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Hottest Tokyo Cosplay Girls

Cosplay Girls

I never been a fan of cosplay (short for costume play). I can’t understand why grown men or women would want to dress up as anime or video game characters. I thought that was something we only did as kids on Halloween?

Cosplay Girls

Nonetheless, there is a huge community of people that love cosplay. Most that I’ve seen from conventions here in the U.S. look absolutely ridiculous and horrible. The story in Japan is quite different though. The girls there are actually are hot enough and cute enough to pull off some of these silly costumes.

Tokyo Cosplay Girls Gallery

  • sandalian

    I think I’ve seen them somewhere :p

  • vgachi57

    The whole cosplay scene is comparable to nerds/geeks here that dress up as Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, etc characters. The anime/game pop culture is more embraced as a whole over in the East so the fan-base is a lot larger, which subsequently includes cute girls.

    Honestly, dressing up as a French maid, nurse, dominatrix, and other alluring outfits can be compared to cosplaying since essentially cosplaying is just role playing with costumes. Of course, in the US, this is usually in the privacy of one’s own home.

    And in regards to sandalian’s comment, many pr0n companies capitalize on the widespread popularity of certain properties to cater to that male demographic by having the female ‘actresses’ in the respective costumes while performing ‘acts’.

  • sandalian

    And I also heard that there’s a “commercial cosplayer”. It’s a kind of model, but with specific costume and look of an anime character.

  • claudinew2

    They are too cute! I don’t think that I’d be brave enough to walk the streets in costume, though.

  • beni

    thats pretty good. you should show some of the male cos play too.

  • T-Bar

    Haha, poor girls in the US trying to look cute. Sucks that they end up “absolutely ridiculous and horrible”!

  • Chino Chollo

    I’d like to see a caucasian do that for anime! :)

  • redsteel

    Well I guess I’m a nerd cuz I love Cosplay and I went to the AnimeXpo in Los Angeles 2008.
    I myself have never dress up, but I like to see these ppl put a show. they really think they are the real thing. Although, Japan is better. check them out