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Man Successfully Sues Wife Over Ugly Children and Judge Orders Wife to Pay $120,000


Jian Feng sued his wife for giving birth to what he called an “incredibly ugly” girl.

“I married my wife out of love, but as soon as we had our first daughter, we began having marital issues,” he told the Irish Times. “Our daughter was incredibly ugly, to the point where it horrified me.”

Initially Jian accused his wife of infidelity, because he knew he could never be the father of an unattractive child. However, DNA tests proved that the child was indeed his. Feng’s wife then came clean and admitted she had about $100,000 worth of cosmetic surgery done in South Korea before they met.

Feng sued his wife on grounds of false pretenses, for not telling him the truth about the plastic surgery, and duping him into believing that she was beautiful. A judge agreed with Feng’s argument and ordered his wife to fork over $120,000.

One word. Damn.

(via TheWeek & Cocoafab)

  • sherry

    What a asshole ….. who the hell he think he is.. It is going to hurt the kids.. hearing how he talks about them

  • Alex

    Yes hes the asshole…. While the woman, never told him about a 100,000 dollar operation which will forever affect how their kids will be treated for the rest of their lives. its possible he wont care, that he will love you after you tell him anyway, but its not up to the woman to never reveal this information. She can go fuck herself

  • KBajpai

    Asian Peter Griffin

  • KBajpai

    Asian Peter Griffin

  • MEME

    i hope they grow up into THE most ”physically” attractive adults he has ever seen, and that his lovely children stick there middle finger up at him for not only being ugly on the outside but for being ugly inside too !!! BTW I THINK THEY ARE ALL VERY CUTE !!

  • Yep..

    Clearly, YOU are the asshole. Just sayin’. And you can go fuck yourself. K, thanks.

  • Harsh-but-Honest

    In all fairness: yes he’s an asshole for saying it… but, she’s an even bigger asshole for not telling him she (quite clearly judging by the kids) had surgery. For most folks that would be a deal breaker; deception by all accounts really.

    I’m not trying to be mean, but damn they’re not pretty! I’m not saying they’re not going to be nice people, just that when they’re growing up and ask their parents the question “Mom, Dad, why don’t we look like either of you?” Father says “Well kids, it’s because your Mom’s a lying asshole, ’cause before she met me she used to be a complete pig, but apparently she thought if she changed her appearance, no one would ever know, which of course begs the other question – how intelligent is she, and how dumb am I for not at least asking to see pics of her before we met!”

  • Harsh-but-Honest

    Ironically, SHOUTING that you think they’re very cute, isn’t very cute in itself now is it?

    Food for thought, SHOUTY CAPS person?

    Also, the reason people are so “shallow” by finding an attractive mate, are purely genetic – I bet you dated all the less than attractive folk so far in life, didn’t you? No, didn’t think so.

  • Harsh-but-Honest

    AND… to top it off, you’ve called the father ugly on the outside too! Hypocrite!

  • herrjames

    gee, wonder if the judge was male or female…

  • gary

    My goof mate

  • Miguel

    He is the ugliest of them all…ugly from inside, which is worse.

  • BlahBlahBlah

    Genetics isn’t one sided, half of the ugliness came from the father as well.

  •!/Ricky_Hollywood Ricky Hollywood

    ITT: A bunch of ugly fatties.

  •!/Ricky_Hollywood Ricky Hollywood

    True, but in genetics, there are these things called dominant and recessive genes. A little education goes a long way, but that’s probably asking too much of you.

  • BrownxEyes

    what a heartless man… bullshit did he marry his wife because he ‘loved’ her – love isn’t judgemental or selfish or greedy.

    i hope the children grow up knowing the true meaning of beauty.

  • Puttputt

    The people in the photo are NOT the Feng family, this is a rather sneakily cropped advert for plastic surgery from Taiwan and has been in circulation for a while:

    That being said, both the mother and father are the ugliest people in the room, regardless of what the kids might look like. They chose to marry based on looks and lies, and they got what they deserved when it fell apart. Just a shame their children are caught up in this mess.

  • Daniel Nilssen

    Harsh-but-honest? More like harsh but literally retarded.

  • Harsh-but-Honest

    How so, fuck hole?

  • C’est Leigh
  • Wez Blampied
  • tonia

    dumbest thing I heard of to be sued over. The children are beautiful maybe he needs to look at himself in the damn mirror

  • S

    I think he deserves more. The emotional scaring he has to deal with ever day when he looks at it….Yikes!

  • YouDipshit

    The picture above isn’t even a picture of the family. It’s a photo from an advertisement. The actual mother is someone completely different.

  • sdafd

    Those aren’t even the real people involved in the case.

  • Cathrine

    It’s fake! the photo is photoshopped and the article is just made up. come on guys, dont believe everything you read on the internet…

  • Nadir Zenith

    Check the sources, people.

  • JPHA

    The real thing that we should all accept here is …. CONGRATULATIONS for the plastic surgeon !!! OMG the kids are “ugly” (not saying they are) but look at the mother I would not have any problem getting married with her, I can’t imagine how she looked before the surgery … Well done doctor, well done …

  • KForelut

    That is not a picture of the real husband. That is a picture of a professor at SUNY.

    The picture of the wife and baby are from the news report. The video report did not include a picture of the husband. You just did a google search and picked some random guy’s photo.

  • Charlie

    If two people really are married because they’re in love, then finding out one had plastic surgery before shouldn’t be a deal breaker. I think you’d have to be incredibly shallow to let the fact that they used to look different get in the way of love. Sure, it’s an honesty issue, but not as much as people are saying. If you love someone, you talk it out and forgive them.

  • Wez Blampied

    No I just googled Feng family and this is what came up. and

    Guess someone decided to make a composite using Professor SUNY’s photo… wasn’t me.

  • chinagreenelvis

    “Feng sued his wife on grounds of false pretenses, for not telling him
    the truth about the plastic surgery, and duping him into believing that
    she was beautiful.”

    So you just admitted that your own headline is a lie.

  • KG

    Sorry but yes the guy is an asshole but come on be realistic.. when we marry we marry them for looks as well, whether you are in too sexy, fat, ugly or skinny people its your preference. So when you find out you married an ugly chick when your preference is hot chicks and even worse she doesn’t tell you about it who’s the bigger asshole? oh and when you look at someone you imagine what type of kids your gonna have… So… HE WAS DECEIVED

  • Pat Ynwa Phillips

    he aint no oil painting either ‘ JUST SAYIN’

  • montana

    That’s not a photo of Feng’s family. Just saying.

  • Christopher

    He is right. Women lied and she got what she deserved.

  • Christopher

    You dumbass, he just sued the mother. It is not written any where that he is ditching them. She had this coming.

  • Christopher

    She lied. Period

  • booo!

    finally the world has come down to this.. great! :P

  • Lady1007

    He’s is nothing to write home about. He should be ashamed of himself and be thankful that his children are healthy. None of us know what our children are going to look like when they are born. Evidently, he did not love her when he married her …. he married her for her looks. I feel sorry for his children, they are the ones that are being hurt by him.

  • Sung

    “I married my wife out of love, but as soon as we had our first daughter”
    There are not BUTs when anything is done out of love.
    It’s wrong she kept that from him but no need to sue the woman. messed up & shallow.

  • Sara Johnston

    fck him and her in the long run this will hurt no one but those kids and what kind of parent thinks their kid is ugly??? horrible just horrible

  • James1754

    Where the hell did this lawsuit take place?

  • Duk3togo

    Even though that’s f-ed up, I think on the pretense he should get paid and then for emotional stress the daughter should sue the sperm donor for all he got plus!!!

  • sarcastic sam

    I love how the father has the courage to be outspoken about this issue. He expected a certain “look” for his family. Everyone has the right to pursue their partners with this in mind. Now he feels he was duped and has “Ugly” children. All of you are saying what a jerk he is for voicing his dislike towards his kids image… but what about the unsaid message a mother passes to her kids when they see that mommy spent $100,000 to escape looking the way they do! Talk about messed up. I feel bad for the dad. Plastic surgery to that extent, when purely cosmetic and not restorative, represents a lot of characteristics of a person and should be disclosed to a serious partner. Plain and simple. I would never marry someone or have kids with a woman who suffered from that level of self image issues.. and that’s not me being a jerk, that’s me having a preference. She lied… oopsie. Pay up.

  • vaaj


  • A.S.S

    whats everyone crying about, she’ll sue him for child support later on and get the money back.

  • allison

    This is disgusting!! People like him piss me off cos there are couples in this world that Que do anything to b able to have a baby!! He should love his kids regardless of war they are like!! Was he not part of the conception of these children??

  • Kit Love

    He should save that settlement… he’ll need it to get the kids plastic surgery after he DESTROYS their self -esteem

  • Kit Love

    No no… he’s still the asshole! Don’t have kids if you aren’t going to love them unconditionally. She is still the same woman he married and knowing she had plastic surgery doesn’t change how she looks now.

  • Kit Love

    this is a stock photo not them (I’ve seen it on 3 other articles about Koreans and plastic surgery)

  • Kit Love

    yeah, because how dare she not tell the man who picked her EVERY DETAIL about what she did before she met him? Doesn’t she realize she’s not her own person anymore?

  • Kit Love

    this is a stock photo… It was originally an ad from a plastic surgeon to get people to get eye surgery. Also, he’s still the asshole. If you aren’t going to love a kid no matter how it looks you shouldn’t have them.

  • Kit Love

    you sir have way too much logic for this thread :P

  • Kit Love

    How do you know he ever asked? In order for her to have lied he has to have asked.

  • Kit Love

    It’s not fake they just used a stock photo for the article.

  • Maverick004

    Now he has $120,000 to give his kids plastic surgery too. It’s a win/win lmao

  • spavan

    y cant they go with cosmetic surgery to all 3 kids?

  • Cait

    I don’t know what’s worse, this man or the ignorant comments being left here. God forbid you love your child unconditionally.

  • Noelle

    I think it’s weird that so many of you are blaming the wife, saying “she lied!” She did lie, but should she be sued because she got plastic surgery? It’s her body. It’s not false advertisement – she’s a woman, not a product. This is the definition of “frivolous lawsuit.” Right or wrong, lots of Asian women go to South Korea for plastic surgery – are all these women going to be sued? There’s enormous pressure for women to be physically attractive in South Korea and China (in South Korea, they have to put their photos on their resume!). Anyone who has children and demands the children be physically attractive shouldn’t have children at all. I doubt this woman is an angel – I just don’t think the man’s “emotional distress” warrants that much money, or anything other than a kick to the groin. Feel bad for the kids, though.

  • Kit Love

    I completely disagree. I think these comments saying she was obligated to tell him are a little too sexist for me. Sure, she should have probably told him, but in no way is she obligated to. There are plenty of things people do before they meet someone that they never tell… it doesn’t mean they lied, just that they didn’t want to share.

  • katie

    How on earth can you even say this……. Women don’t have an obligation to tell a man they had surgery, it’s her choice. You sound incredibly arrogant and narrow minded and you can actually go fuck yourself

  • yomachaser

    So the part where so lied has no bearing at all? She chose to hide mountains of secrets in their marriage and that’s bullshit.

  • Kit Love

    Not telling someone something is not lying… do you know that he ASKED her before and that she actually did lie?

  • HA

    Who was ask that? Similarly I’m sure 99% of grooms don’t ask their potential wife if they were once men, it would be up to the ‘woman’ to tell the man that ‘she’ had her penis cut off and mashed into a resemblance of a vagina.

  • Mjbordenla

    This is insane. How could anyone blame her?! I mean, weird that she didn’t tell her husband that she had surgery, but blaming her for ugly children?! What a moron. Your kids are now going to be ugly and emotionally scarred for life. Way to go buddy.

  • Mjbordenla

    Who knows if there will be anything left after the massive amount of therapy they are going to need.

  • Rah-Ree

    I hope when the children become of age….they each sue him for $120,000 or more for the cruel things he said about his beautiful children!!

  • Mjbordenla

    Dude, we’re talking about human beings, not a pair of shoes… I mean, it sucks she couldn’t tell her husband the truth, but suing for ugly children?! What stupid kind of court would even allow that kind of subjective bullshit to go forward?

  • AngelaRobinson90

    What a prick.

  • Kit Love

    Am I the only one who realizes people have lives and issues before they appear in my life? Honestly, if I was in love with a guy and wanted to marry him, him being a woman before we met wouldn’t bother me because it was just a step that led to that man becoming the man I love. I think this guy should blame himself for having kids when he obviously wasn’t ready to be a parent.

  • Suester

    So is he dumping her because she used to be ugly too? Hopefully she dumps him because he is more ugly on the inside than she or those children will ever be externally.

  • wishiwascool

    Not disclosing something is 100% dishonest even if you can’t technically call it lying. The semantics argument is proof that you really dont have points to argue. Just as trans people should disclose surgeries they’ve had this woman should have disclosed work she had done if she wants to be honest. As for the husband, what a prick, he wasn’t tricked into marrying an ugly person his wife is smokin and what kind of self centered fuck head complains about ugly kids? Frivolous lawsuit and incompetent judge.

  • Keiji Ezio Auditore

    Better to hear the truth than lies. At least this way the kids know to get plastic surgery.

  • Norm Cousens

    I have come upon a few deceiving humans. By the time of say a 3rd date I would at
    least mention that I consume large quantities of alcohol (and some other things)
    and I have distorted my appearance with surgery.

  • nobody but somebody

    sure the wife should have told that she had cosmetic surgery. but that doesn’t give the man right to treat his own child that way. of course the whole situation is pretty twisted here: 1. women useing 100 000 on a cosmetic surgery 2. women not telling this to her husband 3. man not loving his child unconditionally 4. man suing HIS OWN WIFE for this kind crap. But if I had to choose which one was worse “sinner”, I’d have to say the man.

