• jules

    Niiiiice! I just loaded up Kineda on my Treo 700W and it looks fantastic. Good job!

  • rbx6jm7man

    dude!!!! tha’ts so freakin’ awesome…. if i had one of those type of mobile phones! :P

  • heartofjosh

    damn that’s sweet. Can you add a search box?

  • yume

    Big thumbsups to Terry for always keeping on top of the latest trends! :)

  • http://webjay.org/by/bgizzie/djmikeyfresh djmikey

    Works great on my sister’s Sidekick! I love how simple and clean the layout is. Btw… I’m posting this comment from the sidekick!!! SOOO COOL!

  • haz

    i don’t know about US, in the UK charges are too high to surf the net using mobile not many can afford to do so.

  • lilkitty

    I’ve always thought it would be cheaper in UK. How much is the average monthly cost for data?

    I pay $30 a month for T-mobile here in the states.

  • JwKuo87

    I’ll check it out someday on my iPaq. If I could just get my wireless network to stop having issues..

    Just for a comparison, T-Mobile in the Netherlands offers two options for mobile internet ONLY (like an add-on):
    * € 2,38 per MB or € 0,24 per minute (sort of like pay per view)
    * € 9,50 per month (unlimited download)

    They also have this discount, giving you 50% off for up to 12 months.

  • David

    That just gives me another reason to grab a PDA :P Just makes Kineda better. Keep up the good posts Terry, love where the direction of the site is going. Was it hard to make it stylesheet for the mobile?

  • http://www.kineda.com Terry Ng

    Thanks David! :)

    Not hard at all. It was just a matter of stripping down the stylesheet and XHTML down to the crucial elements needed for a handheld version. There’s only so much you can do on a small screen.

  • David

    Too bad you can’t stuff those yummy eye candy pictures in there, or wait, maybe you can! work your magic terry :P

  • http://www.myspace.com/bouney b0unce

    im sad we dont have that phone in aus :(

  • beni

    i wish i could check the site on my phone

  • glimmerish

    I tried this on my Nokia 8125 and I noticed the pictures show up on the page after you click the story link! And it even fits the size of my screen perfectly. Awesome job as usual Terry! :D

  • http://www.erapo.szm.sk Lenka

    i have damaged mobile…. PC 4ever

  • Maurice

    Thats cool.. I prefer Nokia 3310.. Lol.. Yah Lenka, PC 4ever..

  • Dexter Kanuto

    I’ll check it on my Palm or Blueberry.

  • Dexter Kanuto

    I mean blackberry. Typo.

  • CsQuared2

    Checked it on my SE P990i, pics of eyecandy come out great!!

  • vijay lin

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