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Japan’s Simulated Train Cafe – Groping Allowed

Train Cafe

The record number of women groped on Tokyo’s trains continue to rise. As the suburban trains are usually crowded, bringing the workers to large cities and back to their suburban homes, close physical contact is unavoidable. Many men use this to their advantage, pressing onto women and groping them. The groping problem is so extreme that Tokyo started a campaign of women-only carriages.

So how’s a groper supposed to get his kicks? Welcome to “Train Cafe,” a simulated train where groping is allowed just minutes away from Tokyo’s Ikebukuro station. The cost to ride is 5,000 yen (~$42US). Once each hour, Train Cafe holds an “all aboard” event, where the paying male members “board” the train together with the girls and engage in simulated ‘chikan’ (groper) play.

Each 20 minute ride allows gropers to grabs any girl’s behinds or breasts. Upskirt grabs aren’t allowed and will result in a violation. Since the girls are just normal folk that hang out at the Cafe after work, male attenders are free to ask them for a date or drink after the session has ended. Could you imagine an Amtrak version of this in the states?

  • djmikey

    Isn’t this almost like prositution?

  • glimmerish

    Sounds like it to me. What normal girl would stop by a place like this after work just to be groped!?

  • Terry Ng

    Girls looking for a way to earn some quick cash? Only in Japan I tell ya!

  • jules

    40 bux for a groping session! That’s nutz!

  • daBones


  • Makament


  • Rujtu

    Japan, constantly pandering to perverts

  • Zhao

    I wonder if the girls are pretty, if then, sign me up. haha. – kidding

    Why make such a train, just promotes more pervertedness…

  • jaebin03

    Don’t lie, u know u want to be the first on the train.

  • Rujtu

    maybe I’d be the first one on the train, but not the second, or the 59th. Who wants to board knowing what kind of freaks have been on there before you, smearing those women with whatever substances may be on their hands. . . . . . SMEGMA PERHAPS.

    Think about that while you try to enjoy your paid for molesting.

  • sandalian

    it makes my will to go to japan stronger than before :D

  • Shogun

    Those who agree to such things r nothing but Bustards and Pigs!!!

  • UC Berkeley

    I would rather meet a nice woman on the train, its more romantic.

  • f0e0fg0d

    better than molestin

  • Phil.901

    Wouldn’t it work better if the girls can grope back?

  • djmikey

    japanese girls are known to be submissive so groping back is a no no

  • عدنان


  • Kad936

    Why do Americans pretend to be so much cleaner and better than other people? Well, you are not!!!!
      The Philippino people don’t want American military bases in their country any more because American Officers and service men are such “child molesters”
      At least in countries like Japan men are given sexual outlets so they can release sexual tension.  In this country children are kidnapped and spend 15 years in a tent while the religious self-righteous advocate closing the strip bars and outlawing prostitution.. 
    American men need outlets too..

  • Jc06482004

    Same all over the world, guys needs more sex than  woman

  • Drifter

    When it come to sex America is the most hypocrite country of the planet (I’m US citizen by the way)

  • Cheese

    The girls work there, you have to buy their overpriced drinks when you aren’t groping and they aren’t normal customers. It’s basically sex work, not some great new way to meet oversexed women.
    Don’t believe everything you read.

  • Cheese

    I should also add that like most sex services in Japan, they do not serve foreigners.

  • Paul

    Nothing better than the sellout who loves to brag about being an American citizen while criticizing America. In other words, you need attention and credibility because you can’t get it by being your meek little self. Next time, try being correct. It may not get you as many accolades, but at least you won’t come off as a douche.

  • albert frye

    I would rather simply get my nuts off by watching Japan or other Asian “Chikan” videos. Let’s face it, Japan has the most creative and best in the world. Their “Chikan” movies are very well done and range from groping of the girls, including having their clothes ripped and torn off and forcing them to have sex right on the train.