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Import Model Christine Mendoza Earns Over $250,000 a Year

Christine Mendoza

29-year-old import model Christine Mendoza has been modeling for about thirteen years now, and is one of the most well known faces in the import car scene. That’s soon coming to an end. Christine announced on Instagram that she’s retiring from the industry.

I spent the last 13 years of my life in the entertainment industry hating it. I’m naturally a shy, caring person. the “industry” wasn’t for me.From the countless of shady weirdos, fake hugs I’ve encountered, I used to have to be drunk to deal with it. Lol was it really worth it? Nope. Money can’t buy true love, a happy family, and a future spent in bliss & supporting one another. Money cant replace all the lost time & memories. My decision to retire will definitely cut my income by a lot- but I don’t care. Finally taking a step & do something to better myself as a person and a family woman- heart, mind & soul.

Along with the retirement announcement, Christine told fans that she worked her way up to earning over $250,000 a year with only 5-6 hours work a week, but that the money didn’t make things any less miserable.

I didnt have balance. often if work myself sick. I was obsessed with work & money so much that my real life & irreplaceable moments passed me by. Buying things didnt make me happy.

It’s not the last we’ll see of Christine Mendoza however. She announced that she has new plans that don’t involve “taking off her clothes or dancing” and will be focusing more on herself as a person and a family woman.

We wish Christine the best of luck, and will be watching to see what adventure she has planned for the next chapter of her life!

— Update 11/13/2013 —
Christine reached out to us on Twitter to clarify her earnings were from multiple sources and not just webcam dancing;

(via Instagram)

  • flyguy79

    i heard she is married to linn nguyen. this dude’s IG user is lv_nguyen. they’ve been uploading the same pics lately so i think its true.

  • grace22

    who cares who shes with. everyones entitled to a relationship. not forever single to cater to the internet. lol more power to her for finding love if so

  • Joe

    I was gonna call bs until i read where she stated that she also owned several websites and a bar. No fucking import model makes $250k a year, maybe for the totality of her whole career ie 10-15 years, but not in one single year. Pornstars, they make hardcore shit dont even earn $50k a year and you want me to believe that an import model earns 5 times that? Be fucking serious.