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Bruce Lee vs. Mike Tyson – Who Would Win in a Fight?

Two of the greatest fighters of all time – Bruce Lee and Mike Tyson. We’ll never know would win in a fight, but we sure can speculate and make our best guesses. Who do you think would win, if Bruce Lee and Mike Tyson fought each other?

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  • Ian G

    Ip Man is a good base to start the argument on

  • AA

    Both are very explosive, in terms of the base of their styles. Both absurdly powerful and stupidly fast. But it’s not a full fight: Bruce Lee uses his hands. He uses his legs. He fights sitting and standing and even flipping. Iron Mike uses his fists, and let’s say on the streets the big homie uses kicks too… there’s not way his kicking is as powerful or effective as Bruce Lee’s. Bruce has also demonstrated massive stamina. Chuck Norris could not beat Bruce Lee. So… I mean, getting hit by Chuck Norris is equivalent to being patted on the back by Mike Tyson, but… who even says Bruce Lee gets hit?

    We’re pitting the best fighter of all time against a great boxer. Bruce Lee is a great boxer, not to speak of all those other techniques. It’s like MMA vs Boxing. It’s kind of a nonfight. Of course a plane is ‘faster’ than a tank.

  • joseph

    mike. let’s not joke: though mike only comes from combat sports, he still has a substantial number of advantages over bruce.

  • wingchunian

    in theory id like to root for Bruce thinking that knowledge overcomes all. But I think there is very good reason for fighting in similar weight classes. Lee would probably do well in a sanctioned match with points rules and a ref vs a street to the death against a truck.

  • david

    i would love to know what “substantial number of advantages” tyson has over bruce. aside from weight, i highly would doubt tyson has anything over bruce.

    tyson fans need to realize that tyson was barely a boxer. he went into all his fights brawling out like he was in a regular street fight. against another boxer, that brawler style garbage might work, but against bruce…there is no match.

    bruce lee….in an early knockout or tko….

  • jonny b

    Logic would win bruce lee the best martial arts fighter because mike tyson has no such reflections have bruce and would be beaten to a pulp

  • The truth

    Tyson was a great boxer, your just uneducated weight matters bruce lee was also not the greatest in fact he was beaten numerous times in competitions his fitness was second to none though. But his skill levels were disputed and mike tyson was the heavyweight champion undisputed 3 times, mike wins.

  • The Big One

    Like most great sporting events there is no way to tell who would win this one I’m afraid. That being said I feel like giving my opinion.
    Tyson is an astounding athlete and my favourite heavyweight boxer of all time (exception of balboa haha) If he were to land only a few hooks I’m not sure how Lee would react to such force. However Lee is the king of martial arts and was in peak physical shape throughout his life. In a street fight I think he’s just too quick and although Tysons upper body blocks are excellent, boxers are solely concerned with what goes by the rules of boxing. Lee has the full range of attacks which Tyson cannot possibly avoid, I think Lee’s experience and knowledge of KJD would carry him through on this one. Tyson doesn’t have the flexibility needed to dodge the attacks. Sorry mike.

  • The Big One

    JKD I apologise, autocorrect for some reason.

  • stevie t

    tyson wins easy, firstly he is nearly 100 pounds heavyer, alot more powerful, no kick even a bruce lee kick is as fast as a punch, especialy a pro boxers punch, so seeing as tyson could dodge and slip most pro boxers punches he would see a kick coming a mile off which he would counter with a barrage of devastating hooks and uppercuts which would very likeley kill poor brucey boy. anyone that actualy belives bruce would have this is obviously a majour bruce lee fan boy or buying into the whole mystic kung fu nonsense, proven to be almost useless in a real combat situation, bruce lee was an actor and a showman, tyson was undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, bruce lee destroyed in about 15 seconds, sorry

  • The Big Boss

    Dude,seriously i mean i know just aswell as you that Bruce was in the acting business but still the only thing Tyson really has against Bruce is the strength and the impact from each blow,and even with that being said it wouldn’t even be put to good use in such a battle,i mean think about it while Tyson is throwing air jabs and tiring out Bruce will be studying his moves while blocking them while and taking every opportunity he has to attack all at the same time.Now because Tyson is built pretty solid so it’s gonna take bruce some time to bring him down but he’s not afraid of a challenge and definitely has the stamina for it.So ask yourself this,would strength win against speed and skill?And one more thing in the ring Mike may have a slight chance of winning because of his experience in that area but if your looking to see an all out epic fight to the death of even just a street fight there’s no chance of victory for poor ol Mikey.Nuff Said.

  • محمد الأوروبي

    Just because Tyson didn’t train to check kicks doesn’t mean he would be dumb enough to run towards Lee with his legs spread open saying “go hid kik me in da gwoin mayn”. Lee was fast and powerful, but not as powerful as many men who have landed shots on Tyson yet failed to drop him. As far as clinching, Lee may know a dirty thing or two but Tyson would maul him, starting with his ears, then his lips, nose, maybe even his throat and even if the clinch started to break, Lee would still be immobilized and Tyson would be able to unleash uppercuts. Personally, I don’t even think Lee would win against Pacquiao.

  • محمد الأوروبي

    And I am a Bruce Lee fan, not a Tyson one.

  • Roy

    I am Nooo expert like you guys, though I have seen lots of film of both – But if the analogy of Cats fighting Dogs holds here than that might offer a glimpse into the result – Cats aren’t as powerful as dogs but are much quicker and more skilled. Even in cases when the cat is eaten alive at the end, it manages to jump on the dog’s face and scratch it …so maybe Bruce’s speed and skill enables him to land a lot of blows/kicks – but even in the Buster Douglas fight when Mike sucked it took Buster 10 f-ing rounds to finally knock him down . Mike wasn’t just a fierce puncher, he could take a shit load of abuse –
    Out of curiosity, some people mentioned some street style attacks Bruce would do, which ones?
    I could see him kicking Mike in the balls and ending it that way in a second

  • BL1940

    Bruce lee would win because he has strikes that mike tyson would never see hit him until its to late and bruce Lee had to use a metal punching bag that was 300 pounds im not makeing this up go look it up! So ya mike tyson would last but would not win. i have like 13 more reasons why bruce lee would win but im not going to put all of bruce Lee’s facts to long lol

  • محمد الأوروبي

    I’m pretty sure Tyson could strike someone in the groin as well. Remember, he was a dirty fighter who liked to bite off ears.

  • محمد الأوروبي

    I’m sure if both Tyson and Lee hit anything in existence, in their primes, with or without gloves, Tyson’s punch would prove much more powerful. What are the other 13 reasons?

  • Unknown

    Tyson by knockout 10 seconds into the fight.

  • Unknown

    Tyson by knockout 10 seconds into the fight.