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Bill Gates Finally Gets His College Degree

Bill Gates

It’s hard to believe that the richest man in the world doesn’t have a college degree, but that’s soon going to change. Bill Gates, co-founder and chairman of Microsoft, will receive his honorary degree from Harvard University after speaking at their commencement ceremony in June.

“It’s hard to guess if Gates, the wealthiest person in the world and co-founder of a company that brought in $44 billion in revenue last year, cares. But the programming whiz who once dropped out of Harvard will likely feel some sense of satisfaction.”

Although Gates is one stunning example that you can make it big without a degree, I still think it’s vital to have one. There’s so many competitive advantages you gain in life by attending college outside of the education aspect of it. i know I truly gained a number of new lifelong friends, interests, and social skills that I’ll be able to carry with me for the rest of my life.

  • djmikey

    nice, but I don’t think bill gates needs a college degree on his resume to get a job! :p

  • Mr. JiggyFly

    goes to show that some of the smartest people in this country have no college education, makes me think if pursuing a master’s degree is really worth it

  • AllaN

    The article did not say that Bill Gates has NO COLLEGE EDUCATION, cause it said Bill Gates dropped out from harvard, meaning he must have been there for awhile. But I guess Bill Gates wouldnt need a college degree since he’s so wealthy, but i guess what ever floats his boat, as long as he’s happy with it.

  • Terry Ng

    Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard work on a landmark deal with IBM to build MS-DOS. If he didn’t drop out, he wouldn’t have been able to make Microsoft what it is today. It was a chance he took, and a amazing one I might add. I’m sure he would’ve finished school if this weren’t the case.

    As far as lifelong college friends… he met current Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at Harvard.

  • Kwan

    Good points Terry.

    I would also like to add that these successful dropouts are not comparable to most dropouts in my opinion. You would have to look at the reasons for dropping out not just the fact that they dropped out. Bill Gates dropping out is more like a smart employee who leaves and starts his own business. A regular college dropout is like an disgruntled employee who leaves for personal reasons.

    I know a few dropouts and they aren’t going anywhere … at least monetary wise, perhaps spiritually :P

  • David

    $44 billion in revenue last year. Those figures just make my jaw drop. Its have too late to grab your college degree. :)

  • Dexter Kanuto

    To learn something is like holding a precious black pearl. Learning is a gift, an opportunity. Good for him, to have a very successful life. But, I believe he’s not that wise, so he’s still learning and have to learn more things in his career. It’s just like everyone else, everyone should have finished tertiary studies. It’s a necessity in life itself.

  • Lenka

    I will say this to my teacher !!! :D

    “$44 billion in revenue last year and no degree”

  • MexicanHat

    hahah there but there’s only few exceptions and they always see a opportunity. They are the people who are in the right place at the right time and they can see that hence why they take the risk. Its not just blindly dropping college so I agree with the author stay in college and finish your degree. At least then you will have more options.

  • haz

    bill gates may have put microsoft on the map, but we must not forget the contributions made by other original member of founders

  • yume

    congrats to bill! :)

  • prince david

    Honorary degree? The things you get for free when you’re rich and famous.


    Bill Gates sooo great!!! One of a kind… His Intelligence is exquisite and it was profound.. Its hard to believe and its really amazing that the richest man in the world doesn’t have college degree…….but he did it Great and geniously as well as in Superb!!!! Congratulations to you Mr. Bill Gates…. =) For me You ‘re such a wonderful Person.

  • Kapileshwar_ch

    Degree is necessary for getting job but not necessary for providing job.The same is the case with Mr.Gates.