  • Colleen

    I can’t decide what’s worse: this article or the comments making the husband a victim in this situation.

  • Uh

    I think we can clearly see who is actually married and who is not in these comments (or who has crappy marriages). Major plastic surgery, especially when it is so radical that people are going to question who your offspring belong to, is not some minor detail you keep from your spouse. You don’t get into a marriage…a situation where you are asking someone to devote their entire life towards building a family with you…and decide that your radically altering your physical identity at one point in your life is something best left as a surprise later on.

    He’s being a dick to his kids, but she is being incredibly deceptive and is acting very untrustworthy. He should not just be questioning what his wife really looks like, but what else is she holding back? If he’s rich, is the marriage and the surgery a con? What on earth is the defense for not telling him about the surgery unless it was to dupe him? Was she afraid he may dump her? Then that’s her bad for building a relationship, no…a marriage of all things…around false pretenses (“he’ll love me for who I am inside. I’ll keep telling myself that and try to ignore that maybe this relationship won’t work if he finds out…”).

    When you decide to get married, you have to tell your partner everything. They have to accept every fucking thing about you: the good, the bad and the ugly — or it’s not going to work.

    Dad’s a shallow dick. Mom’s a deceptive cunt. The kids probably don’t deserve this combo for parents.

  • anonymous

    ^ ah yes. the expert on physical beauty

  • Alan

    The husband’s no victim, but the wife isn’t blameless. She, 1. bought into this shallow bullshit enough to spend $100,000 to change her appearance, 2. lied to the world about it for her entire life, 3. founded a marriage on that lie.

    They’re both sleazeballs. She’s a shallow, dishonest coward, and he’s a shallow, vindictive piece of shit who’s also a terrible father.

  • Raul Alfaro

    This is a fake story. The picture is from a Taiwanese ad for plastic surgery. The font underneath has been cropped out. The ad said: “The only thing you have to worry about after plastic surgery is the explaining you’ll have to do to your children.”

  • Jack Scotcher

    too right, he’s an ugly mother fucker isn’t he (walked into that one mate!)

  • thefuzz

    look at that bitches arms. i could of told you she is a monster in a mask.

  • KG

    I said he is an asshole i didnt not say he wasnt. Ok, your borderline crazy if you think any human would just randomly ask were you “were you ugly before and got plastic surgery?” Kit love understand humans! Do you think he would have married her if she didn’t have surgery? i’m not saying he wouldn’t but at least he would know that his kids too would have a chance of being ugly and he would accept that before hand but this was a surprise to him, wondering why all his kids are ugly, it could have left him wondering do they have a dangerous genetic disease? just to find out no his wife just never told him she was ugly and had surgery to fix that. IF THIS WOMEN WAS SO ASHAMED OF HER OWN BODY WHY DIDN’T SHE THINK THAT HER PARTNER WOULD BE ASHAMED OF HER KIDS? YEA YEA, ITS HIS KIDS HE HAS TO LOVE THEM NO MATTER WHAT? OH WAKE UP AND SEE HUMANS FOR WHAT THEY ARE! THIS IS THE REAL WORLD NOT EVERYONE CAN LOVE THEIR UGLY KIDS ESPECIALLY IF THE MOTHER OF YOUR KIDS LIED TOO YOU AND NEVER THOUGHT TO GIVE YOU A HEADS UP. (I sound like a dick i know but at least i got the capacity to understand something for what it is)

  • Drizae

    Oh my god you ethan hawke!

  • Kit Love

    The only thing I can tell from this is who makes stupid assumptions about the lives of others on the internet based on a few comments… wrong ones at that. (Although I’m guilty too since I think the men on here are acting like it was her obligation to tell him remind me of teenage boys with no experience dating nm w/ LTR or marriage. I just don’t pretend my shallow judgements prove anything like you did)

    Everyone on here is missing one key point. She’s from South Korea. It’s basically the traditional sweet 16 present to get your daughter’s eyes “fixed” and the culture is HUGE on plastic surgery? Maybe it’s so natural to her she really didn’t think it worth mentioning. Also, did you see the actual pictures of her before and after? It’s incredibly obvious she had eye widening surgery for starters just looking at the after picture.

  • StrongArm

    actually “omitting the truth” is exactly that,…LYING. I bet you tell the truth though always, don’t you?

  • StrongArm

    I love how most women are taking this awful lying bitch’s side. For comedic purposes, that makes it all worth while! lol!

  • Kit Love

    You call me crazy then put in a paragraph of all caps…. projecting much? Let me speak in your language:


  • StrongArm

    They’re asian. “loving children unconditionally” isn’t commonplace in ANY asian culture. Well, maybe for the sons. Daughters get treated like a minor annoyance.

  • KeijiKiller

    Keiji, I’ll give you some truth then – You’re ugly… I mean really, i’m not even trying to get back at you.. If we put your face and frankenstein’s face together, it’d be hard to pick.. but in the end I think Frankenstien would still win cos he’d have a better personality than you.. Plastic surgery seems to be the only option yeah?

  • Kit Love

    purposely omitting the truth is lying. Maybe she thought it was obvious.

    Edit: because if the after picture posted below is true… it’s OBVIOUS.

  • Tora Chan

    All of you hypocritical simps STFU. If this was reversed, as in the woman sued the man for being ugly, you wouldn’t say she is an asshole. So stfu

  • Kit Love

    ya I would so you STFU

  • Anonymous
  • Stephanie

    Both parents are shallow. I don’t think the wife would have married her husband if he wasn’t good looking either. My mom married my dad for money and they’re separated. Adults need to stop making poor decisions and grow up. Obviously the guy is shallow, she should have been upfront about her plastic surgery.

  • jimmy thompson

    This guy is an idiot, but I think the judge is an even bigger idiot for siding with this loser

  • JCL2

    I love how everyone is like, “he’s so shallow, he’s the asshole…or she lied…blah, blah, blah”… Bottom line LADIES…stop following the stigma of society and love yourself in the skin God gave you. Because then it won’t be an issue when you find love, it will be for all your imperfections, tried and true. You cannot smear this man for his upset. He is Justified! Due to the wife lack of honesty, he will now have to endure the stress and upset of trying to help an insecure daughter through her adolescence and possibly, adulthood. Part of his attraction to this woman was the security of attractive children from merging genetics. If you were a professional dog breeder, and were sold a faked purebred pooch, your litter will be tainted and worthless…that is this fathers angle…fully justified. Learn to love yourself, ladies… You may not find love…but you’ll be richer in the end…in this case $220,000 richer… That 10 years of my salary…get a clue.

  • Jenny

    That’s a really ignorant stereotype to say.

  • Erin

    Um, if they are staying together wasn’t this whole lawsuit completely frivolous? Oh, let me get that money out of our joint bank account and put it right back in…

  • Art Vandelay

    To be fair, those kids are ugly

  • yoyo123

    Can we talk about the poor girl who’s getting called ‘incredibly ugly’ what an ass-hole of a father.

  • SapaGuapa

    This reminds me of a song my mom used to sing us, made popular by Harry Belafonte (the father of the gorgeous Halle Berry) – Mama look a Boo Boo
    I dedicate it to the incredibly ugly father of those children.

    I wonder why nobody don’t like me
    Or is it the fact that I’m ugly?
    I wonder why nobody don’t like me
    Or is it the fact that I’m ugly?

    I leave my whole house and home
    My children don’t want me no more
    Bad talk inside de house dey bring
    And when I talk they start to sing:

    Mama, look a boo-boo they shout
    Their mother tell them shut up your mout’
    That is your daddy, oh, no
    My daddy can’t be ugly so

    Shut your mout’, Go away
    Mama, look at boo-boo dey
    Shut your mout’, Go away
    Mama, look at boo-boo dey

    I couldn’t even digest me supper
    Due to the children’s behavior
    John (Yes, pa)-come here a moment
    Bring de belt, you’re much too impudent
    John says it’s James who started first
    James tells the story in reverse
    I drag my belt from off me waist
    You should hear them screamin’ round de place

    Mama, look at boo-boo they shout
    Their mother tell them shut up your mout’
    That is your daddy, oh, no
    My daddy can’t be ugly so

    Shut your mout’, Go away
    Mama, look at boo-boo dey (uh)
    Shut your mout’, Go away
    Mama, look at boo-boo dey (uh)

    So I began to question the mother
    These children ain’t got no behavior
    So I began to question the mother
    These children ain’t got no behavior

    They’re playing with you my wife declared
    You should be proud of them, my dear
    These children were taught too bloomin’ slack
    That ain’t no kind of joke to crack

    Mama, look at boo-boo they shout
    Their mother tell them shut up your mout’
    That is your daddy, oh, no
    My daddy can’t be ugly so

    Shut your mout’, Go away
    Mama, look at boo-boo dey (uh)
    Shut your mout’, Go away
    Mama, look at boo-boo dey (uh)
    Shut your mout’, Go away

  • Blombiddyshob

    Harry Belafonte is NOT Halle Berry’s father.

  • loveallnatural

    This is the funniest and saddest story ever.

  • Blombiddyshob

    Ah, love conquers all, don’t it?

  • Nathynie A. P Arokianathan

    Even the parent call their own flesh & blood ugly…what would they think of themselves…Parents should give their children confidence…not humiliation!!!

  • James1754

    Thanks, it is still stupid beyond belief.

  • Sang

    this stuff makes me incredible angry and kinda sad.

  • Sean shutup


  • NomNom

    From how it is worded, the article implies it’s not just a matter of happening to find out. The man was already irrational and angry, because he thought his wife cheated on him. Then, after trying to hide the fact, his wife tells him about the surgery. We don’t know the specifics-the picture is not actually of the family- but the matter dragged on for weeks/ months until they had to go through DNA testing. It is possible that she felt that there was need to tell about the surgery when they met, when they married, or otherwise. However, when the man first raised the question of the ugly baby, she could have just told the man she looked like that as well when she was a child.

    Whether or no she technically lied is pointless. It is a fact that she deceived him. It may well be that the guy would have been fine with having a wife that went through plastic surgery, just like a guy might not mind having a wife that’s a crack addict. If a guy marries someone, they expect that they both know eachothers major issues.

  • KG

    OMG! you’re using every excuse in the book… You’re way too innocent for this world or you’ve been in a similar situation… the caps before were because i don’t see how you cant see something so simple. I get what your trying to say but its just not the case here they are both asshole but the guy wouldn’t have had to be an asshole if he hadn’t been DECEIVED in the first place! Yes its probably common in South Korea to get plastic surgery but i doubt men would be so rude enough to ask the girl if they have had surgery WORTH $100,000

  • yi

    If a relationship starts with a lie it will end with a lie.

  • Serena Dea

    I would love to have these kids! they’re gorgeous!

  • Kevin Hsu

    His father is actually worry to pay for another $30000 for his children in the future.

  • LearnSomeLiterature

    I’ll give you the truth “Frankenstein” was a fairly attractive Caucasian male, but I think the thing you meant to say was the hideous creature Dr. Frankenstein created. The creature’s name isn’t Frankenstein. In fact the creature didn’t even have a name.

  • Ces

    You can not generalize it. Not all Asian are idiot like this man. I am from the Philippines and Philippines is in Asia. If there is one thing we are good at, is our close family ties. We love our children unconditionally. Before you criticize Asian people, look at where you live now.

  • Eye-gor

    I think it was Pontius Pilate (or maybe Johnny Cash) that said, “What is truth?”. I have never heard anyone correct the “Frankenstein’s monster” misunderstanding that didn’t sound pretentious. I’m sure the guy comfortable enough in his education to casually use “cos” was worried about literary accuracy. Thanks for sharing your love of literature, though.

  • Yard

    Those kids are ugly as fuck.. If y’all think different you’re lying! She should’ve told him she was an ugly duckin’ I’m just telling the truth and shaming the devil. UGLY!!!

  • Noah Wang

    yea he is being an asshole for suing his wife. But the wife shouldn`t hide that fact that she spent $100,000 on plastic surgery. Not from the point of being physically attractive or not, the kids in the picture doesn`t even look like their parents. I believe alot of people would be fairly upset over your wife/husband hiding this kind of thing from you. At least she should`ve told him before hand so he`ll know what`s gonna happen.

  • tom
  • Peroni

    Jian Feng is chinese name. She went to South Korea to get surgery.

  • XenoAcacia

    lol educate yourself before spreading misinformation. Korean families share far closer bonds than any typical American family. In fact, tradition says that in birth the mother creates the flesh of the child, and the father creates the bone. Since bone endures longer than flesh, bonds shared by the father and child are considered even more binding, still.

    inb4: So she /is/ responsible for the kids’ ugly flesh!

  • c

    shit…Those kids gave me a heart attack!

  • Guest

    Reading people’s comments and I have to laugh. We are ANIMALS people! What do animals do when searching for a mate? They pick the most attractive one. Even us humans do the same and to deny that you don’t is a BS lie or you’re just in compete denial. I think that the husband was merely listening to his animal instincts when he chose to marry her, being deceived that she was a beautiful woman, but instead realizing the hard way, that all along her beauty was a $100,000 lie. Sure it seems a bit vain and cruel for suing her but I don’t blame him for doing it. Nor do I blame the woman for lying about her true appearance. She probably needed the security he could provide and so she lied. Lots of people lie to each other. Doesn’t make it right, but people do it nonetheless. So before you want to pounce on the husband, maybe you people should re evaluate the message of the story. DON’T LIE!

  • jinx

    That little girl is beautiful… simply unfortunate who her parents are, especially the father

  • XenoAcacia

    Ditch the quotation marks, you transphobic fuck

  • ???

