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Asian Girls in Costumes – Halloween Edition

We all love Asian girls in costumes, and Halloween is the one day in the year they get to go all out! From zombies to school girls, we’ve picked some of the best Asian girls and their Halloween costumes featured on Tumblr and Instagram. No tricks here, just all treats! If you know of more cool Asian girl Halloween costumes, please add them to the comments below and we’ll get them added to the photo gallery. Enjoy and have a safe Halloween all.

  • Egg No Yolk

    mmm sluts

  • Hugh Isaacs II

    Many of these aren’t even costumes.

  • Yum Yum Asians

    Yum, I want to collect them all!

  • Carlos Sebástian Basurco Salda

    I need that nurse now. D: !!!

  • Nubzub

    Who is the first girl? O_O

  • BobtheBuilder

    instant boner

  • Bobthebuilder

    Mia Teng 鄧婷, aka Lan Feng Huang 藍鳳凰, popular model