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Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) on Conan O’Brien

Curtis hits up Conan to talk about his new movie “Righteous Kill,” with Robert Deniro and Al Pacino, his record beef with Kanye West, owning Mike Tyson’s mansion, and a kissing scene he’d like to have with Eva Mendes.

Fifty is pretty funny and entertaining. I actually wouldn’t mind watching Righteous Kill after seeing this interview.

Curtis Jackson Conan Interview

Righteous Kill Trailer

  • jules

    Nice interview, but I think he plays a pretty small part in the movie.

  • AllaN

    Holy crap, I didn’t know that was 50cent’s personality. He’s a hell lot funnier than i thought he’d be.

  • benmanners

    lol. even gangsters have a sense of humor.


    and yes, i am totally excited for righteous kill,

    mostly cus of the big names in this movie(de niro + pacino!)
    but now of course because of 50 cent’s part :)