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Justin Wong Wins SFIV National Tournament and Daigo Wins International Title

Gamestop SFIV National Tournament

It was pure pandemonium at the GameStop Street Fighter IV National Tournament finals tonight! Thousands of SF fans flooded Fort Mason Festival Pavilion in San Francisco to watch the best of the best fight for the title of top Street Fighter player in the country. After a series of GameStop tournaments the past few months, it came down to 16 very talented players, but only one could win.

Justin Wong
(Justin Wong – SFIV National Tournament Winner)

The journey to the top definitely wasn’t easy. Littered through the list of finalists were legendary adversaries like Mike Ross (E.Honda), Antawn Ortiz (Balrog) and Jason “A-Dhalsim” Cole (Balrog). Matches we’re extremely close at times, but Justin Wong dominated with the pressure of a super offensive Rufus. Often finishing off opponents with his arms shooting up in the air on cue with the finishing hit of Rufus’s Ultra. The crowd loved it, and raised their hands to the roof as well.

Yoshinori Ono
(Street Fighter IV Producer Yoshinori Ono greets an amazingly enthusiastic crowd)

Immediately following the SFIV National Tournament was a shot at the International title. Battling it out round robin style, were Korea’s top player Poongko (Ryu), Japan’s top players Iyo (Dhalsim) and Daigo (Ryu), and Justin Wong (Rufus).

(Japan’s top player Iyo zoning opponents with Dhalsim’s long limbs)

After a series of very intense and exciting rounds (I’m talking crazya** ish like Focus Cancels to EX to another EX to Ultra finish combos without even flinching), Daigo and Justin remained on top. The two would battle it out in a much anticipated match.

(A disappointed Poongko after losing to Iyo, Daigo and Justin. )

Would Justin get redemption from the millions of people who have seen him get beat down by Daigo’s infamous Ken comeback on YouTube? Would the Rufus that he used to defeat all the best players in the U.S.A. be enough?

Daigo and Justin Wong
(Daigo and Justin Wong preparing for battle)

Not this time. Daigo’s godlike Street Fighter skills completely shut down Justin’s offensive strategy.

Gamestop SFIV National Tournament
(Daigo punishes Justin with a focus dash cancel into Ryu’s Ultra)

Seth Killian did his absolute best to commentate during this final match, but Daigo’s attacks and counters were happening so fast, that even he couldn’t keep up with the craziness.

Seth Killian
(SF Community Manager Seth Killian delivering excellent play-by-play commentary)

Final score 4-0. Best Street Fighter IV Player in the World — Daigo, better known as “The Beast.” He can rest easy and enjoy his victory for a few months, until he must defend his title at the Evo 2009 Championships in July at Las Vegas.

Seth Killian
(Daigo holds down the International title for Japan)

Long live Street Fighter!

GameStop Street Fighter IV National Tournament Photo Gallery (videos below)

Tournament Videos
***More videos coming soon… be sure to check back this week***

Daigo vs. Justin Wong (International Finals)

Justin Wong vs. Mike Ross (National Finals)

Justin Wong vs. Poongko

Justin Wong vs. Iyo

Poonko vs. Daigo

Poongko vs Iyo

Iyo vs. Daigo

  • kenYa

    I flew out to SF just to see this!!!!! It was bigger than I expected and so worth the flight. Daigo is seriously on another level. Justin had zero chance of beating him. Can’t wait to see the vids! :D

  • iplaywinner

    Whoaa! Awesome photos! Reminds me I need a better camera.. lol. :)

    This shit was so hype!!


  • b0unce

    wish this was in sydney :P

  • djmikey

    Soooooo crazy! I watched the vids and so wish I could’ve been there to see it in person.

  • madray

    Incredible how Daigo shut Justin down. Almost looked like a scrub playing which we all know he’s not of course.

    I want that Cammy t-shirt that Ono is wearing!

  • Kriskof

    Oh man, that was a great show. I’m glad Justin Wong no longer turtle necks with Chun-Li like he did in Street Fighter 3rd Strike. He’s a great player, and it’s been even more amazing that he uses Rufus whose a hard character to use and beats down all those other top-tier players. Although he lost to the beast, it was still a great match to watch. Daigo is still definitely the beast even after all these years though.

  • dep

    Great writeup! Would it be possible to get the photos in Full Resolution?

  • jules

    Great coverage! I love the pics. Really captured the moment especially of Poongko and his sadness after losing to the other 3 competitors.

  • David

    J wong kinda acted like a sore loser when he lost pretty badly, who would thought a rufus player would go up against international players. In any case, I thought J wong could play a higher tier character, couldn’t handle Daigo aggressive play.

  • razi

    What’s the deal with Justin getting in Mike’s face like that? I understand trashtalking but that was disrespectful. NO CLASS AT ALL. I’m glad Daigo kicked hi ass!!!

  • kirbybowl

    Great coverage! Nice matches too

  • OpTicaL

    Justin is a sore loser. Fat ass needs to go on a diet and take a shower.

  • Zerohits

    There will be a Street Fighter 4 Tournament.
    The First annual SF4 Tournament 12/05/2009
    Sponsored by
    3841- I East Little Creek Rd,
    Norfolk,VA 23518

  • scir91onYouTube

    when i met justin in 1999 at chinatown fair arcade, he was just a kid trying to get better at beating eddie lee. this kid became the mvc2 god, heh. oh yeah, he was always nice and genuine. great person, and great talent!