• http://www.flickr.com/photos/43173378N00/ jules

    I think a million of those views were from me alone. :p

  • Babo4u

    i contributed as well :D

  • http://webjay.org/by/bgizzie/djmikeyfresh djmikey

    Damn hot!!!

  • http://www.tomakun.com/ Tomakun

    Problem is, if she’s popular on Kineda (and in Japan among Otakus), she’s however not featured much on Japanese TV, which is the key to popularity in Japanese media here…

    On the contrary, I see her too much on the cover of adult magazines… but she’s not doing nude, don’t search for it.

  • AllaN

    Nozomi Sasaki is still better IMO, she tops my list, she’s such a cutie.

  • Al

    I thought the most looked at was Maria Ozawa. She had the most comments out of all of the hotties. Guess it was just a look and get out kind of thing huh.

    I prefer Aya Hirano personally. And Yuko Ogura too.

  • razi

    Popular or not… she’s got one of the nicest bodies I’ve ever seen on an Asian girl.

  • tonyL

    damn smoking hot

  • Elvin

    I think Nozomi Sasaki is still better, but she have a nice body and boobs for most popular Japanese idol.

  • ztnepres

    only one question. how do we tell if they had a boob job? i mean cus asian models go for the natural look..

  • Al

    If thier boobs are inproportionately(?) big.

    Thats what I think.

  • http://www.gamedudex.com GameDudeX

    Naw, not inproportionately big. I think they’re perfect. Not too small, but big enough for a handful or two. :)

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