    Keiji gorilla cookies anyone??

  • Marina

    An Asian Shallow Hal. Judge must be Shallow Hal too.

  • Neha

    I mean you would think you would stop with the first one haha

  • Dre uuhh

    Utterly, unimaginably disgusting human being!!!! I feel sorry for the beautiful little girl, who may very well suffer immense emotion and physiological issues.

  • gues

    so money going from left pocket to right pocket right?

  • languagelover

    How eloquent.Do you have to pay anyone for f#ck#n yourself ?

  • Blythe McClellan

    When you’re MIXING YOUR FUCKING DNA, yes, she’s obligated to tell her husband what’s up. “Oh, by the way, honey, our children run the possibility of coming out looking like ‘old me.'” If this woman hated being ugly so much that she felt the need to drop 100k to “fix” it, then why would she impose the same fate on her children?

  • welcome to earth

    you are so naive it’s incredible, I’m more amazed at each one of your comments, who’s to say this man doesn’t try to better his kids life with the settlement money? He has proven to be shallow yes, but like it or not his children will be treated worse in life because of there looks, sadly that’s just how the world works

  • Chadd

    I hope he does something good with that money (like get that poor little girl the gift that her mom allotted herself in South Korea)

  • nilewise

    You can’t be Asian, are you? If you are, you got some effed up parents, and no that is not unique to Asian culture.

  • Clara

    I’m a girl and I side with… the guy. Don’t get me wrong, they both seem to be shitty people. But objectively, the liar deceived the arrogant jerk. It’s like… what if she was his sister.. and never told him he was their sister. And now their child has mutations AND he is repulsed by someone he thought would have been honest to him? It’s like marrying someone you don’t know.

  • Anita

    First of all why did she lie…it is her fault.. secondly looks does matter Ive come to konw now… Aneeta

  • Raymond Chau

    Lesson here: don’ take any cute korean woman at face value!!!!

  • Melissa S. Griggs

    That guy is ugly on the inside. Which is way worse than being ugly on the outside, as that can be fixed. Obviously. The wife is beautiful. Too bad she’s married to an ass.

  • Eloise Bates

    How does he or the judge know it isn’t one of the other relatives’ genes that showed up? We often look a lot like our parents,true. But, we can also look like some other relative on either side of the family. Who’s to say the children don’t take after their grandparents or an aunt or uncle? This is just stupid and she needs to get a better attorney.

  • KR

    Lol the picture in this post isn’t the couple. The guy sued his wife over their firstborn daughter coming out ugly so that pic doesn’t fit the story. Guy isn’t as good looking as people would like to believe. This is the real picture:

  • Sal Krupa

    What a dick this guy is.. If I were his son, I would douse his face with acid and say, “WELCOME TO THE FAMILY MUTHAF@%*KA!!!

  • bsuegfos

    the man is still a massive asshole for acting the way he did but the women is also in the wrong. who the hell doesn’t tell their husband that they had surgery, how about “by the way i had $100,000 of surgery before we met and our kids won’t look anything like me”.

  • Neshia Farhangi

    He appears to love his kids but, in all fairness, she should have told him about the surgeries and showed him photos of how she used to look while they were courting so he could decide on his own. But, he should have been able to extrapolate from looking at her family (her mama, her daddy, her sisters, her brothers, her grandparents) that she should look like them. I’m sure all of those folks look exactly like those kids! And I will add that the kids look happy. They don’t look like they are being mistreated. They all look like a rich, happy family. Nay rather royalty.

  • cjrage

    Can’t wait for the day his kids sue him for emotional damage…

  • Guest

    Yes it is. It’s called a lie by omission. Don’t be so basic.

  • Robin

    Hahaha, right, because *not* mentioning $100,000 of plastic surgery, or you know, cheating on a partner, or “insert something you know partner would dislike a lot” is *not* purposely omitting the truth. “It just never came up you knowwww!”.

  • asshorse

    who’s the ugly one? they all look the same

  • ruthdian

    man only looking for the beautiful/handsome face!! so please don’t insult each other!

  • Joachim

    He’s never seen an old photograph of his own wife?

  • lippy710

    Its only my opinion but I think she should have come clean about the surgery before having a child with this man as he is obviously shallow, but suing your wife and declaring your children ugly to the whole world is despicable. He may well be an attractive man but he is very ugly on the inside.

  • Tony Alleyne

    They are not ugly! You are immature to even entertain this s☆:-t! Grow Up!

  • seriously

    Who marries someone without meeting theie parents and seeing all their photos from infancy on? Like how did this guy never see a photo of his wife pre plastic surgery, or meet her presumably hideous folks? I’m going with he deserved it.

  • Sammy

    Sorry but I don’t know anyone that gets plastic surgery and tells people. If there is no scarring and physical negative affects on the body, who cares? He could also use his brain and think “oh, maybe the kids look like the gran parents or another relative”, he is an ass

  • Sammy

    simply not telling isn’t lying. He didn’t ask. My boyfriend had braces and he didn’t tell me, also doesn’t want to show me pics. Same thing, what a big sectret oh nooo!

  • hellolauren

    This is so sad. poor kids, this man don’t deserve to have children

  • Searh

    Those kids look better to me then that dickdead father !

  • Frankenmort

    I think you’re forgetting that this is the sort of thing that would annoy anyone with a love for Frankenstein. It’s like someone getting Harry Potter and Voldemort mixed up.

  • Lydia Carlo

    The worst thing of this other than a father being an ass is that someone will save this news and show it to one of them kids eventually.

  • Ace Garp

    Not ugly, fugly.

  • Ace Garp

    Is this them or a stock photo?

  • pollytnjc

    wife lied about plastic surgery? who doesn’t? but he really is an a-hole and shame on the judge — shame on this man for the damage he is doing to his children; there are no guarantees about anything

  • matt

    I have a new brilliant fresh business idea…..” plastic surgery that specialized on babies”and the tag line will be “we shape your kid”. Or” isn’t she cute……NOW??”

  • nicc

    Or “we can make you want your kid”

  • Kit Love

    Yup… feng is HIS chinese name. she is FROM South Korea.

  • Kit Love

    Awww thanks for trying to talk down my opinion by some shitty judgement about my innocence. Wish I could say you were right, but no… alas another stupid internet person who thinks they know someone’s entire life based on a few comments… is still just a stupid internet person. I just know basic genetics and plastic surgery. Here is her pictures. Look at the after picture

    People are not born in South Korea with eyes like that. They get them surgically fixed. she might as well be wearing a fucking sign saying “I had plastic surgery”

    If you saw that girl in the street and didn’t know immediately she had plastic surgery YOU are the innocent one, not me.

  • Kit Love

    or it was so glaringly obvious she had surgery she didn’t realize it needed to be told. Have you seen the actual picture of her?

  • Kit Love

    Nope I just know what plastic surgery looks like. If anyone doesn’t look at that after pic and know she had surgery they are the naive ones.

    edit and I’m naive?!?!?! you think a guy who publicly called his kids ugly and sued over it is actually going to now love that kid. YOU sir/maam are the most naive person on here!!!

  • Kit Love

    Short of writing “I had surgery” in sharpie on her face this is all you need to see to know she did. I’m sorry the husband is stupid as well as an asshole, but come on. It’s so obvious.

  • Guest

    Kit, you are so ignorant.

  • Kit Love

    yeah I’m pretty sure americans are the ones ruining their kid’s lives the most right now :P

  • Kit Love

    wow… you took time out of your day JUST to insult someone. At least I’m not that pathetic. Hope you feel better about yourself.

  • Robin

    That’s speculation and doesn’t hold up; you have no proof that he knew about it other than your own personal belief. Obviously I’ve seen the picture (I’ve even seen the others via a google image search). However if you want to deal with facts: he claimed she didn’t tell him. She didn’t dispute it.

  • mgweissman

    Um, he’s HALF to “blame”, fyi….”He knew he could NEVER be the father of an unattractive chilld?!”..OMG! Bet his wife never believed she married such an arrogant a**! :(

  • Patrick

    Just so you guys know. This isn’t an image of the actual family. This image was photoshopped and is used in some kinda of advertisement.

  • Cowsill

    we need before and after photos. ideally, he also had plastic surgury.!

  • Felicia Monsanto

    All children look a little “goofy” when they are very young. She may have not be forthcoming about her surgery but let’s not forget it takes two to tango. It takes both parents’ DNA to determine what that child will look like. He seems to be so shallow and hung up on looks to the point that he scorns his own children, I can’t help but think he must have been a teased, rejected, butt fugly child himself. Who’s to say he didn’t have a little snip snip done as well.

  • Martin James Keatings

    My assumption is he will use the $120,000 for plastic surgery on the kids! What a cockwomble!

  • From_Da_80s

    Is that really the pic of the family? If so, he seems happy in that pic.

  • Eloise Bates
  • kreig

    dear god the burn level of this oneXD

  • Belinda

    These kids are now scared for life because their own father rejected them and called them ugly. Shame on him. All he had to do was ask for a divorce… but not go one to sue her.

  • Jason

    So does this mean, then, that two attractive people are incapable of having “ugly” children? Is this a proven, time-tested scientific fact? Give me a break! This is just another example of how fucked up people are.

  • Hazel

    The creature DID have a name – it was Adam

  • christi

    The male children are nearly identical to the female child; But I guess their “ugliness” doesn’t bother him. Idiot

  • Mandy
  • Mandy

    The picture attached to the story is actually an ad for plastic surgery. Check the link i posted…

  • So Wong

    Before most of you start cursing one another, I want to ask first if any of you can prove if this information is REAL. Have you seen any legitimate sources?

  • anon

    I think a time will come when the a**holes outnumber the nice kind people.

  • Reconcile

    Hope there’s a follow up story on this, if it’s any true. It’s just sad if they haven’t reconciled. Given that the big lie about her plastic surgery is damaging to the marriage, but they’ve been through three children. Maybe I just want an ending where the man, who after discovering that her wife was ugly before and lied about it, is still able to accept her considering the journey they had together as a couple.

  • niptuck

    Shitty story- shitty father- but lets look at the positive… there is a really good plastic surgeon out there that I would like the name of!

  • elevator shoes

    Well she must have been hiding a lot about her past for him not to know.

  • Gerald Banks

    think the guy’s anger is justified. She should have been honest with
    him and allowed him to make the decision to marry her or not. One of the
    reasons for premarital blood testing was to make sure there were no
    hidden health issues. Unfortunately there is no sure-fire way to know
    whether what you’re seeing is what you’re actually getting

    I think it’s wrong in the same sense that a transsexual tells a man they are merely barren.

    If the alteration is significant enough, be honest about it. Lies and half-truths have a way of coming back to haunt you.

  • Kit Love

    You can’t hide that!!!! LOOK at the after picture. If you don’t know that woman had plastic surgery it is no ones fault but your own. I’m starting to think all the guys on this thread are the types that say things like “I like girls with the natural look, less make up… like Kim Kardashian

  • Tom

    What some aren’t reading is that she blamed him for for the reason that they were called ugly and dumped him and come to find out it was her and he sued her…. things people do for revenge

  • Chinahasaonebabyrulforareason

    LOL those kids are ugly. I

  • digit

    Seriously?……Ummmm…no words….most ridiculous thing I have read of late.

  • Patryk1098

    The humanity of this article is complicated. It’s a completely different culture: Status and appearance are values that outweigh kindness and generosity for some people. $100k of COSMETIC surgery is QUITE significant. That’s something she should have come out about when they were getting serious.

    Also, this neglects to mention any of the potential complexities and details associated with this case. What if he was specifically looking for an attractive wife and that was what attracted him to her? What if he just wanted attractive children? Asian marital relationships are in some ways completely “backwards” to what Americans would consider “normal”.

    It’s not a kind thing to hear your father sue your mother because you’re ugly, but the reality is; this is the world we live in. Some people are shallow.

  • Brenda

    omg what a jerk you don’t marry someone for there looks and you should always love your kids on matter what I think they should snip you so u don’t father anymore kids that you don’t want .

  • MARI


  • Elfboy

    are they still married? she’ll just take the money out of the accts, hand it to him and repeat until all the money is paid.

  • Christopher

    This is not a freaking video game or a one night stand or 1-2 year long relationship. If marriage is not a big thing for you then you do the same and tell me how it goes. You gotta come clean before getting married because if someone loves you for something that you are not then it is not love and hence it is not a marriage. You can not kill a person and tell the police that what I did in the past is past and you should not worry about that.

  • Christopher

    Yeah because you can kill a person and hide it from everyone because noone asked. What a retard!

  • Christopher

    Well, let that happen to you first and then make some claims. If he loves then it would surely not matter to him, but you obviously has no right to assume that he won’t mind. First rule of marriage, be loyal. Your next argument will be if you truly love him you will let him sleep with other women. Geeez….

  • Christopher

    Well the thing is, he would have been fine with the surgery if she had told him but to prove that she didn’t cheat by bringing up the surgery just made it worse. Noone ever gonna trust you after you break there trust once.

  • Christopher

    She married him because she loved him? Clearly not, since she would have told him everything before getting married. This is not a weekend in bahamas, this is marriage for god sakes. Geez, what is wrong with you people.

  • Kit Love

    No my next argument will be if your wife fucks a guy in front of you every day don’t accuse her of lies and deceit when you find out the kid isn’t yours… Like this guy saw his wife’s face that is so incredibly obviously worked on and then accused her of lies and deceit when the baby was ugly.

  • Kit Love

    You just compared hiding killing someone to hiding getting plastic surgery… If you can’t see how dumb that is there is nothign I can say to help. With how widespread and accepted plastic surgery is in S. Korea (where she’s from) I’d compare this more to a guy flipping his shit because his wife never told him she wore a padded bra.



