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Inno Wall Case Magazine Holder

Inno Wall Case

Magazines aren’t dead yet, which means you’re going to need a way to store them in style. With the Inno Wall Case designed by Mikko Laakkonen, you’ll be able organize your magazines while showing off your eye for architectural beauty. The Inno Wall Case can be wall attached or freestanding.

  • jules

    Any Idea what this costs?

  • madray

    If you have to ask, it probably means it’s too much. :\

  • David

    I’d say they should have another version but this one being transparent cause the black and the white cover the front cover. It would be a lovely way to show of your magazines.

  • Terry Ng

    The thought behind it was to hide a large portion of the front covers to avoid a clash in the different pics, colors and fonts. Being transparent would defeat that purpose, and probably make for a less “clean” looking wall.

  • David

    That’s a valid point. Instead of transparent, maybe some sort of frosted glass look possibly. Just that for myself the opaque colours is a bit bland, then again those are what makes the wall more clean.

  • ztnepres