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How Apple kept its iPhone secrets

Apple Secret

Check out this great article on CNN about how Apple was able to keep the iPhone secret for nearly two-and-a-half years.

“Apple, legendary for the ferocity with which it safeguards new product announcements, had extraordinary challenges in keeping the iPhone under wraps for 30 months. Besides involving Cingular, Google and Yahoo, not to mention the unnamed Asian manufacturer, the project touched nearly every department within Apple itself, Jobs said, more so than in any previous Apple creation,” Lewis reports.

Kudo’s to Apple’s design god, Jony Ive (Jonathan) who adds yet another slick revolutionary design to his belt.

  • glimmerish

    My big mouth would’ve slipped for sure!

  • jules

    I think what keeps people hush hush is the potential lawsuits from Apple.

  • GameDudeX

    Yeah, lawsuits and job security.

  • vm3z9

    It’s a great invention, too bad all the commotion over the iPhone name with Cisco

  • rbx6jm7man

    well, it’s just a fact of the matter predicament. Cisco had the name before apple got it because apple wanted to keep the project a secret. hopefully this doesn’t mean a spike in prices if cisco wants concessions…

  • David

    I smell iInternet coming :P LOL, too bad someone didn’t get to slip out any goodies when they were in development.

  • Lenka

    I look forward to iPhone…:P

  • beni

    apples clever

  • GameDudeX

    Here are some suggestions to apple on what they should call it:
    * iThing-a-ma-bobbie
    * iGadget
    * iContraption
    * iThing
    * iAmTheOne
    * iTele
    * iMakeAMistake

  • b0unce

    its a gorgeous phone though :)

  • Bones

    I work at Apple’s ad agency. Anytime you can hear the Apple team whispering about something (even if you can’t make it out), they will hunt you down and make you sign an Non-Disclosure Agreement. The NDA explicitly says that if you leak information, they will send you to jail. They are ruthless.

  • jey

    I suppose the iPhone is not 3G capable… Hopefully they gonna also provide a better battery life… :) Overall, Apple Rocks as usual. Beautiful design xD

  • Dexter Kanuto

    Apple’s Ideology is Secrecy is the Best Policy. So classified mouths are to be issued. Slipping any word might ruin the surprise…oh, yeah, the surprise (phone) is surprisingly revealed to the mass public society.

  • Brandme

    I want it I want it.

  • protectionunit2

    Awesome article!

  • Shera

    Ownz, I like suprises, so had it been leaked in the time of its non-distribution, i’d be pretty upset. So to hear about it now makes me all fluffy wuffy inside lolz