  • KG

    Haha im not talking down your opinion.. i want you too see this for what it is… and i don’t think i know someones whole life.. but with the facts that i have been presented with i make my conclusion from the FACTS! Unlike you who create things out of thin air just fill your own opinion and you know the guy is Chinese right? you think he spends his days memorizing Korean girls eyes? and are you really trying to pin this on him because he was unable to notice that his wife had surgery :D? so its his fault for thinking his wife was born that way?.. not her who didn’t say jack shit about the surgeries WORTH $100,000? Oh and thank you for calling me a stupid internet person for looking at the facts only and presenting them too you. I’m sorry for assuming it was your innocence i guess i was wrong but the is something making you blind to this simple thing

  • Yeah

    you’re an idiot

  • Kit Love

    I called you a stupid internet person because you read comments on the internet then project your stupid pre-conceived judgement about how their life MUST be. You have no facts on my life so no you were no using facts! The rest was you projecting your blindness to the basics of Korean culture on me like I can’t see something.

  • Muzaffer Çetin

    dont know why i love this kinda humour :)

  • Rob Miller

    DOUCHE of the Year award goes to Jian Feng.

  • Rob Miller

    If he got a penis chopped off I would support your statement. If you are marrying just for looks you may just want to see what he parents look like and her other siblings.

  • Patryk1098

    You refuse to concede that some people value superficial traits over others? I’m not condoning his lawsuit, I’m just saying that I could see things from his perspective.

  • Rob Miller

    I can see his perspective too, but alienating your kids is far more important than some lawsuit. Unless, he now wants nothing to do with them. It is why I added to pay particular attention to her relatives. If they are got yanked through the ugly forest and she jumped off the beauty train, something is up.

  • Blah Bluh

    this article…WOW I would be so pissed when this lie comes out in the open…idcc what the culture is or that “its so common to get plastic surgery in South Korea” like some people are saying, why would anybody just assume that the person had plastic surgery; it’s not obvious…there are millions of beautiful people, who assumes the girl they’re in love with got $100,000 worth of surgery. I’m going to assume he’s decently good-looking because of his confidence in having attractive kids. The man clearly came into the marriage wanting to have good-looking children which is one of the main reasons people want to marry good-looking people so her surgeries were probably not obvious. buttttt…man was fucked over so hard, comes off as a huge dick though for the comment about his own kids, maybe shouldn’t have sued her and kept that to himself but she’s the straight bitch in this case, you don’t keep something like that hidden…ever. She knew she was going to lose him if he found out.

  • Truth

    You keep saying he should’ve know she had plastic surgery. Why would a CHINESE man be that familiar with the popularity of plastic surgery in south Korea? Yes this guy is shallow but we live in a shallow world. Even if she figured it was obvious she should’ve let it be known. Maybe you are okay with marrying a guy who used to be a woman But if the woman I was dating used to be a man I would want to know so I could end it there.

  • Amanda

    Maybe instead of suing his wife he should just sign his rights over and be rid of his so called “extremely ugly” girl. Then he would not have to worry about them anymore, and they would be rid of a pompous ASS!

  • KG

    1. I didn’t read comments i read an article .2 You think you know me just from my comment… quote from your own words” you read comments on the internet then project your stupid pre-conceived judgement about how their life MUST be” 3. I didn’t say i had facts on your life… i was taking about the article… and i’m quite aware of Korean culture. (Please look at the mirror before you call someone a stupid internet person)

  • CP

    I dont know why hes picking on the girl so much…the boys are equally as ugly. The oldest has a snout like a pig.

  • ljc

    ..his dad probably sued his mom for the same thing….

  • Steve

    I feel like we are all getting trolled.

  • Hard to believe

    So, he must have only known her for what, a week before they got married and had kids? Never met any members of her family, never saw any photographs of her from her childhood, etc, etc?

  • BobChats

    amazing how the blacks and asians all want to look white

  • sara

    Read the first sentence of the quote… I smell bullshit.

  • Jarrod Michael Schaffer

    I’ll bet money that this photo isn’t of the real family that they are talking about… Too easily portrayed… Just saying…

  • iditos

    They are both from China. Chinese cosmetic plastic surgery tourism to Korea is huge these days

  • Heidi Dallman

    I’m not condoning this, but looks play a huge role in the culture there. In South Korea, one often can’t even get a job if they’re considered “ugly.” It’s not that they’re looked over, it’s that if someone of similar qualifications with better appearances shows up, that other person gets hired. That’s why there’s a huge social issue with South Koreans getting major aesthetic surgeries there. They’re also super cheap. It’s just a cultural thing. .-.

  • grafra102

    @BobChats:disqus : Sometimes, not always.. I have two black grandsons and they are gorgeous, also an “AMERICAN JAPNESE” !!!!!!!……

  • grafra102

    @3722e9a117b3a58e1cfd5d1e2cd2a968:disqus : Yes!!!!!

  • Smile

    btw, the photo above is just an advertisement, those 3 kids aren’t real. If you want to see the real baby, go to

  • Cartman

    This is entirely fake.

  • Daniela

    I want to set up a fund for this poor woman and children so they can leave this incredibly mentally ill, controlling, manipulative jack ass. She deserves a new life and her daughter especially deserves to be free of this hell on earth. A judge awarded this to the husband? Unbelievable…our world is such a sick, horrible place at times. I wish I could cradle that little girl and never let her feel an ounce of pain -unfortunately she is stuck in a horrible life.

  • Rose

    Well, offspring genetics do come from the dad too…. =.=

  • John smith

    As the great Barney Stinson once said, “It’s not that people don’t like being lied to, it’s that they don’t like FINDING out they’ve been lied to.”

  • Mary

    I bet he had some plastic surgery too! In Asia, men get a lot of plastic surgery also, mostly in the face. And I find the kids perfectly adorable.

  • nina76

    Dumbest story ever and most horrifying people too. The poor kids are allright.

  • nina76

    In any case marrying a beautiful woman or man doesn’t guarantee that your children will be beautiful as well. And anyway he’s talking about his own children here, how callous and moronic can a man be? If I was the wife I’d sue him for stupidness and shallowness.

  • nina76

    Can I sue a man that I marry because I think he’s handsome and in less than two years he grows a fat belly, nasty hygiene habits and goes bald? Imagine that, lol.

  • nina76

    By the way, I was agreeing with you here.

  • Bubbles Parker

    Yeah. I’m not saying what he did/thinks is right, but she should have told him. Especially when their kids came out looking the way she used to look.

  • Sam

    I think you’re wrong Kit. Nobody other than experts should be expected to distinguish a girl who had plastic surgery than a girl who’s still natural. Actually the judge seemed to disagree with you too since he acknowledged that this man was deceived.
    He’s being an asshole for putting his kids in such a painfull situation (dad suing mom over their alleged ugliness) but he did sue his kids, he sued his wife because he felt betrayed by her. I’m also aware that marriage in China doesn’t work the same way it works in western countries. He might have married her only because he thought she was beautiful and able to give him beautiful kids while she might have married him for his money. I’m not saying that it’s the case but it is a possibility in China.

  • Trevor Nurindoski

    Like it or not, they are UGLY, don’t try to be the hero or white knight here. I freaking hate people like you, the ones that see a completely deformed kid and call him/her beautiful. You are the one who needs to grow up.

  • dodo

    You have very interesting moral standards. If she had HIV and didn’t tell him, would it be ok, because he didn’t ask?

    Looks is s manifestation of a person genetic quality, health etc. she very well may have had genetic disorder and didn’t mention that either then. He didn’t ask. If she appears to be someone she is not – she is not attractive woman, but perhaps an ugly one that had plastic surgery done. This is lying to someone because they got together also because of her looks, which is just skills of some surgeon.

  • dodo

    I just read some more of your comments –

  • Nenamorut .

    As someone who has studied History and Archeology/Anthropology, I can vouch for the fact that the whole “Its all about the person/personality” sentimentality that westerners bear is lost on the peoples of East Asia, China in particular. I’ve seen the article before, yes the woman was ugly before the operation, what the father did was very selfish from my point of view, the western point of view, but very acceptable and logical in Chinese culture. After all, the man was expecting quality from the fruit of his loins, the woman did deceive him, and although after the operation she looks decent, beforehand and therefore her DNA was…well…ugly. Poor kids…They’re probably gonna end up as hand me downs.

  • Howard

    The reason people get really upset with Jian Feng is that women use makeup and plastic surgery to enhance their appearance all the time. In one of the surveys, women were asked to grade their appearance without makeup on a scale of 10, and the most popular answer was 5. Men get duped into marriage almost every day. People are praised for inner beauty, but the fact is that physical appearance plays a very important role in making men falling in love at first sight. How often do you see an obese young woman with a ton of boyfriends? Women have to do whatever it takes to get a husband and Jian Feng’s wife is no exception.

  • Howard

    He probably fell in love with her and became blind.

  • anna

    kids dont have any say so on how they turn out. its from the father an mothers jean. you just cant blame the mother you have to look at his self too,
    by the way if he married his wife for beauty then it wasn’t love

  • beckyllopez

    Wow…didn’t know it took one person to create children…I feel bad for these kids because they have such a dick for a dad!

  • dieinahole

    I feel as though the woman should have mentioned the $100,000 plastic surgery. Had it been a nose job on it’s own, sure, that doesn’t matter, don’t tell people. But $100,000 of full reconstructive surgery, that should be mentioned when it comes to procreation, seeing as physical appearances are genetic. But the man really should have taken a look at the woman’s family. I don’t look like either of my parents, I look most like an aunt. So he should have thought that if she had ugly siblings/parents, maybe his kids wouldn’t turn out very pretty.

  • Deavon Sprason

    sad they not evan that ugly ive seen worse trust and how can this ass call his kids ugly what a dad

    i aint got a kid n when or if i ever have 1 no matter what the kid looks like it be stunning to me end of

  • dieinahole

    Also, the photo above is actually from an advertisement for plastic surgery. Basically saying that after surgery the only thing you have to worry about is explaining it to your kids. This story is probably untrue. But still serves a purpose to think before undergoing such radical surgery.

  • Ryan Rayan

    I don’t even think it’s real this story is 10 years old.

  • Andy

    I bet those kids are gonna have great self esteem.

  • tealeaves

    This man is a god among men.

  • danielrotaru

    this is fake as fuck lmfao

  • Frankenstein?

    You mean Frankenstein’s creature….
    in another way, you just complimented him.

  • SEB

    Those children are cute, they are Asians kids, the parents are also Asians, what did he think? they would all look blue eyed and blonde hair., I think they should brand the daddy on the for head, so no other woman will have him ever, he’s damage!! Not the babies, he is!

  • lalaboo

    I agree she should have come clean about the plastic surgery. But to be fair the jerk still knocked her up and had a third kid after knowing the daughter was ugly in his eyes… and the eldest son there is no prize either.

  • kathy

    omg I cant get over what a looser he is so stupid to feel like that over his own family
    his wife should not pay that amount ever. the judge is a looser too.

  • Carol

    Never heard of no dumb shit like this ,sueing over looks? And whoever the judge is he must have been paid too. He is a sick individual who thinks looks is what life is about, but it’s really about your soul. That’s who you are.

  • life

    u know this whole shit creeps me 2 f##k off, 1 she had surgery ok but that is before she meet him , so i saw no need for her to mention it , 2 i dont believe he is so shallow minded 2 marry a woman just for her looks , he must have saw something else in her for him 2 fall in love, 3 not every woman with looks have good wife qualities,3 regardless of what he fuck her n he needs to be a man , weather they both have made goat , sheep , dog or frog, 4 he is and asshole 2 not love his kids cause kids are a blessing from god,5 the judge is and asshole 2 even grant him that money. dont matter where we from or what culture we has god made us all in his own image n likeness n weather he loved her then and not now she would get someone 2 accept her for who she is, maybe if u look at things the other way around he is not for her cause she may have been fooled as well cause he is not what she thought he would of been ,,,,,justsaying……… and if she is smart he brought court whole sale for himself 2 mind his kids…… i also have a strong believe for honesty though

  • mnw81

    I don’t think he sued because he thought he would have caucasian kids.

  • Jason Alexander

    LOL This is an old Hoax….I saw it on a Japanese website like 10 years ago. The site got shut down for posting false info like this.

    Trust me it fake!

  • toodles

    They say that guy has had plastic surgery too. This dude married her for her looks and then was salty because she was ugly before. He just got mad that now he has to live with ugly children and then decides he can make some money off of it. He is a douche bag in my book. And the women should have thought twice about marrying some one who just wanted her for her looks

  • Lavender

    I would just like to say that I think this whole thing is stupid! You should love your kids no matter what they look like! And the oldest boy looks just like the dad! which by the way, am I the only one seeing that the dad is ugly? Maybe they got the ugly gene from both sides! There are some things you just don’t do, and saying your own kids are ugly is one of them!

  • Sliver

    So are they staying married or what? It doesn’t say. And why is the father concentrating his disgust on the daughter? Those boys look the same as the girl.

  • aMazeme

    I wonder if you can sue a naturally redheaded wife who has dyed her hair black before she met her husband to be. Then they end up having red headed children, when the husband had naturally black hair…Just thinking how this could get blown into all sorts of libel cases with different scenario’s, crikey!

  • srad

    Anyone who thinks that Kim Kardashian is attractive is being duped just like the asian guy in this article. Anyone who thinks any celebrity is attractive is being duped just like the guy in this article. (Not arguing with you there Kit Love, just stating)

    We live in a society of shallow, superficial and sycophant individuals, regardless of where in the world you are, and this is the least bit shocking. What is shocking, is that a court of law saw this man as the victim.

