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  • jules

    Haaaaaawt! Especially that last one!

  • Zhao

    I call dibs on the second one ;p

  • teeming

    wow…very nice korean race queen

  • hspec

    korean gurls are so hot!

  • rbx6jm7man

    *drools* so gorgeous…….

  • KLS

    The second one’s too hot for the rest. :)

  • lawrencel715

    Definitely the 2nd to the last – the lady in blue

  • kamenriderdelta

    Yup definitely the 2nd one from the top. May I ask, if anybody here know’s who she is, or where I can get some other pictures of her?

  • brusko24

    ive been looking for the 2nd for the longest time! :-(

  • Daisho

    hell yea the last one is the best she’s soooo hot!!!!!!
    she’s just gorgeus beautiful sexy every thing!


  • iwantimports

    Korean Girls Are HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!

  • teamrice

    Daaammm !!! (o_0)…

  • Panotpon

    Dudes, one of the chicks in my complex looks just like that. She just came from Korea too. Hm, how do I prove this…?

  • maliau

    ya i think u have to prove dats u have dat one panotpon
    a heve too two with me i will post soon to prove

  • simply_honey

    ewaaa they look like my cousins hehehe

  • GameDudeX

    I definitely gotta visit Korea to find my wife (Hyori) and mistresses.

  • Dexter Kanuto

    Shock and Awe…hot…

  • beni


  • Dexter Kanuto

    Thank You Korea!!!

  • djss

    i like the girl at the top and the bottom.
    stop your double posting dexter, and slow down.

  • EddyMaximilian

    Those girl look great with Korea’s Protomotors Spirra sports car.

  • tulang