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Jessica Alba is Pregnant with Cash Warren’s Baby

Jessica Alba Pregnant

For all the guys that were hoping to be the first to plant their seed in Jessica Alba, you can kiss that dream goodbye. Her reps tell People Magazine:

“I can confirm that Jessica and Cash are expecting a baby in late spring, early summer,” says rep Brad Cafarelli.

Alba (age 26), has dated Warren (age 28), since the fall of 2004 after they met on the set of The Fantastic Four, on which Warren was a director’s assistant.

The couple have been seen being affectionate together in Los Angeles in recent days, shopping for mattresses last Saturday and attending a Lakers game, where they were spotted kissing Sunday.

  • djmikey

    No way! He’s such a loser!!!

  • glimmerish

    Congrats to them! I bet she’s going to be the cutest mom. :)

  • heartofjosh

    Lucky bastard. I hope her looks don’t go to crap like Britney’s did.

  • freelancer199

    congrats (lucky bastard!)

  • butingan

    Looks like we got another K-Fed.

  • madray

    I don’t get why Cash has such a bad rep? What’s he done wrong besides not being as famous as her???

  • VampireFaust

    She’s going to be a cute little preggo. :)

  • AllaN

    Heartbreaking news.. well not really. I hope their baby turns out cute!

  • yume

    She look better with a little meat on her… :)

  • Tom

    I will never be able to watch another Jessica Alba movie the same again.
    It shows that even a normal man in the right position at the right time can score one of the hottest chicks in Hollywood.

  • fanzy

    all guys above kissed their dreams goodbye LOL …

  • Metro_bOi

    I agree, he is a lucky guy, although I have no clue who he is. Jessica Alba is a rare beauty and she will be a lovely pregnant mom-to-be! I can’t wait to see how cute this kid is going to be.

  • tummie

    damn that lucky ass bastard i should of been first lol…..

  • ka43333