    And as for him being lied to… She never once mentioned,
    and he never once asked, therefore she did not lie. She withheld information, which is different to the act of lying.
    lie1 [lahy] Show IPA noun, verb, lied, ly·ing. noun

    1. a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an
    intentional untruth; a falsehood. Synonyms: prevarication,
    falsification. Antonyms: truth.

    2. something intended or serving to convey a false impression; imposture: His flashy car was a lie that deceived no one.

    3. an inaccurate or false statement; a falsehood.

    4. the charge or accusation of telling a lie: He flung the lie back at his accusers.

    verb (used without object)

    5. to speak falsely or utter untruth knowingly, as with intent to deceive. Synonyms: prevaricate, fib.

    6. to express what is false; convey a false impression.
    #6 is the closest definition to her act of ‘lying’, but by your standards, then what about his lie? Did he not promise to love her for better and for worse when they were married? Do his marital vows become void after he finds out she was ugly once?

  • Daemon

    traps , traps everywhere~

  • KGC

    um…. those who live in glass houses…

  • Bruce G

    You are ridiculously ignorant. From reading your end argument. I can only say you’re not even close to a critical thinker at all.

    Judging by what you have written.

  • zazabi
  • tara

    then the kids need surgery as well LOL

  • Emil Elendiel Stuenes

    those kids in this picture probarbly dawns kids, don’t make fun of them… And the story,, hoax hoax hoax

  • ismelleditoroftheyearaward

    The comments are more entertaining than the piece of s$*# they call newsworthy!! Let’s all act like monkeys and beat our d*cks while peeing on our neighbors! That would make for a better world than having douche bags like this running around.

  • f u

    better than having mutant babies, and those are some UUUUUUGGGGLLLLYYYYY fucking kids

  • Mcmc809

    I’m pretty sure this is fake. There was a similar story about a year ago. How come he had 3 children with her? Wouldn’t he have noticed after the first child? Use your brain people.

  • Jamie Humphrey

    the time is now. lol

  • Asi

    pooga pooga in a buuga buuga 8-)

  • Asi

    honka honka boink boink

  • Asi


  • Asi

    bonchika – bow – wow

  • Asi

    boobs are fun unless they are on a chinese girl

  • Asi

    chinese girls all smell like mu-shu pork over fried “lice” lolol

  • Asi

    hv u ever ordered fried rice but in return received fried LICE? lolol dont date a chinese girl, no matter how polished her english may be, her parents are the “lice” servers hehe

  • Min Aung

    She might have to get married with the Burmese Buddhist man. Because what they are Buddhist people accept what they are given Kama. Such as pity for kids ..

  • John Franci

    The irony of someone defending another from being made to feel they are ugly by making another feel like they are ugly. The former an indirect insult and the latter a direct one…. Sad.

  • Scott

    This is completely unnerving!! And thats to say the least. A child is a child…period! Innocent and adorable NO MATTER WHAT!!! We all grow into our looks sooner or later. We ALL go through that “goofy” stage in life. This “Judge” was obviously just as ignorant as the father. His response should have been to learn to love your child unconditionally. Without any expectation or limits. They are YOUR DNA just as much as hers. 50/50 my friend. Ugh…you have quite the lesson in life to learn.

  • PracticalityAdvocate

    It seems like you’re also a hideous creature in the skin of a girl. If you are happy with your ugly looks then why do wear heels, use so much make-up and shit? You’re whole fkin existance is a lie; from your fake nails to fake accent. If you can have a criteria for marrying a guy, the guy should actually make you jump hoops before he qualifies you because YOU ARE REALLY SHALLOW!

  • That’s Online
  • Disgusted

    Jain Feng is the ugliest I have ever seen. He treated his wife like a merchandise. It is his own fault that he never checked his merchandise properly. A man with no back bone. He is disgusting us all man. He gets a curse from all man!

  • Aileen Jack

    What a horrible and disgusting comment Keiji, these children are beautiful.

  • Gigi

    If the man really marriedhis wife for love instead of her look, he wouldnt sue her!

  • Aileen Jack

    I wonder how the term beautiful and ugly were defined in this court case as I believe the meaning and indicators used would vary amongst individuals. One aspect I am certain of Jain Feng’s disturbing behaviour reflect his personality.

  • Starlion

    this might sound childish but I just clicked on your picture and daam you’re ugly as f**k. You know what you have to do now


    She should sue him for his ugly personality – what a ugly man!

  • Mk Ahlsen

    As idiotic as his view on this is, why did he continue to have children after the first “ugly” one? Second? Maybe the kids are only as “ugly” on the outside as the father is on the inside. Btw — the kids are NOT ugly.

  • bea

    Better to be ugly that so stupid as his father

  • lisa

    This photo IS NOT the family in question. They are not allowed to show the kids. This family is from an issue relating to ppl over there getting too much plastic surgery. Mom and dad both here has had double eyelid sugery N has become an epidemic. They’re making their eyes more “western” looking as they call it. Sad… but this is showig the effects of what it does to their kids and im sure makes them feel like crap that they look different.

  • Leanne Torrance

    he has big ears and a squint smille which is clearly fake. think he needs to look in before he looks out!!! beautiful children every single 1 of them, only ugliness i see in this pic is his inner ugliness. Shame, lame excuse of a father, many men would pay millions to be a dad regardless of what his children look like but sadly can’t father children. hope he gets what he deserves at work on monday

  • aiki14

    Not true, the creatures name was Jerry, named after Mary Shelley’s childhood dentist.

    I could be lying

  • Name

    I hardly call that ENTERTAINMENT even if it is meant to be true its another one of those stories that can cause heartache – just imagine how the kids will feel when they go to school etc let alone the impact to the couple and their finances and the strain on the family. PATHETIC is what I consider that excuse of a father / man!

  • Wayne

    This exact case happened on an episode of Legal High just two weeks ago…

  • Martin Burns

    Not to mention, beauty fades. This guy needs to be alone, for the rest of his life. He doesn’t deserve those kids…

  • Ivy

    I like your comment

  • anon

    Understand, that despite how clean the kid’s souls are. It is a bit cruel to have ugly children for the fact that they will end up having to battle society growing up and causing unneccesary mental anguish that could have been adverted.

  • prashanth andugulapati

    Freedom of Expression _/_

  • ?

    With that money, they could have just given the child plastic surgery, too.
    Just kidding.
    This is appalling! The judge should have considered whether the husband had plastic surgery, too. I’ll bet he did, appearances obviously matter so much to him.

  • sara

    They are just children for God’s sake! A parent loves his child no matter what ….it’s like this man would only father a child if he knew the child would be born beautiful ?!!!how sick is that ? and how can you be sure your child will be beautiful just because you’re not ugly anyway ? there are beautiful people who give birth to babies with Down syndrome or disabilities but they don’t throw them out the window because of this! Freaking sicko!

  • Moontrucker

    I agree-He’s going to give his daughter a complex.

  • thetruthhurts

    The mom is the real asshole. Paying 100,000.00 to make yourself look better for the sole purpose of marrying a rich guy is pretty bad

  • Kit Love

    Well, in case you ever meet and decide to marry a beautiful asian woman.. know that if their eyes are as wide as that… it’s probably somewhere close to a 90% chance it was surgical. So you are not DECEIVED BY THE EVIL WOMEN OUT THE FORCE THEIR UGLY BABIES UPON YOU! /s

  • Kit Love

    I didn’t imply knowing you. I just pointed out exactly what you did right there. If you don’t like being called a stupid internet person, stick to making a point with facts like you claim you are doing, not making stupid assumptions about the person you are talking to’s innocence. You also typed out a paragraph in all caps… that’s basically the definition of stupid internet person. Sorry dude, if the shoe fits. Why dont you go compare something to hitler in a politics debate or something… this has gotten so boring.

  • adamu ali

    like father like son

  • Elu Kosmicheskaya

    Seems like it’s not her fault… Look at his face. But the girl doesn’t even look ugly!

  • KG

    Good, So now the question is are you gonna tell this to the 4 billion man remaining on this earth? or do you think women should tell their HUSBANDS that they have had surgery worth 100,000? before even getting married and definitely before having kids!

  • KG

    YOUR SO IGNORANT AND CONTRADICTORY!…. in the same post you say you didn’t imply knowing me and at the same time you say just because i wrote in caps(*HAHAHA*) that’s me defining myself as a stupid internet person. qoute” Sorry dude, if the shoe fits.” so what you just basically said is i know what type of person you are because you wrote in caps, therefore you sir are a stupid internet person. (Seriously!)

  • katiek

    i see only 2 ugly people here….the father and the judge who agreed with his argument.

  • nina76

    Are you retarded? You seem so. Learn to write idiot.

  • JuniperTree

    I feel so sad for these children. You cannot expose innocent children to such rot! I think we have to focus on the cheating, lying wife here. Husband did not show humanity. Did the wife show any? What next? Marry a ‘modified’ transvestite without knowing about it??

  • Vastrix

    I’m really ugly and so is my wife but we have beautiful kids. Well, we think so.

  • utterly disgusted

    Does that fool realise that 50% of the ‘ugly’ is from his DNA! Further more, I question his looks…he appears to have had some work done himself. The wife needs to cut her loses, take her beautiful babies and move on with life! Someone out there would love her and accept her kids unconditionally.

  • Roz

    BASTARDS! Both Mother and Father!!!!

  • Eduoard

    That Chinese guy is a faking Ass Hole. Those kids aren’t ugly, they are cute, and he is not enough man to see that as a father, What piece of dung

  • justnick

    I like the nick you made :D Keiji killer :D

  • justnick

    omitting the truth is called hiding not lying !!

  • Kevin DeMaggio

    i think this is hilarious!! :) There’s no asian beauty EVER!!

  • Schmauseline

    Unfortunately I think you’re right. The superficiality nowadays is gross and disgusting.

  • Schmauseline

    And you’re the superior to judge?

  • TinTin

    It kinda looks like he had some work done too. And his daughter looks like her brothers… He’s an awful father who doesn’t deserve any of his kids or his wife

  • Modder Rhu

    Wow, not much of a self centered, egotistical narcissist are ya buddy? Unbelievable!

  • blight14

    Uh, which kid is he calling ugly? None of them are going to win any contests……

  • Nicky

    The psychology of this picture is interesting dont you think. She’s holding onto the girl. He’s in the centre claiming both of the boys – that speaks volumes to me – without the news story.

  • PhenomenalDEATH

    If you look at the before and after pictures of the woman you would know this is the family. Please do more research before commenting.

  • PhenomenalDEATH

    Not to be a dick but please provide proof that she is from south korea. Because nowhere in this article does is say she is from south korea. As far as I can tell she only had her plastic surgery there. It mentions nothing about her being born there. I would also like to know where you are getting your cultural facts from. Because I for one have several Asian friends (all different) and no one has ever mentioned that (which sounds stereotypical) to me.

  • That Guy

    This only reinforces my views on cosmetic surgery being the same as lying. They are both in a bad situation because she wasn’t happy with her own body and changed it. True its sad, but I see nothing wrong with his reaction. His kids look nothing like their mother.

  • PhenomenalDEATH

    Fact: The husband did not sue her only because the child was “ugly”. The judgement came from a divorce hearing where he was awarded money and divorce for being decieved. This came about through mistrust and questions of infidelity.

    Fact: No where does it say that he does not love his child. We don’t know that and a lot of comments are ASSUMING that this is the case.

    Fact: None of the articles I have read including this one said she was from South Korea.

    Opinion: If he had not questioned his childs paternity I dont think she would have ever told him which is a lie by omission. He in my opinion is shallow. She is a liar. Point Blank. I shouldnt have to ask someone Im in love with or trying to get to that point if there is anything I should know. As humans we all have ups and downs however when you fall in love and get married you become one. At that point there should be no secrets or marriage is pointless. Had she told him sooner they might have been able to work it out or divorce without damaging a child in the process.

  • bernet

    well i guess it’s ok for me to tell you the truth then.. Keiji you are one ugly fuck.. gosh that felt so good to tell the truth.

  • Diana Man

    Please, this nice looking father, you have a smart face, but you have the most ugly heart I have ever seen. No matter what, please don’t hurt their feelings by your ugly act, too!!!

  • happy_noodle

    wow, all you wanna be trolls who thought this was real.
    When in doubt, Snopes it:

  • ajmontal

    His kids aren’t even ugly! That little girl is so cute. And even if she’s was unmistakingly ugly, who knows what she will turn out like in 10 years? If this isn’t a hoax, that guy has some serious issues…

  • finephillygirl

    coming from some one who looks like igor

  • Max

    No. it is not… OMITTING something and SAYING something that is not the the way it happen, is two different story. But of course, a bunch of blood-sucking-lawyer comes out with the idea that if a witness don’t say anything that NEVER BEEN ASK FOR, then they said it should still considered a lie… f*ck them and the way man fix sh*t just the way benefit their asses, “lie by omission”…?

  • Richard Robert

    mate its HIS JIZZZ

  • Danie C.

    I am just being completely honest. I would have beat her ass. I am sorry but that is wrong.

  • Vids Gornez

    He said he married her out of love…

  • GenerAsianX

    I am Asian but I don’t buy what you’re saying. What this guy did is grossly superficial, arrogant and goes against the grain of what is “acceptable” to humanity. Who has the right to say that the daughter is ‘ugly’? I think she’s cute and would grow up to be a fine, pretty lady. How could this guy have the nerve to call his own daughter “incredibly ugly”? It’s utterly revolting and I’m terribly ashamed of this “Asian”.

  • Don

    I suppose castration of this moron is out of the question, as much as he deserves it.

  • Kit

    Yes, it did! Its name was Adam.

