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Kim Kardashian Needs to Learn How to Dance

If you think a girl with a body and ass like Kim would know how to shake it, you’re in for a surprise. Kim performed the mambo on Dancing With The Stars, and it was just utterly painful to watch.

Baby got back alright, but she ain’t got the moves!

  • lina

    That just hurt to watch. She couldn’t dance even if her life was on the line.

  • disbkoonsta

    man i’m not gay but the dude was rockin that performance more. what a waste of looks for a girl that can’t move >.<

  • ChickzNKickz

    6 points from each judge for that garbage???!!

  • AllaN

    I’m really surprised, haha, that was quite the video, I was really surprised. And for all these years, I’d thought she’d taught herself how to shake it by now.. ahhhh, she has to learn to move those assets!

  • niffyat

    Oh my… I can’t really comment because I’ve never seen the show, and I don’t really know anything about her, I think she’s like Paris Hilton, right? Well. If it’s a show about people who can’t dance dancing with people who can, she should be winning, right?

  • benmanners

    lol. ouched.

    i think her problem was that she wasnt expressive enough in her movement. as you can see, they guy is totally rockin it! waving his arms, bobbing his head, trying to flaunt the girl.

    but the girl cant flaunt it. aiyah. lol. lucky guy though, gets to get some dance action with one of the most gifted-asset wise ladies out there. haha.

  • ramonm

    Great website man!
    glad that i’m working with pros!
    and yeah she can’t dance, but she…. hooof!!

  • tjiewkap

    Well, at least she acknowledged it in the beginning. She knows she cant dance.

  • sara

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