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Design a Business Card You Can Be Proud Of

Business Card

On the path to a lifestyle of bling, you’ll need to set yourself apart from the crowd. Business cards are often taken for granted which is quite sad, because it’s one of the most important elements of your visual identity. Once your conversation with the new party ends, your business card takes over as their last impression of you.

So what kind of impression do you want to leave? Surely, not one that eludes that you’re boring and unadventurous, which usually happens with a run of the mill plain white business card. Design your business card with the use colors, typography and quality paper. By doing so, you’ll give a uniqueness to your business card that represents your amazing personality and prowess.

(business card image used in post above is from SimpleBits)

Ten business cards examples that will make you proud:

Ordered List
Business Card

Alvena Ltd.
Business Card

February London
Business Card

Business Card

Business Card

Sherwin Techico
Business Card

Nine Four Ltd.
Business Card

Jon Madison
Business Card

Business Card

Nick Deakin
Business Card

  • JustAZN

    Very nice. Creative and partially innovative. Looks in the advertising business is everything and these business cards don’t lack.

  • heartofjosh

    Nice collection of cards! I particularly like the Pomagranit one with the stamp over card technique. The card stock looks really solid and the attention to detail is superb.

    I agree with you about quality, because I’ve been handed cards straight out of an inkjet printer and I can’t believe people would hand out such low quality garbage with their name on it. Trying to skimp on business cards is not a great idea for business.

  • AllaN

    I really like those business cards, they look so much more professional and the card itself makes the business seem big and more serious. I like the pomegranit card and the black card, they’re just so nice. I like how the cards can have different shape, the card just says so much about the business, if you gave me a simple white card with your name and contact info on it, I wouldn’t think much of the card and in turn .. the company.

  • mattsfolio

    It’s funny you should write an article about this today, I am just off to the printers to get my cards done lol

    By the way you can check out the full list here

    Enjoy! :)

  • lilkitty

    Matt – could you post a link to your business card design? I think we’d all love to see it! :)

  • mattsfolio

    It’s nothing great or fantastic, but it’s something… hehe :)

  • kristurr

    how cute! matt! i love it!!! =]

  • mattsfolio

    hahaha thanks :)

  • tummie

    wow those look way better then my cards that I carry every day to work and hand out to people what a damn shame.

  • Tami Ng

    Wow, I likes!

  • paranoid007

    While we aren’t as fortunate to have industry-leading printing companies in rural South Africa (most of them get that sheepish grin on their faces when you mention something like die-cut business cards, canvas prints and embossed letterheads – a sign that you’ve now entered the world of manual printing presses and hand-folded brochures), I’ve just finished a relatively interesting business cards for one of my clients. While the printing process isn’t exactly what I envisioned (here you get two options – laminated or not), they did a marvellous job. In fact – it came out better than I could’ve hoped for. The idea was to have a double-sided business card, where the reverse held the contact details, and the front contained their logo and one of five different images that we’ve already used in marketing campaigns. The clients loved it, and while it took most of this morning to get the page bleeding and margin configurations set up – I’m really happy with it. You can see what I made here:

    With regards to the business cards above – I like how some designers have bridged the gap between corporate designs and that personal touch (proclaiming Hello! all over the front is bold statement that will ensure that potential clients will remember it. How often have we frantically searched through a stack of bland business cards looking for one we distinctly remembered having something unique about it?). I do think that functionality should remain superior with regards to presentation. What good is having a brilliant (and undoubtedly expensive) business card that lacks one of the most essential details – what the company does? On a weekly basis, I add anything from ten to thirty new cards to the stack. And every time we get a chance to do some organising, most of them are shredded just because of their lack in proper details (What the hell does J&J and Adams and Sons Incorporated do?). A business card is an extremely vital marketing tool. Unappreciated by most people, sadly enough. Especially considering the sheer amount of time, effort and cash that goes into making these extraordinary cards. I have seen most of the above business cards in another showcase already, but once again – congratulations on some magnificent designs.

  • Dexter Kanuto

    They’re now sophisticated making business more attractive.

  • Tink

    really like the different designs compared to the boring ones u normally get. real eye catcher n wouldnt mind having those cards in my wallet =D

  • Nor S

    Business cards are just as important as first impressions for businesses. It’s the only other thing that makes a lasting impression on your potential clients. It should bring out your personality and what your business is all about. That reminds me, it’s time to redo my business cards. I still have the stale old B&W business cards from 2 years ago. :)

  • Moey

    Nick Deakin’s looks like mine, and I find very creative

  • Sherwin Techico

    That’s cool! I didn’t even notice this till now. Thanks =)

    A long time Kineda fan (since the ’05 CSS Reboot) but first time poster,

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