  • Kit

    I feel like he got exactly what he deserved. If he’s such a shallow asshole that he can only stand to marry someone who’s had many thousands of dollars worth of surgery, then I figure he deserves whatever kind of marriage he ends up in.

  • Kit

    He’s an idiot for not guessing she had surgery. Maybe 0.00000001% of the Chinese population actually looks like that naturally, and her eyes are straight out of a catalog.

  • vomit

    Just thought I should add, the family picture is not actually the real family, its a ad for plastic surgery in Taiwan or something (“the only thing you have to worry about is explaining it to the kids”)

  • Tami

    Hope this kid doesn’t inherit her dad’s ugliness.

  • ees
  • michael h

    Considering the kids are made up of half of the dad how do know who’s genes made them look the way they do?

  • JingwenZhang

    I’m not excusing this man’s vile words and attitude toward his own child, but on the grounds that intimate/sexual relationships are partly based upon physical attraction (let’s face it, it’s true), he could have made the case on “emotional damages” and, of course, deception.

    That being said, it surprises me that the case was even entertained in the Chinese courts. In America, I feel like you can sue anyone for anything (including “emotional damage”) as long as it doesn’t strictly renege on Constitutional rights, but it did surprise and disappoint me that the Chinese court would do the same.

  • Society is troubled

    Wow! First of all beauty is in the eye of the beholder, this father is no father at all ,hes a sick,cruel, selfish, vain, bastard who obviously doesnt give a shit about his child nor anyone elses feelings but his own. No real father would ever talk about their child that way. He apparently cares more about superficial looks than true genuine love. He must not be of real Asian ethnicity because those beautiful children are Asian, they have beautiful almond eyes, lovely skin, and a little bit wider noses. Unfortunately the western world sees beauty as having large open eyes and thin noses.. Therefore so many Eastern women ( are having plastic surgery to change their natural ethnicity to look more like the main stream ,western world or as they see it to be more beautiful. It is so sad to see so many young, beautiful women truelly believe inside them they arenot beautiful because they are different. Just like this obnoxious, cruel, and vain man they are obsessed with the “so called” wester idea of what beauty is. I feel awful for those children that they have to grow up with such a monster for a father. Life is hard enough as it is without your own flesh and blood calling you ugly. And then to make matters worse, probably a white, upper class, 1% judge orders the wife to pay for this. Are you freaking kidding me…..Children are 50% the women and 50% the men…Therefore it is both of there genes mixed together to make these wonderful, truelly eastern children. If he wanted Western looking children he should have married a pure white woman if you want to get all technical. This judge and so called father should be ashamed of themselves for what they have done to these innocent children.


    Hurr u r leejun lol epicfail. Go back to 4chan…you’re not impressing anybody.

  • Ilikethatuglywoman

    I’ll marry that woman even if she got plastic surgery.

  • jquest43 .

    I hear that the parents have to tie a pork chop to the kids to get the family dog to play with them….

  • Jack Arse

    Would you feel the same way if the girl turned out to be a man before the plastic surgery?

  • profRaccoon

    Love makes blind, but in his case … money makes blind. Good luck to these 5 fortune cookies.

  • Jack Arse

    There are times when you can tell when someone had plastic surgery that isn’t one of them. If you met my ex you’d say she was a very pretty Asian girl. Except she wasn’t Asian at all she was Peruvian and Russian.
    You cannot tell 100% of the time what someone is or did by a photo. I’ve seen photo’s of people that didn’t even look like them.
    Now a lawsuit over this is idiotic, you don’t involve the courts over this. But you can’t say he should known that’s crazy talk.

  • Muhammad Abbass

    It’s a stock image and evidently selected for the purpose. This isn’t the real family.

  • Jack Arse

    Just so you know the entire story is fake you’ve been arguing over a fictional story, that’s right NONE OF IT IS REAL!

    That pic is from an add for cosmetic surgery in South Korea that’s not the women or the man.

    None of the story is true btw, but it was lovely to see how many people argue over a fake story.

  • Ken

    There’s a country song by Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty called, “You’re the reason our kids are ugly”

    I guess this is the chinese version.

  • pippettox2

    oh please Aileen. A merciful lie won’t change reality, Keiji-san might have the looks of a Neanderthal, but those children remind me of human/pig hybrids..

  • BillClinton

    What are you smoking? Have another look at those pictures. The father has every reason to be upset. What she did should be a crime. She should have told him that she was an ugly person before she had plastic surgery. She has ruined his life and the life of the children who will grow up ugly.

  • Charlie

    That might be a bigger issue, and it doesn’t really apply here since if that were the case then she wouldn’t have been able to have the children. But as long as the partner knew she was infertile in some way from early on, I don’t think it should be a deal breaker. If you truly love someone, you love their personality – that would still be the same. If I found out that my partner used to be a woman, I would be extremely shocked, yes, and we might go through a rough patch because of the honesty issue, but I would still love him really, he would still be the same person I fell in love with.

  • Charlie

    In what way has she ruined his life? If he really ever loved her, he wouldn’t care that she used to look different, and if he wasn’t prepared to love his own children regardless of how they looked, he should never have had any! What if he has said he couldn’t love his children because they had a disability or some kind of deformity? Would you think that was ok? He is the one with the problem here, not her or the kids.

  • TerryHuggles

    LOLOLOLOL!!!!! His eldest son with his upside down mouth is not too impressive either.

  • thehomeland

    The couple and kids in the above pic are not the people the story is about. The pic is an advertisement for cosmetic surgery in Hong Kong, where the words of the ad are cropped out. The story was spread around a year ago, and before that in about 2004. For some reason it is making headlines again, and posted by people who don’t research things very well.

  • RM

    Every Chinese now has a cause of action.

  • DubuTokki79

    Sorry, but I find this strangely amusing. This shows that some people care only about looks and on the other hand, the plastic surgery is too common. WHY DOES EVERYBODY HAVE TO LOOK BEAUTIFUL?! Oh, is it false nowadays to be a wonderful person with plain looks?

  • FX ofTruth

    He looks like he was beaten by an ugly stick!
    The wife is beautiful and the kids are NOT ugly.
    Look at HIS ears…they look like Dumbo Ears!
    He is very unique because his face match his ass.

  • Garry Magnificent

    Do none of you pricks realise this is a hoax?

  • TedCrunch

    He didn’t marry his wife out of love, he married her out of lust. He obviously doesn’t know the difference. He is a total jerk, and I think he needs his face punched until it’s ugly and stays that way.

  • MR

    people deserve each other, but the children deserve far better. The guy
    is a shallow, self-centered, unfit father, and the mother should have
    the guts to stand up for her kids and leave him. The guy says he married
    his wife “out of love”… really? When you sue your wife because she
    gave you “ugly” kids and learning she succumbed to the pressures of the
    never-ending social beauty contest, that is the bane of modern women’s
    existence, becomes an eye-opener for you… you did NOT marry your wife
    out of love, but out of lust for her looks and what social enhancements
    you could gain from the relationship. That’s the ugly truth, and your
    kids should be taken from you and put into a loving home where real
    family values are shared.

  • Linda Eckert

    If he thinks the kids are so ugly .. now he has some financial resources to get them all plastic surgery . likely he will just keep on playing golf now that is country club dues will be covered for the time being :(

  • real man

    Biggest load of shite i have ever read !!

  • Allan Smith

    I dunno, man. I kinda agree with him. Like, not on the grounds of his kids being ugly (though they’re not lookers) but on the grounds that she’s had that much plastic surgery. If you have plastic surgery, you’re lying. Straight up. If someone thinks I’m ugly, that’s their right to, and I fully support them in that, and may even agree with it. But changing your appearance with cosmetic enhancement is wrong. I don’t even like people who dye their grey hair.

  • Andi

    Dr Frankenstein was meant to be good looking was extremely dashing in the movies!

  • Jimbob

    I thought he was called Eric… or perhaps Kevin. Yep, Frankenstein’s Monster AKA Kevin!

  • Carolyn Skagen

    what a complete ass hat…he does not deserve that beautiful family

  • A girl

    And how do you know that every girl does the things you mentioned (also it seems that for you every girl must be ugly to do so). Besides, make-up does make people look better (or worse) but how heels make people look better (maybe higher but you must be plain stupid not to know that)? You know what, the one shallow person here is you as you fail to notice anything but the looks.
    PS: I do not wear make-up, wear high heels or keep my nails long because it’s too much of a bother and can be very uncomfortable yet there still are some guys who would find me attractive, curious isn’t it?

  • asdasd
  • sue

    Pretty clear where the ugly gene comes from here.

  • Amercan111

    Hmmm….based on the kids, guessing she had the “full works”, lol. Just kidding. the man’s a jerk.

  • tini59

    So HE had NOTHING to do with it?

  • tini59

    so HE is a beauty? HAHAHA!!! :D

  • Veronica Amber

    What a vain, arrogant a-hole. Sure, he’s “handsome” but this just made him super ugly. “All parents think their children are beautiful” simply isn’t the case here and the fact that that child will grow up knowing that her father did this is truly the most horrible thing anyone could ever have imagined.

  • Mastronaut

    Those are some pretty ugly kids… I would wan’t my handsome money back.

  • helga123

    it still are real children in the photo. Not very nice thing to do to a child.

  • C Thomas

    I don’t know what’s annoying me more.
    The jock arseholes who in some way think the father is a “lad”. No, he’s a tosser, just like you. However his children look, he’s ugly in a far darker way.
    Or the whiny hippie douchebags who think (I mean who say) that ugly doesn’t exist. You’re not fooling anyone. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and unless you’re some sort of pan-sexual nymphomaniac, you’re going to find some people better looking than others.
    The issue here isn’t “But are the kids ugly?”, it’s “What sort of prick sues his wife because he thinks his children are ugly?”. When the kids grow up I hope they sue their dad for libel.

  • Amy

    He’s obviously an idiot and doesn’t realize that he contributed to 50% of the kids genetics…

  • dulzurachapin

    This is awesome!!! Good for him. He is 100% right, SHE LIED TO HIM. Payback for all the countless times lazy ass bitter LYING bitter women screw guys over for their hard earned money in divorces.

  • C Thomas

    Also, I should mention that quite a few people have mentioned that this isn’t a photo of the people from the story. It seems kineda made the questionable decision to put up a photo of what they thought was a “Good looking parents – ugly kids” image.

  • C Thomas

    Most ironic use of the word “bitter” I’ve ever seen.

  • Corey Robey

    [citation needed] lol is this from the Onion?

  • Percy

    Sorry guys, you have been duped. This picture is from a poster advertising a cosmetic surgery clinic.

  • Allison

    he had three kids until he made the decision. it’s like playing a gacha and hoping for the grand prize but you keep winning duds. better luck next time? idk let’s pop another one out and see if i like it.

  • englishvinal

    Aileen.. do you need spectacles?….

    … Or maybe your idea of “beauty” is considerably different than 99% of the people ???
    …. The mother and father are handsome.. (mamma had help), and the children look as if they were ” borrowed” for the picture.

  • englishvinal

    Disagree… physical balance of features… is important to most people….

    It is a cross to bear for those who are born “deformed according to general standards”… and this woman decided to remedy that problem…. and from the looks she did a good job of it.
    … However, it was her RESPONSIBILITY to inform her husband of that fact…

    …. or to have her tubes tied and to tell him about THAT too… (she could make up a tale to explain WHY she could not reproduce), but to foist off children that he has to support for years, that are offensive to look at… is a crime~!!!

  • englishvinal

    He is a good looking man…. don’t be childish.

  • Nick

    So who’s the bigger asshole, the woman who lies to her husband and kids, or the man who sues the woman for lying and calls the his kids ugly? I guess honesty in a relationship is just old-fashioned nowadays. Anyways, allegedly, this story has been circulating the internet since 2004. The Chinese man is supposed to have
    divorced his wife after the birth of their first child, a daughter, but the
    family portrait includes three children, the eldest of which is a boy. It supposedly originated as a single-source printed in the Heilongjiang Morning Post, a newspaper with at least instance of printing false stories. Looks like people might be getting worked up over nothing except a few ratings lol.

  • englishvinal

    I second that motion~!
    I am SO fed up with people being TRAINED like monkeys to call mentally deficient individuals “special”….. and physically twisted individuals “beautiful” if they are under the age of 10 years.. (after that everybody looks the other way and says little or nothing)…..

    UGLY is ugly….. if anyone can have surgery to remedy the situation and come out the other end looking normal (think cleft palate – hare lip etc.. or just deformed features..) then DO it.

    However, when it is a genetic issue then don’t reproduce without warning the spouse~!!!

  • Eric Holdren

    Guy wrote: “In what way has she ruined his life? If he really ever loved her, he
    wouldn’t care that she used to look different, and if he wasn’t prepared
    to love his own children…”

    Quick answer to that: This woman has inferior genetics and she hid them with the plastic surgery. He is now invested in three children with her that don’t bear proper traits and will always be ranked second to third tier. It doesn’t matter whether he loves those children or not, and incidentally I tend to believe he does. However: He HAS been cheated out of an opportunity to produce children with a quality female and his off-spring now bears the brunt of the consequences of their mother’s dishonesty. She could instead have married an _appropriate_ male and while her children would naturally still suffer from bad genetics, at least they would most likely be embedded firmly in the social class people like her hail from, namely the people who clean public urinals and drive buses. That way there would be less ambition and less disappointment for their off-spring further along the line than sadly there now surely is.

