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Im Ji Hye

Im Ji Hye

Possessing a body that even barbie would be jealous of, Korean hottie Im Ji Hye is definitely a gift from cupid. Born exactly on Valentine’s Day, Feb 14th 1987, she was first spotted at the 2007 Seoul Motor Show and has graced the covers of many men’s magazines, including the famed Maxim.

Im Ji Hye Pics and Photo Gallery

  • AllaN

    What a figure, petite frame + good curves where they need to be, what a goddess, what I’d do for someone like that

  • kewlger

    lubs you.. <3

  • djmikey

    THAT’S ONE AMAZING ASS BODY!!!!!!!!! Looks all natural too. OMFG I would die for a girl like that.

  • benmanners

    amazing woman. wait a moment…we share the same birthday! i was born valentines day too!

    we should…go on a valentines date together :P

  • GameDudeX

    OMG, first Hyori, now Im Ji Hye!

    I gotta break up with my gf so I can find a Korean wife!

  • 1iz zafir

    im ji hye’s my kryptonite no doubt!

  • OpTicaL

    Wow, this photo shoot screams do me right now all over. 3rd row 3rd pic.

  • Fokai

    O_O *must not blink*

  • Phekie

    tanginaa nyo ang lilibog nyo!!! galangin nyo naman ung tao!!!

    mga bull shit kau!!!

  • Pamelon

    im one of your fan not because of your boobs, its because i like you and i’m in love with you….

  • tulang
  • Payton_vege

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  • mana

    how to contact her ?

  • MrBos

    Absolutely amazing!! Her sex appeal is way off the charts. Love Korean women.