more. But who knows, it’s probably photoshopped anyway like more billboards.

  • http://www.thenikond4.com/ Nikon D4

    very creative…i think that picture give me new idea for my ads, thanks

  • Priya

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