• AllaN

    Now I’m going to buy a macbook just so i can use this sticker! amazing!

  • Openzedoor

    I’d never want to look at the screen!


  • heartofjosh

    best Macbook sticker i’ve seen yet!

  • David

    Now…where’s the Ryu sticker?.. ;)

  • heartofjosh

    Ryu with fireball would be cool!!!

  • s4et4ik

    i have sticker on my macbook from this tsy shop


    I like my macbook pro more, with blue bird sticker)

  • istickr

    check these out!
    they have other designs other than the ironman.

  • http://remizorrr.myopenid.com/ Remizorrr

    i think that this stickers are the best, look at this


  • Bence

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