  • Evie

    In this day and age we keep “demanding” stuff from our partners, they should be this they should be that. When are we actually going to take a look in the mirror? My interpretation? Yes, she lied. It’s not a smart thing to do and I think she wasn’t in it for the long haul if she was afraid to tell him so. You shouldn’t worry about telling that if someone’s a good partner. Yes he’s a superficial guy. Who is rather dumb too, cause who hasn’t seen any of their partner’s childhood pictures before they marry? If it was that important or if he truly loved her he would’ve been curious about that. They really deserve each other, I just feel bad for the kids.

  • Clotee Pridgen Allochuku

    Half of their look is his!

  • mike

    you guys are always blind dont see the real side of this story only looks at stupid emotions and forget about the reality …… reality is i think the women is the bitch cause at first place she should stop having babies when she saw the first child how he came out ….. no buy she kept quite and had the second & third child …… and iam sure those kids they are gonna know they are ugly when they become teenagers and they are gonna blame their mother for her stupid surgerys and that shes so selfish she only thinks about her beauty …….

  • Rodolfo Kuan

    apparently it’s a fake photo

  • ‘MonaLisa Solheim

    Don’t help to be good looking if you’re a psychopath!

  • Sandy Oswalt

    I think his daughter is cute and how could someone be so superficial? My parents would have loved to have five healthy children. How much more would he have gotten if one of the children had a birth defect?? I suppose that would have been her fault as well. She should have told him about the surgery but come on man.

  • bsmsnudge

    Check Snopes, this is BS.

  • Nikki Quesada

    that girl aint even ugly.. she adorable.. if any of the kids got any ugly traits it don’t come from the mama.. it comes from the ugly stuk up daddy.. and im talkn bout his ugly ass soul…

  • mshaymez

    What the….This woman needs to neuter that dog of a husband…

  • sieliabra

    No he’s not! His children are prettier than him! Also, his ears so prominent in him that she should get replacement for having a look at the ears for years.

  • Is

    **** It’s probably a HOAX. *****
    The story doesn’t even match the photo. Why did the man go on to have another child after having an ‘ugly’ daughter? Why weren’t his suspicions raised after having the eldest child, who is a boy? The wife must be uncommonly wealthy if she can afford $100k worth of surgery plus the $120k she is allegedly sued for as well.
    Check it out on snopes.

  • sieliabra

    Not to plastic surgery-but psychologist. Physically healthy people who have performed surgery to correct the appearance is almost always mentally ill. Very high suicide percentage ….

  • Shepard Gallaway

    Now in all fairness you have to include the culture into all of this. I assume the verdict came out of South Korean court circuits but if this was take to Europe of The Americas docket the outcome would be very hard to achieve. We all have our own views on beauty, but the way westerners think in general is that even if your child is born with retardations or “ugly” if you will you should still love and raise you child, but in Oriental Asia legacy is EVERYTHING. Look at the Chinese culture. In urban environments they are to adhere to the one child policy and that’s where having a female is a disgrace hails from. When you are limited at your attempts at legacy and from a culture where for era after era legacy is placed at the forefront its not surprising for him to be outraged and feel shame. Is it right is a total different topic and who is to say what’s right and wrong that is all a matter of opinion. Same as whether or not you think the verdict was just or whether or not the children in question are indeed “ugly” The world runs on opinion, and not accepting anyone else’s but your own has been the cause of all violence, discrimination, and such since the dawn of man.

  • tini59

    well – not in my world :)

  • Richie Boone Anderson-Grant

    OK who made this up and who photoshopped the picture-such crud on the web!

  • Brycen Tara

    His daughter is beautiful. He is clearly the ugly one. Ugly heart. Ugly soul. No cosmetic surgery to fix that.

  • Unbelievable


  • Annoyed

    You are disgusting. What makes you thing that when you call someone beautiful, it is all about physical appearance? Who is the superficial one now, Trevor. If there’s anyone ugly, its you. Sad part is,your disgusting cold-hearted personality, insensitivity and superficiality are things bound to haunt you for the rest of your life and can never be fixed by whatever amount of surgery ;). People with physical deformities are often abused in life/in the workplace because of insensitive people who do not know when to talk and when to shut up. Their lives are made a thousand times more miserable by superficial KIDS like you who would rather judge by appearance than character. The fact that these people are able to handle such unnecessary critics is already worth applauding. They have resilience, determination and a forgiving heart. What’s the worst setback of your life so far? A failed internet connection? Your dog died? Grow up you little brat. To be one sided and judge people based on physical appearances? How disgusting is that. You make me sick.

    Every child is beautiful, regardless of physical appearance. Because of their innocence and pure-heartedness. Unfortunately, you’re not beautiful at all. If sex is what’s in your mind the whole day, you are hardly worth anything.

  • Guest
  • Joe Dixon

    I live in a city full of Asians and nobody would give these kids a second look if they were walking around here.

  • Tom Lovin

    Chill out people. This is a fake story that has been around for ten years.

  • Wolf

    It didn’t happen. The problem with blogs pretending they’re news – and the problem with a lot of news outlets – is they repeat stories without checking on them. This is a mildly reworked hoax that started in 2004 using a Pakistani couple instead. Chain letters aren’t press releases, bloggers!!!!

  • Madame Mimm

    This story is not real. check snopes:

  • Ginsengbull

    Beauty is only skin deep, but UGLY goes to the bone.

    If that man dislikes his own children for their looks, he is UGLY.

  • Clayton

    Finally, I had to scroll for so long to find someone with common sense. People believe whatever the hell they see or read – and fight over it? Wtf.

  • Ian Ross Drummond

    A man who’s value system is completely screwed-up and a legal system where justice is seen not to be done!

  • KingFlakes

    Poor kids it’s not yheir fault

  • Frankie Francis

    and i thought i was an asshole but he beats me alll day everyday

  • myk

    now, they still have a chance to grow up smart :)

  • unicornsausage

    don’t lie to yourself. if your an ugly fuck, you have to be resourceful.

  • Valma P Cronau

    He does not deserve to be a father.

  • unicornsausage

    the problem is between the husband and wife, not the kids. not anywhere on this article does it say that he does not love his children.

  • Benj

    Sooo…divorce? No? Is it like “Pay me 100k for lying, and then we move on with our lives” or “Pay me 100k and GTFO”?

  • Ben

    If they raise them to think that their lives are ruined by not being physically appealing to another’s eye, then yes, their lives have been ruined and they will carry that self hatred with them to the grave.

    I think the most amazing people in the world are the unattractive and very-confident ones..they’re the smartest, funniest, glowing souls that you wish were your best friend. Never a dull conversation with them, and you never have to deal with the more childish social element of sex because, frankly, they don’t care and they aren’t spun into the rat race of appeal. Just people being people. GAWD I want to be just a person.

    Women find me to be attractive, but I lack social skills in a big way..anxiety and social awkwardness. I would trade those 2 around in a heartbeat- if I could get myself to ditch the social rat race once and for all, and just strip away the element of physical appeal so that I can really start meeting people for whom they are and they, I.

    If someone could tell these kids early on that the most important part of a person comes from inside their chest and between their ears, then they- like every other kid growing up- have the chance to be happy and successful at whatever it is that they want to do. The father is clearly a Narcissist, and the child affected by his Narcissistic father becomes another Narcissist of some certain flavor. Cut off the parents! Stop the disease of passing on these personality flaws, and just let your kids be themselves!

  • Ben

    He does not love his children, for when they find out that he sued his wife for her dishonesty, it will imprint upon them the utter failure that has caused the father grief, and there is no greater recipe for core seeded feelings of abandonment (which ruins peoples lives %90 of the time.)

  • Carly


  • hey there

    would you want your kids to look like them since “these children are beautiful”? You do not know what that man is feeling and you’re not going through this, so don’t act all mother teresa

  • Lorraine Torrens

    Omg! He’s such a loser.

  • Tesa

    “Man Successfully Sues Wife Over

    and Judge Orders Wife to Pay $120,000″ Look the headline. Who gave this stupid reporter to judge the look of the kids. Who said they are ugly, is he the brother of the father. Where is the value of journalism?

  • pppp

    it is a AD of a cosmetic surgery hospital! not a true story

  • ppppp

    the wording on the picture saying ” the only thing you shall worry is how to explain to your children”

  • CarolEme

    First it is not ‘a disgrace’ to have a female child – this is NOT why having a male is so important. Let me enlighten you to Chinese culture…a female child leaves the home of her parents to live with her husband’s family while the male child stays home. His wife joins his family and the two of them take care of the parents when they get old. Therefore if a couple have a daughter there will be NO ONE to take care of them when they are older. And yes I DO know what I am talking about as I have several friends from China (one immigrated within the past 8 years) AND I have taken various classes on the history and culture of the area.

  • Jay K

    Seriously do people really think this story is real? Do you believe everything you read on the internet? And that picture (which has been circulating the web for years) certainly doesn’t match the story: It said that after their first daughter (who appears to be about 5 here) the wife came clean and she was then sued. Oh okay lets have another child now a few years later. And anyway this story has been on the internet for about 10 years now… old and fake.

  • cjforsman

    I love how no matter how far I scroll, I just keep seeing people who think this is real. <3 Internet!

  • Ed

    Well, they both deserve whatever mess they’ve got themselves in. The world have become such a shallow place more than ever.

  • Jay K

    Fake fake fake

  • Mandy
  • Robert Williams

    The judge should have jailed him for being an arsehole

  • vajrapanee

    One thing you can’t hide, is when you’re ugly inside.

  • Praggz

    He being horrible to kids but I do feel his wife should have told him that she has plastic surgery . Don’t keep those kind of things secret serves her right

  • Tim Baumann

    And who the fuck do you think you are to be judge and jury?

  • Tim Baumann

    Keiji, you look like you fell out of the ugly tree, and hit every branch on the way down with your face. Fucking Neanderthal bastard!

  • Barbara

    that is beyond unbelievable and i cant even believe a judge would agree. No Child is ugly, its the inside that counts idiot what i would have told him. May God Judge him on judgement day. SMH

  • Kami Scooter

    Flawless Victory! GJ-:

  • Mary

    I’m guessing he dosent want his kids anymore. I would think he wants to divorce his wife and dump his kids with her since she “tricked” him into marrying her. God what an ass…

  • BB

    To be fair those kids have not had a chance to grow into their adult faces so who the hell are you people to judge remember of the story of the ugly duckling the people that are blind will forever stay blind if they cannot see past all the mess everyone is beautiful in their own right no one has the right to take that away from them

  • Chaplinssmile

    The story is fake and the photo is from an ad…

  • Jo

    The cult of vanity has really created a monster. She had surgery no doubt because in a shallow culture she was discriminated against. She married a man who, even if he says he married for ‘love’, would never have looked at her before surgery. Time to find out what love really means.

  • Brilliant

    Dear Bill, ugly or not those are his children. Beauty is not all in life. it fades away. He doesn’t know what life is going to bring him. I do hope he meets a beautiful woman who will take him for all he has and dump him when he is old, sick and alone.

  • Sabina
  • Jake Murphy

    people are so stupid they believe anything, this isn’t even true , this picture is from and advert of a plastic surgery , those kids faces have been photoshopped to look ugly . God this world is getting worse !

  • Anette Kristensen Severinsen

    It takes two to make a baby. So in that case he must have been “ugly” to as a child…. what a stupid man!!!!!!

  • Daniel

    yeah you need a plastic surgery to :D LOL

  • Jilly

    Yes and he stuck around to have 3 children! What was that a three part test?

  • Johhny Tbone

    They have the fathers eyes..

  • Jon Lattimer

    this guy has got it figured out. Women can be so devious nowadays, especially with 100k of surgery!

  • kathy rogers

    This man is a terrible person, how can you be so insensitive to his wife and children?

  • 1235678ui

    I hear that the parents have to tie a pork chop to the kids to get the family dog to play with them…. Best comment so far! pissing my self!

  • Jon Lattimer

    your probably just saying that because your baby is “ugly”

  • Jacqulynn Hober

    Are you serious?! This completely undermines the role of women in society. We cannot even have our own children without being objectified and degraded. So what if we’re ugly on the outside- we’re ALL beautiful on the inside. And we ALL deserve to be equal

  • Megan

    That photo could not be more fake. Is this a joke site?

  • Megan


  • cygnet2

    Let’s be honest here….it’s not about ugly kids (and they’re not ugly, but they do have what I assume to be their mother’s original nose, since neither parent has a similar nose now). It’s about the fact that she lied to him, a lie by omission, maybe, but never told him she’d had all that plastic surgery.

  • cygnet2

    He didn’t sue her for having ugly kids; he sued for false pretense. Completely different thing, IMO

  • Peesha

    You’re essentially saying that a man with HIV/AIDS is not obligated to tell you about it before you make a decision to sleep with them? I doubt you’d be saying “not telling someone something is not lying” in that situation.

  • Shocked

    I’m going to be really honest. I LOVE children but these kids are ugly. Cute but ugly. She basically tricked him, it’s called fraud. Have you seen her before pictures? She spent over 100k on plastic surgery. I have a heart, I swear, but I am being honest.

  • jake

    this isnt even real

  • anonymousy

    I don’t think it’s childish; i agree that he’s not the greatest looking dude. While i think she should have been honest about her surgery, suing his wife over something like that is a little over the top. maybe he should have seen the first one and questioned it instead of having two more kids after e_e

  • Luz Enith Martinez

    He also did surgery! and she do not looks natural, look at her eyes.

  • Luz Enith Martinez
  • holly28

    I totally agree with you don’t judge a person by the way the look judge them by their character those kids did not ask to be born and I don’t think they are ugly that is a harsh word for little kids

  • Bonnie

    If you are a good parent you should find your child beautiful no matter what they look like. This guy has a whole lot of bad karma heading his way………..

