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Broken Laptop Screen isn’t the End of the Road

Broken LCD

Ever drop or step on your laptop by accident? If so, you probably broke the fragile LCD screen and figured that it was the end of your laptop’s life.

I found this nice little tip that explains how to fix your own LCD screen. The DIY instructions are for an Apple iBook, but I’m sure other laptops are put together in a similar fashion.

  • heartofjosh

    Thanks for the tip, but laptop screens usually cost more than the laptop itself.

  • achow

    you can source for a bunch of places such as ebay and craigslist. you also dont have to get a brand new one, there are a lot of used LCDs out there.

  • David

    That cracked screen looks like a piece of art to me.

  • kristurr

    haha it does look like art! how pretty

  • glimmerish

    Too technical for me. :(

  • mattsfolio

    What a great article! Thanks tezza ;)

  • haz

    very helpful guide

  • AllaN

    I thought that was a wallpaper on the laptop =), but after reading the article, i realized that it was a busted LCD, and thanks for the link terry, that will definitely help many ppl, i didnt realize you can replace the LCD > >

  • duperpok

    I’ll gladly step on my laptop to give myself a good excuse to buy a new one! ; )

  • Lenka

    i am not technic guy… if i want to repair something, it usually dont work

  • razi

    Never leave your laptop on the floor!

  • Dexter Kanuto

    just look out for your laptop in the first place. you know it’s expensive and fragile so take care of it.

  • Sunny

    Repairing or replacing a macbook screen is probably the most difficult thing to do. I would use a professional to be honest.

  • Fix laptop screen

    if you cant fix laptop screen by yourself I suggest

  • Anonymous

    I think the screen of computer broken is a terrible thing.

  • Kristen Cabbell

    Well, this is good news. It is a relief to find out that broken LCD screens are not a reason to cry your heart out (I do that, and I’m not kidding here). Yay! It’s recoverable.

  • Lary

    Well, yeah I know a little big of hardware stuffs, so I think I can repair if my laptop screen breaks.