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Blog Fight – Who’s the Bigger Bloglebrity?

Blog Fight

Daniel over at Daily Blog Tips created a new project to pit famous bloggers against each other to see who’s more popular. Derrich took it a step further and started a tournament for bloggers complete with brackets. Both are great ideas, but unfortunately the featured bloggers are limited to those they read and know of.

Now you can have your own blog fight between A-List Bloglebrities and the like, using this nifty Technorati-powered tool below.

Enter the URLs of the two blogs below:



api_key = “9128667c6be70d0bd99a3ea91c169da6″; // your API key

$api->type = ‘bloginfo'; // what API?

$api->params = array(‘url’ => $_REQUEST[‘url1′]);
$url1=$api->get_content(); // get the content

$api->params = array(‘url’ => $_REQUEST[‘url2′]);
$url2=$api->get_content(); // get the content


if ($who1 < $who2) $bar0=($who1/$who2); if ($bar0 <= 0.01) $bar1= ($bar0+0.01)*250; else $bar1=$bar0*250; if ($who2 < $who1) $bar0=($who2/$who1); if ($bar0 <= 0.01) $bar1= ($bar0+0.01)*250; else $bar1=$bar0*250; if ($who1 != $who2) { if ($who1 > $who2)
echo “

Blog Fight Results:

WINNER: {$_REQUEST[‘url1′]}
{$who1} inbound blogs”;
echo “

Blog Fight Results:

WINNER: {$_REQUEST[‘url2′]}
{$who2} inbound blogs”;

if ($who1 < $who2) echo " LOSER: {$_REQUEST[‘url1′]}
{$who1} inbound blogs”;
echo “

LOSER: {$_REQUEST[‘url2′]}
{$who2} inbound blogs”;

echo “


Share this Fight:

echo “

echo “{$_REQUEST[‘url1′]}&url2={$_REQUEST[‘url2′]}”;
echo “



else {
echo “

Blog Fight Results:

Tie: {$_REQUEST[‘url1′]}
{$who1} inbound blogs”;
echo “
Tie: {$_REQUEST[‘url2′]}
{$who2} inbound blogs”; }




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  • heartofjosh

    This thing is seriously addicting!

  • raptrex

    omg blog wars ftw!
    hope no one takes this too serious, and good idea for link bait :D

  • David

    You think we’re going to see any famous Kineda battles? :)

  • jules

    I don’t even think there are that many “Men’s Lifestyle” blogs around. At least none that are anywhere near as popular as Kineda.

    There are non-blogs though that are pretty popular, but it looks like the tool doesn’t work with those. I tried entering Maxim and FHM’s site, but they had 0 links. Which makes sense since they aren’t blogs.

  • raptrex
  • David

    What does the term “inbound blogs” mean? As jules said, something about links?..

  • Terry Ng

    Technorati also uses the term “inbound blog” to differentiate from non-blog links.

    An “inbound blog” is a link from another blog that’s less than 6 months old. Inbound blog links can come either from the blog’s blogroll or an article posting.

    You could have multiple links from a particular blog, but that blog counts only once as an “inbound blog.”

    Hope this helps. :)

  • Dexter Kanuto

    just debate!

  • yume

    Go kineda! Another kickass widget! :D

  • Lenka

    kineda wins

  • Street Fights

    This conversation is going no where. It’s lacking the place of a good leader to head the things to come out on conclusion.

    Street Fights

  • girlfight

    What a very nice idea having a fight between blogs :)


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    Wow…this is an cool site.