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Get Inspired to Blog with Glam’s Network Stories

Glam Network Bloggers

If you’re looking for a little inspiration on becoming a full-time blogger, look no further than these network stories from my fellow Glam bloggers:

Vera Sweeney (I’m Not Obessessed)
Adriana E. Calderon (The Mom’s Buzz)
Stephanie Rahlfs (Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle)
Lesley Scott (Fashiontribes)
Jonathan Gheller (FashMatch)
Tina Craig and Kelly Cook (Bag Snob)

There’s even a little advice from yours truly!

  • glimmerish

    I’d love to just blog all day, but I doubt anyone cares that much about my boring personal life. :P

  • daniiiel

    ^ i can ditto that! hahaha

  • djmikey

    Good tips, but I still don’t think I could live off of blogging fulltime. :(

  • lilkitty

    So that’s what bloggers look like! :p

  • AllaN

    I see Terry and Tami!

  • Pumpkin Man

    I just started my own fashion/news/travel/style blog a couple of months ago and I already get an average of 250 unique hits a day. All I can say is that without passion and drive no blog or business will never achieve real success. You must publicize it through friends,other bloggers and ping sites, otherwise what’s the point if no one reads it? I do hope to be able to make a solid income with it someday, but I am glad that I’m doing it for love now. ;-)

  • vm3z9

    lookin good you two! =)

  • jbkmo

    It’s great to see that those sharing their story with everyone around the world (through a textual means) are rewarded for their efforts. Anyone can blog these days (google blog and count how many emos there are!) but it takes a certain dedication to the art, a passion for design, and of course a flair for what you’re putting you blog towards. It’s in human nature to want to talk about things (why else would God grant us the gift of gab?), and what better place to do it than to become a denizen of an online community? The fact that individuals (such as yourselves at Kineda) devote yourselves to a medium that is in such high demand and means so much to people isn’t just convenient, it’s rather beautiful.

    Despite the inspiring advice, I’m going to leave the art of wonderful blogging to you two – part of the elite that know it best. Me, on the other hand, will assume with enthusiasm and aplomb, the role of commentator extraordinaire.


  • tummie

    i love to blog and shear other ppl blog also but really dont have time and if i do i will try…thx

  • razi

    Good tips and nice pic of you two! :)

  • jules

    I’m absolutely amazed that you can blog for a living. How much does it actually pay?

  • Terry Ng

    Thanks for the positive words you guys. Bloggers can earn anywhere from zilch to millions. It really depends on how much passion and drive you have to succeed. :)

  • jan

    I wish I had the time to write everyday. That’d be such a fun job! :D