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Does Christina Aguilera Have Breast Implants?


Remember the days when everyone asked who’s hotter – Britney or Christina? I think we have an answer now that Britney looks like a horrid trailer trashed cow. Sure she’s pregnant, but where’s that healthy glow people speak of? Here’s some outtakes of Christina from a lingerie shoot. Her breasts have been the topic of watercooler debates ever since she left the Mickey Mouse club and became a singing diva. So have a look at these pics, and give us your verdict. Did she get breast implants?

Christina Aguilera Has Breast Implants

Update – Febraury 2008

It’s been over a year since we’ve revisited this question, and I think by now everyone knows that Christina’s large breasts aren’t natural. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself in these pics.

Christina on Ellen

  • heartofjosh

    Fake boobs or not, I don’t care! With talent like that she’s a “10”

  • yume

    I think Britney was hotter than Christina before she got pregnant. They probably both have implants. :)

  • djmikey

    100% Fake.

  • asianeuphoria

    Hey, dont really care, whether its fake or not, it completes the whole package. I doubt that they are fake.

  • PennyRene

    Have you seen her mom? They’re built exactly alike. So, I’m going with REAL.

  • heartofjosh

    No way can those jugs be real. She used to be flat as a pancake when she first started.

  • rdigp

    Who care those are real or not. she is hot no matter what. She also got a great voice.

  • madray

    She doesn’t do anything for me.

  • pangea

    the girl can sing, thats all i need from her

  • GameDudeX

    Looks like a push-up bra to me!

  • SuzieQT

    Wow she looks great i want that body N E one know how to get it im not kidding how much does she weight im now obsesed i have to look like that whats her diet and exercise plan i need to know

  • PinkyxOmg

    Of course NOT!

    & Yeah she was “flat” when she first started but what the hell, she was just 17. She has just fully developed since then.
    Seriously, any one intelligent would know that she was a growing girl.
    Christina Aguilera does not have breast implants.

  • PinkyxOmg

    Also, I can’t see your pics but I’m guessing they’re recent, and recently she’s had a child.
    It’s heavily advised not to get breast implants if you are pregnant, going to become pregnant, or breast feeding. So thereeeeeeee. (:

  • Sweetchik108

    Umm..I’m leaning towards fake.. He boobs were huge in Burlesque! Ans the way they were perfectly round is a give away


    if they are natural.. lord have mercy.

  • Ineedacowboytoo

    anyone who knows anything would know a “girl” reaches pubirty at the age they start their period & dont normally grow anymore than that… their are only a few reasons why a womans breast would get bigger…. #1. Pregnant 2. After having the baby (during breastfeeding) 3. Getting Fat or 4. IMPLANTS which as a woman i can tell she deffinately did get implants… bras dont make that much of a difference. I’m not saying theres anything wrong with her getting implants just stating the obvious

  • guest

    wrong again…. women with breast implants can still breastfeed no problem….& no one is advised to go in for surgery when pregnant

  • Theland

    obviously fake, she really loves to show them off too- everything she wears reveals the their cleavage!

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  • bigfun

    but if u think about it maybe her mom got a boob job the same place she did

  • bigfun

    they are difinitly fake she had thm put in through her arm pit so in case she ever did accidently show them you wouldnt see the scar

  • Boogydown

    would like a set of those pontoons for my kayak

  • Boogydown

    would like a set of those pontoons for my kayak

  • Honeybunny820

    To the person who said she was 17 so maybe she kept growing… How many in real life women do you know who’s boobs really kept growing in at 25 or however old she was. My boobs haven’t grown and inch since I was 16 and almost every person I know is the same way. The only reason I’d even remotely believe they were real is if they changed because she had a baby. That was the only time my boobs changed but I only changed 1 cup size to a D; however that doesn’t mean she went up 3 cup sizes. Her boobs are fake. I wear very expensive bra’s that are pushup. There is only so much faking it you can do, but keep telling yourselves they are real. I don’t see why it is a big deal anyway, it’s her own choice.

  • Geoffrey Lelia

    Maybe the reason why her breasts became bigger is because she gave birth recently. As lactating milk builds up in a woman’s breast, the increase in size is possible.

  • janie

    that actually happens quite a bit. i’m 20 and most of my friends have gone up a cup size since high school.  i lost weight but grew a cup size, so there ya go. but yes, her tittays look fake. they have that water balloon look.

  • Terry Bayer

    Regardless of whether or not she has breast implants, she’s still one of the prettiest singers of her generation. I love her blonde hair, and I think she’s the only who has that kind of beautiful hair among famous female performers. It’s like it became her trademark. Her new and sexy image is healthy for her career, and I’m sure that her fans appreciate the changes she made.

  • DianaA

    Considering how slender the rest of her body is, I’m going to have to say fake. But hey, I still love her!

  • jake

    no way!!!! they are real and they are hot!!!! sadly they dont show enough!!!!!

  • Nancy Reiff

    I love her and she has a great voice, however she does have implants. Look at “Genie In A Bottle”, then watch “What A Girl Wants” released the same year in 1999. She’s bigger by 3 cup sizes between the videos.

  • maxinthefax

    of course they’re implants just watch “dirty” and see how tiny her titties was. go a little further back and watch “genie in a bottle” and you’ll know.