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Burberry Black Label – Tokyo, Japan

Burberry Black Label Store

Japanese girls can’t have all the fun right? With the large success of the Burberry Blue Label line for girls, Burberry spun-off another line exclusively for guys named “Burberry Black Label,” available only Japan.

Burberry Black Label Store

Focusing on young men, Burberry Black Label injects younger, more tempting and dynamic uses of the Burberry checker pattern.

Burberry Black Label Store

  • AllaN

    At first glance, you can’t help but look inside the Burberry black label shop, as if some classy girl walked by and you can’t help but look. The interior looks very spacious and is generous with lighting. The interior lines are very STRONG and rectangular, giving that bold, clean look, which is important to lure the future customers. If the Blue Label was a success, Black label will be nothing short of DOMINATION(at least amongst the richer men :) )
    Wonder if they’re planning to open some Black Label shops in North America too.

  • beni


    I was just reading the other page and I was wondering if it was only the ladies who always get to have all the fun. I was wondering, how similar is is the collection from what you can buy in the US? Well one thing i do know now though after looking over the collection, Burberry is like Johnnie Walker, Black label has become the standard.

  • JustAZN

    It’s got that Express clothing line store look. I’d so buy from there if I had a million bucks.

  • vgachi57

    I wonder if the blue and black stores coordinate and have matching His-and-Her clothing collections. :)

  • Peejay1229

    What do u reckon the price of the clothes is going to be lyk? (specifically)

  • hamatoyoshi86

    I just wanna go into that store. No need to buy anything, haha

  • crazygarry

    anyone can tell me how to differentiate the original one with the fake one??thx…=D

  • Daniel Wonder

    I lost one of the buttons of my raincoat, and I find that it hasn’t any spare button, do they forgot to give my the spare button?