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  • keizaigakusei

    my my, this is amazing.

    does anyone know who the models are? particularly the top-right one? :)

  • FLXPr0ductions

    Well I took my time to read KIKS TYO’s staff blog, and I found out the four girls belong to a model group/agency called “SHANADOO”.

    Here’s a video of them during the photo shot.

  • JwKuo87

    In the vid, from left to right:
    福愛美 Manami Fuku
    源田マリナ Marina Genda
    福田淳子 Junko Fukuda
    渋谷千賀 Chika Shibuya

    Can’t quite tell you who the top-right one is in the tee. If I had to guess, Chika

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