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Evian Palace Bottle Gives New Meaning to Luxury Water

Evian Palace Bottle

“Bottled or tap?” is the often asked question at high-end restaurants, but soon the question will be “tap, bottled, or elegantly bottled?” Evian is making a big splash in Canada with its new “Palace” bottle design. Designed to make a lasting impact, the sleeker bottle comes with it’s own Palace pourer that offers an “elite hydration experience” for the contemporary consumer.

“The Palace Bottle has been designed to represent the modern vision of Evian while maintaining a strong tie to our heritage in the French Alps,” says Michael Thouin, brand manager, Evian Canada. “We also created a unique pouring instrument called the Palace pourer, the first of its kind for the bottled water industry, designed to deliver on both form and function to provide a true luxury water experience.”

The new design will be featured in select hotels, high-end restaurants, and clubs throughout the country.

Elite luxury water for $15 to $20 a bottle! Does it really get any more ridiculously bling than this?

  • vm3z9

    Yes, this sure does take bottle water to the new extreme. The sleek rugged look resembles the Alps and actually makes me quite thirsty. Here’s an interesting article I ran across a while back although I still drink bottled water.

  • David

    How luxury is luxury water? Luxury in this case can only defines how much minerals, pollutants and solvents are in the water. They use the term Parts Per Million (PPM), that defines how pure the water is. The highest bottle that I’ve seen is 500 PPM (which is totally disgusting) and I’ve also tasted a 100 PPM water bottle. The bottle with 100 PPM is pretty much the closest to “pure water” as you can get.

    This was from a independent brand, not Aquafina or Evian. You can tell if the water is more pure if the bottom has a lower PPM and if it tastes lighter. If this Evian is lower than 100 PPM, I’m serious willing to try purer water.

  • David

    Btw Terry, there is a typo – “rediculos” its ridiculous. :)

  • Terry Ng

    Thanks for the catch. :)

  • vgachi57

    There was a show on TV where in one episode the hosts filled bottles of water with tap (from a garden hose no less) and slapped various labels on each bottle. Then they opened a small cafe specializing in only bottled water from around the world. Unsuspecting customers would come in to sample from each of these fancy bottles, each with an elaborate tale ranging from fresh mountain springs to underground aquifers to ceremonial cleansing potions from the depths of the rainforests.

    Needless to say, the customers fell for every line and could arguably discern subtle differences with every sip. Such is the power of marketing and the delusion of the human mind. My guess is the premium for this new Evian water is more geared towards the fancy container.

  • djmikey

    $20 for a bottle of water?? Highway robbery I tell ya. Just get me a nice glass and pour me some tap!

  • AllaN

    Honestly, Im willing to spend $15 to $20 dollars on the water, under one condition, that the Evian logo is removed from the clear portion of the bottle. I’d totally keep the bottle for its elegance. But as David mentioned, what about the purity of the water? It has to be above standard, I mean if it really is the closest to pure water as you can get from bottled water, I’ll try.

  • tummie

    ahhh i just have the sink water miss …

  • kristurr

    it’d be a nice vase too i guess. recycle + reuse!

  • Dexter Kanuto

    a higher price, truly absurd!

    well imagine that sooner or later, water is gold

  • Poppy

    I think it’d be gorgeous once you take off the evian sticker label, too. you wouldn’t have to make it a vase to reuse it – you could just keep refilling it and keep using the coaster and pourer, they’re embossed stainless steel. I saw an ad on ebay.

  • butingan

    Well you know what Evian spelled backwards is….NAIVE.

  • dfung

    I’m interning at a water treatment plant and tap water is just as clean as bottled water but just taste different. Aquafina or one of those bottled waters got sued because it actually contained part tap water.

  • TeaAndWhimsy

    It’s like that saying, “build it and they will come.” Looks like if you package it and place a high value on it, those who think they’re worth it will buy it!

    A while back I read an article about how marketing works with prices.. like on women’s shoes. The same shoes that were priced lower didn’t sell as well as when they were marked up higher. So, people feel as though they’re purchasing quality.

    Still. Quality water can’t be worth $15-$20, right?! :)

  • Moey

    You know what’s more ridiculous? pepsi selling tap water

  • glimmerish

    It’s pretty normal in European countries to drink bottled water, and if it’s for sale at highend restaurants and clubs I’m sure the clients there don’t mind paying.

  • JustAZN

    When I finish drinking the water, this bottle is so staying in my kitchen. This is like taking cheap stuff and bringing it to the extreme.

  • SandySmithson