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Man Makes Millions Flipping Supreme on eBay from an Underground Store in New York City

Unique Hype Collection - Supreme eBay Store

A man who only goes by the name of Peter, makes millions a year by buying and selling goods from men’s fashion brand Supreme. Peter owns a shop named Unique Hype collection inside a run-down mall off Elizabeth Street in New York City’s Chinatown. The store is extremely small, maybe the size of a walk-in closet, and is impossible to find on Google.

“I’ve brought in seven figures a year for the last two years,” said Peter, the owner of the store, a thirty-year-old who refused to give his last name or be photographed. “I can’t show my face—I’m under a lot of eyes,” he said, sitting on a stool inside Unique Hype Collection last week. (Peter was actually under only four eyes: two posters of Lady Gaga looking at the camera while modelling a Supreme T-shirt hung on the ceiling above him.) “I do everything myself. With the eBay store, I even pack it and ship it myself,” he said, before pausing and thinking about this for a second. “Actually, I don’t drive myself. I have a driver.”

Peter pays 10-30 secret employees, mostly teenagers to stand in line for a hundred dollars each, to wait in line when Supreme releases clothing. He then resells the sold out designs on eBay at significant markups.

Unique Hype Collection - Supreme eBay Store

Much of its merchandise goes to Japan, where Supreme goods can cost twice what they do here at retail. On a recent Friday afternoon, a cap that had gone on sale on Thursday at Supreme for forty-eight dollars was on the shelf at Unique Hype Collection for eighty-five dollars, where teen-agers were eyeing it jealously. The store even uses authentic Supreme shopping bags, recycled from purchases made at Supreme.

Read the entire story about Peter and Unique Hype Collection on the New Yorker.

  • Koiyuki

    Man knows how to capitalize on the insecurities folks have about their fashion.