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iPhone Concept by Rodolphe Desmare

iPhone Concept

With rumors of a new iPhone soon, artists like Rodolphe Desmare have taken matters into their own hands and are releasing concepts of what it could possibly look like. His focus is around an iChat audio and video conferencing feature which would be an amazing addition.

The black trim and detail seems to be lifted straight from the new MacBook which would make perfect sense. Would you buy? I know I would.

  • mp3salem

    iPhone – ***** stars

  • jules

    I’d so buy this!!!

  • AllaN

    The thing about apple products is that they have an update like almost every one or two years, so your current iphone, ipod, will be labelled old really fast.

  • GameDudeX

    I’d maybe get it… but you know the quality of the video won’t be *that* good.

  • Graphik

    The first time I got my hands on an iPhone I wondered why the hell it never had iChat … I hope this happens soon :)

  • daniel

    I would really love to buy iPhone, but in central Europe?! NEVER!

  • shakir

    pretty cool idea, but in the photo the phone doesn’t have a camera on the front. makeing that image of video chat impossible.

    the one thing that could persuade me to buy an iphone? a 5mp camera w/ flash (but that is my niche)

  • GameDudeX

    It DOES have the camera on the front, look:

  • jlubbz

    just rumors.