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BMW Concept CS

BMW Concept CS

Chris Bangle, lead designer at BMW, has designed a sexy new four-door that is redefining the luxury sedan category. With his classic flame surfacing, rear end treatment, and ‘shark nose’ front end, this low slung beauty has some of the finest lines of any BMW ever created.

The CS is longer than the 7 Series at 200.8 inches, with a super-size 78-inch width and a 53.5 inch height. In other words, long, low and mean. It rides on typical giant concept wheels, 21-inchers for this car.

The four-door luxury Gran Turismo enters a new dimension of motoring in new style that will finally give the Mercedes-Benz CLS a worthy competitor.

(via Motor Trend)

  • David

    Look at the beautiful rims, totally beauitful, the front of the car reminds me of of one of those American muscle cars. The bottom of the front looks like a porsche cayenne. For those SLKs, there’s a new car on the block.

  • yume

    This car is too big for me. I like small compact cars that are easier to park! :p

  • haz

    it look like a fusion of BMW and Aston Martin

  • AllaN

    This car looks really short, very sleek, but thres just something about the car which doesnt push me enough to buy it

  • GameDudeX

    Oh! I want one!

  • Lenka

    ’shark nose’ is very nice

  • Dexter Kanuto

    The stare scares the other cars. This is no bully just a king in the road. Sharks don’t prey on blood, but the bystanders and the jealous eyes. Even grandma will be awestrucked by it’s Herculean demeanor. Poetic to express “get the bite out from road dust, you see my car is silver it won’t rust, as i put my feet to crank up the throttle, little boy blue cries in joy while drinking enthusiasm from his own baby bottle, push hard pedal to the metal, this car definitely deserves to receive a shiny gold medal.” Don’t stare in it’s eyes, for you my friends will be it’s next meal.

  • duperpok

    I am not ashamed to admit that my favorite car is the Volkswagen Beetle. Big cars are excessive!

  • samurai#swiss

    Looks great! N1 Job BMW. Is a mixture of BMW and Aston Martin Vanquish S. I think the aggressive front just looks awesome.
    but I imagine that it isn’t cheap ^^

  • Ravikumar24

    Lovely Exotic Car :)

  • tulang