• http://www.gabriellefaust.com/ VampireFaust

    Cha-ching! Lucy is one smart girl! ;)

  • jbkmo

    Oh the irony. When at last the Franken-search engine you’ve created unveils your most sacred secrets. She’s lucky, that’s a LOT of money.


  • AllaN

    I find the fact that what the CEO of Google tried to keep secret was discovered by the Google search engine itself. Maybe google is the best search engine after all. I supposed she deserves what she has. Grats on page and lucy for tying the knots.

  • yume

    Anyone know who courted who during the dating process? I mean… do you just go up the CEO of Google and ask him out for date or what??!

  • vm3z9

    A little over a year?…hmm better be careful. Google is hiring for a new CFO if anyones interested, ha.

  • beni

    You make it seem so one sided, not showing the bride to be’s figures, I bet she has more to offer that was not written.

  • http://www.leftofme.com Tom

    Wow, I wonder if she married him for his charmingly good looks!
    Prenups are awful things. But I gotta say… Dating for only a little over a year and worth 20 billion.. Something’s gotta be done.

  • freelancer199

    ching ching, even if a prenup sounds a little heartless, its gotta be done. He could have created clauses in the prenup that will give her some of his fortune after a certain number of years.