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Friendly’s Grilled Cheese BurgerMelt

Friendly's BurgerMelt

The battle to win a greater share of the “obesity” demographic is heating up. After KFC scored big with the Double Down, a sandwich that uses two chicken breasts rather than a bun, Friendly’s is now entering the fray.

The chain has debuted its Grilled Cheese BurgerMelt, which it describes this way: “This is the BurgerMelt to end all BurgerMelts. We place a thick and juicy 100% Black Angus Big Beef Burger between two whole grilled cheese sandwiches, complete with lettuce, tomato and mayo. You’ll have to taste it to believe it.”

Those who choose to eat one should believe this. It has 1500 calories, 870 calories from fat, 97 grams total of fat, 38 grams of saturated fat, 180 mg of cholesterol, 2090 mg of sodium, 101 grams total of carbohydrate, 9 grams of dietary fiber, 4 grams of sugar and 54 grams of protein. In short, this sandwich is a nutritional disaster.

(via PerishableNews)

  • daniel

    Oh God! I am so happy that I am European. We have much smaller sizes! (but equal prizes)

  • Fokai

    Dumb. Looks badass but holy $hit! And McD’s is told to take out toys in kids meals because it makes kids eat burgers. That and this sandwich is ridiculous!!

  • pushomikuor

    “That and this sandwich is ridiculous!!”

    Agree with you 100% :)