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BMW m5 released in UK

BMW m5

The new BMW M5 is the first volume production car to offer a high revving V10 engine and a seven speed sequential gearbox

The 5.0-litre, aluminium engine produces its maximum power at 7,750rpm but it is redlined at 8,250rpm. Power output is 25 per cent more than its predecessor. Although the new engine shares the same V10 configuration with the BMW F1 engine it is not directly related. The F1 engine is of 3.0-litres, not 5.0-litre. However BMW say the inspiration for the electronics and engine design was drawn from their F1 experience. The engine management system derived from F1 can perform more than 200 million individual calculations per second. Continuing with the FI heritage the lightweight block and cylinder heads are cast at the same BMW foundry as the F1 engine.

The new engine delivers two levels of power output. Each time it is started it is in power 400 mode delivering 400bhp. This is to suit normal; urban traffic conditions when 507bhp is of no use and not required. By operating the MDrive button on the steering wheel the power is increased to 507bhp. Eleven bespoke gearchange programmes, throttle response times and suspension settings are all features included in the MDrive Manager programme. A head-up display with information, including the navigation system, is shown in the lower edge of the windscreen.

  • bigken408

    I didn’t know you could up the HP through the computer… Anyways another crazy car from those Bavarians.

  • djss

    awesome. MDrive has to be in all the cars. to increase HP like that would be pretty sweet.