    I think the kids are gorgeous

  • Some guy

    Frankenstein’s creation’s name was Adam. You’re welcome :D

  • BJ

    His mistake was to have 2 more children. After the first one, he should have realized something was wrong. The wife definitely should have told him her history. I mean its not the END of the world. There is a way out. He can wait until his children grow up, they will suffer for being so brutal, but they will survive, and after their bones stop growing, maybe into their teens. he can give then complete makeovers as well. but damn, it would be tough to show those kids to your friends.

  • kat

    What an incredibly horrific ass! Oh, that son of his isn’t so hot either. Looks just like his dad. And THAT doesn’t seem to bother him. Leave the planet, jerk off!

  • kks79

    This is actually an advertisement of a plastic surgery clinic in S. Korea, not a real family photo.

  • HesNotSoBright

    Okay, him being an asshole and subjective ideas of beauty aside, couldn’t he figured this out with his first child? And then when he said his daughter horrified him they still had a third child? She ought to sue him for being a dumbass and get some of her money back

  • Christopher

    You are a girl. Enough said.

  • Jackroval Machhem

    yeah they are so beautiful ….

  • Jackroval Machhem

    I feel so so pity to the kids which they don’t know anything but now they have no father and have to face with the society…..

  • Chloe Stratton

    what an asshole for the judge, the man, everything. Way to go on the womens rights issues. As for you@BillClinton ….if I were the real Bill Clinton I’d sue you for defamation of character. Saying something like that is ridiculous. I can only hope you’re trolling. These idiots. She had no control over how her kids were born, nor should it matter. The man obviously doesn’t love his wife or want children. He’s incapable of love. As for her surgeries. Oh boy. She has nothing to be ashamed of. The fact that she can afford 100,000 of surgery is awesome and shows that she is either well connected or extremely successful. He’s a misogynist pig if you ask me. Guy’s lucky to have her and she had nothing to “come clean” about. She was always beautiful and has no responsibility to him or anybody to tell anyone about cosmetic surgery, or to procreate children, nonetheless children of a certain beauty standard. I’m inclined to think that this article is bullshit…I simply can not believe that such bullshit would ever exist in the fabric of our reality.

  • Monica

    Never realized someone could be this egocentric.

  • abazner

    Yea, his son is a real “looker”. He’s not to pissed about that tho, huh? Asian culture….. What a straight up douche bag….

  • John

    looking atg that bunch,Id be asking more than $120,000. She should see her self lucky she only had to fork out $120k,.. it should of been at least 120k per head.ungly bunch

  • Jerry

    It’s not his fault she tricked him. He should know that the woman he is breeding with is actually a ugly whore.

  • Abbott Horus

    this man is what you call a narcissist. only thinking about himself. what an asshole. and he’s not even that handsome

  • MoodyMari

    Isn’t it odd he only noticed the daughter was the ugly one???

  • Morganja

    It’s a spoof, people. Not real.

  • Anna Marie Pham

    humans have officially became.#1 in pathetic/discrass and I am.officially offended to be a human. how much more disgusting can humans be

  • gkoultoura

    120000 divided by three, that’snot enough to pay for all the kids’ plastic surgeries… stupid judge!

  • Honesty Rules

    YOU ARE SUCH A LIAR! The father will sue you n for this one!

  • Janine Budding

    At least the father has the money to pay for his daugther plastic surgery :-)

  • cjbrown45

    You are incredibly insensitive and shallow to put looks (which are only skin deep) above a human being’s character and worth. Quasi Modo (the hunchback of Notre Dame) had more value on this Earth than you do, and others like you.

  • cjbrown45

    You are incredibly insensitive and shallow to put looks (which are only skin deep) above a human being’s character and worth. Quasi Modo (the hunchback of Notre Dame) had more value on this Earth than you do, and others like you.

  • chynnashley

    Forreal, tho…

  • virsaw

    I have to agree with folks here that what she did was not morally right. All that pretences and facts that only character i important. Well you can’t sleep with someone you are not physically attracted to. period. Everyone likes something different but you do need to be attracted to a person. Physical compatibility is just as important as the character level one. It might seem a bit crazy to you humanists but natural selection is the only reason why human kind was able to survive up to this point.

  • MrPotts

    Did anyone else notice that the two boys are just as ugly as the girl? lol

  • Frag Monger

    Find a story that has ‘before & after’ photos of the wife – and you’ll understand….. She hid the fact that she’d ever had any plastic surgery from him – and she was quite unattractive before the surgeries.

  • Hydn

    This isnt real, people. Its been circulated for years.

  • felipe silva

    Stupid little man…clearly he has an inferior complex and blame others, poor Kids, send him and the judge to a psychiatric, or give him a gun so he can kill himself, coward…

  • Teresa Fairchild
  • Sam Suy

    The daughter is beautiful! He is crazy…and selfish…and blind. Hmp.

  • Charlie

    You think this woman should have her tubes tied instead of having children that some people consider to be unattractive? How shallow are you? Physical features are important in the early stages of a relationship, when the initial attraction is formed. Once people are in love with each others personalities, they no longer matter anything like as much. If your partner was involved in an accident and became ‘unattractive’ would you stop loving them? If you would, you never really loved them in the first place and don’t deserve them. The same applies here – he should love her no matter how she looks if he truly loves her. And anyway, what does it matter how she looked before if he finds her attractive now?
    And as for the children – if you think it’s ok to not love your own children simply because they are ‘unattractive’ then I seriously hope you never have any. What kind of selfish, shallow and pathetic excuse for a parent thinks that?

  • Hannah Richmond

    Those children are beautiful! What on earth is wrong with him? I hope she has divorced him!

  • marie lara


  • William Rothschild

    Doesn’t the ignorant man realize that the kids contain 50% of his DNA too? What a piece of work.

  • P Terrance Nels

    He deserves some more cash from the looks of the two boys….DAMN!

  • ilovecookies

    This man should be ashamed of himself. He’s a failure as a husband and a father and he’s going to be alone with his money.

  • wapaloo

    hahahahahahaha damn that’s cold!

  • ilovecookies

    Maybe its better in a way to stay unattractive. I think that being unattractive shows you who is really worth being around. Most sociopaths and narcissists only flock to attractive people.

  • ilovecookies

    People were not focused on looks before civilisation. Everyone would have been dirty, smelly and hairy with no dental care. People in tribes would have looked very similar. If what you said was true conventionally less attractive people would not exist today. Their genes came from someone.

  • cstock

    I hate to agree.. but I do.. the cultural differences have to be taken. While I don’t agree at all with the courts ruling.. at least if the world sees this.. the culture may take a look at itself in the mirror and start to examine itself. All cultures have changed, in the US we have also had customs in our past that people grew up with and didn’t think about until it was brought to their minds and we had to think about it.. even then it takes a long time to change. Also.. while I agree that he’s a jerk.. and she’s caught in a No Win situation, she should have let him know.. but obviously, that’s the reason she had the surgery in the first place. Just a side note… One of my daughters was so skinny, straight hair sticking up, and big ears!! Even I, who loved this newborn had to agree she was a little funny looking as a newborn.. but she grew into a Tall, long blond, beautiful woman what could have been a model, and she has the sweetest personality, with a firm sense of Self.. so this guy probably has made a big mistake, but in the long run the wife is better getting rid of him and moving away.

  • Lyndon Allen

    Ha ha ha he cannot changed it again, it in his children`s genes forever. He has to get use to it.

  • Lyndon Allen

    Before you have unprotected sex with a girl it makes sense to know her parents to see what they look like, otherwise you may end up with some ugly children.

  • Krista

    Who is he, obviously someone who doesn’t care about his kids or his wife… and apparently his reputation.

  • Fake

    This is a fake picture

  • Melanie Anne Aringay

    It’s a combination of both a mother and father’s genes. If one is ugly and the other one is beautiful/handsome, it should have one or two at least beautiful offspring but this one ended up not good, so it says the father too is ugly! Hahaha. No one is entitled to a give damn harsh comment to someone even if you’re physically good enough. Damn this guy!!

  • Lloyd Kessel

    You are so kind!. The children are aesthetically challenged.

  • lloyd

    Please take another look at those kids!

  • Sara

    This is fake. It is an ad for plastic surgery. The story is false.

  • Jennifer Molloy

    You know, even if she had been a natural beauty (instead of a plastic one) their children still might have been “not as good looking” as the two of them. Does no one remember anything from Biology class? Just because 2 really good looking people have kids doesn’t mean that their kids are going to be good looking. And if 2 average or not so good looking people had kids, those kids could be gorgeous. It really all depends on the gene pool that both parents carry. Everyone carries some gorgeous and some somewhat ugly genes. What each person looks like really is just a random draw between all the genes that both parents carry.

    Was she wrong to not disclose that perhaps she looked quite different prior to all that surgery? Yes. However, one could also argue that if he really did love her, it wouldn’t have mattered.

    Was she to blame for the so called “ugly kids”? Absolutely not!

  • molly

    isnt he an actor or something??? u should love ur offspring as much as u do ur wife and wen he gets old he will see wen they turn him down cause of wat he is doin so one day karma will come and its better he aint around them at all if this story is true cause there is alot of hoaxes goin on

  • Jesper

    The story; originally about a man who married a woman who’d had plastic surgery and then gave birth to an unattractive daughter, has never been “reported” or verified by any means. The picture on this article is from a Taiwanese ad campaign for plastic surgery saying: “you’ll have to do some explaining to your children”.

    Stop blindly believing every tabloid story you read. It makes you look more ignorant than the imaginary people you so judge.

  • sujith

    for all we know, that baby girl might even be a Down.

  • dee

    This is so disgusting, what an idiot of a man is an understatement.Your children are beautifull no matter what they look like. I hope she is a lot happier without that pig of a husband.

  • jennk

    Is it just me or does it look like the dad got a little somethin’ done as well? None of the children look anything like their mother OR their father…

  • Lilian’s Angel Pompey

    Evil comments makes me ill….

  • allison

    The children are 50% his genetically ….. he is equally responsible for his so called ‘ugly’ children!!

  • Charlie

    1. That isn’t the real family involved in the case, it’s a plastic surgery advert made with photoshop. There are no published images of the real children, and the before and after images of the mother aren’t so drastically different.
    2. I refer you to my earlier point – any parent who is so shallow and selfish that their love for their children depends on their empirical ‘attractiveness’ doesn’t deserve to have children. What a disgusting and twisted version of love that would be…

  • Darren Osborne

    If that’s his eldest daughter on the right- he has a point.

  • angie

    could have not said it better myself

  • FactChecker
  • Sophie

    We live in a cruel world. Beauty is only skin deep.

  • Mat RAzi

    But we never like westerner where they can accept out of the bond children.

  • ecco88

    “Our daughter was incredibly ugly, to the point where it horrified me.”

    Not exactly father of the year..

  • Jenn Chalmers

    I see the photo … I don’t see any ugly children. The only one ugly in this scenario is the husband and his attitude. I hope she sues him for divorce and comes away with $1M.

  • Sandra Deedee Allman Goodson

    his jean pool in there also maybe it his side

  • Gregg Feldt

    Fake story with a picture from a plastic surgery advertisement:

  • Vicky Jarvis

    Could not agree more, who does he think he is. No one on this earth is ugly we are all beautifull, plus he should thank his lucky stars that he has 3 wonderful children as some couples can not have kids!!!

  • Anony

    I cant imagine–I dont think they are ugly at all! I think they are cute! What a jerk!

  • Chris

    No one told he didn’t like his ugly children. He would just have prefered loving his children being beautiful than ugly.

  • really

    the people in the picture are models…..

  • JaneyJane

    Well Englishvinal I can only assume you have or will be telling any future partner of yours that you are an ignorant, hideous, unkind arsehole? I mean if you are not upfront about the fact that you are a dickhead that must also be a crime in your books….

  • Jon m

    She real life cat fished him in person!!!

  • Fred

    Hey, they all look alike to me.

  • juliec44

    All these poisonous comments made by cowards hiding behind faceless identities! These are little children, their father should be ashamed of himself for being so shallow, cruel and vain, as should many contributors to this blog who should remember that let he who be without blemish cast the first stone ( know it should be sin, but I’ve adapted it). How would you like your children dragged into the public arena and insulted, God knows what these poor little souls will think if they read any of this cruel filth.

  • Gillian Abercrombie

    Hes the one who is UGLY, ugly comes from the inside!!!

  • Tim

    200 Pounds Beauty?

  • Robert Nather

    Yes Beauty is only skin deep but ugly goes to the bone. It is mostly women who are angry at this guy, but I can see his point. The marriage was built on a lie. nothing that is built on lies can stand up. It is the physical attractiveness that is what attracts us to out mates. How many attractive people would go out with, let alone marry a person who physically repulsed you? Almost none of you. Oh I am sure that if someone was forced, they would do it, or to make a point, but other than that, no way.

  • Ezel

    He better invest this money wisely as the lawsuit he faces from his frustrated daughter is going to cost him millions a few years from now.

  • Doug Bronson

    that is a funny article. but it is not fair to those children. he should be more sensitive.

  • Candance

    What an asshole. he should not have been able to sue his wife. Everyone has the right to make themselves more attractive with out marring someone who is such a DICKWEED.. God blessed you with your children love them and raise them right. To believe they are beautiful inside out not raise to have low self esteem and be worried what other asshole’s in the world will think of them. You were granted them in your life to protect them.

  • Fugazi

    The only good gook is a dead gook!!!!

  • Kris Evinrude

    Lies and 10 years old for that matter , check the snopes

  • Van Si Fudere

    They look like him! What a piece of shitty human being. No wonder dogs are better than most people!

  • Kris Evinrude

    Also, all the comments ruined my faith in humanity again. I hope you get eaten by zombies

  • Van Si Fudere

    He should be in an institution, so someone can help fix his mind. And worse was the decision of the law!!! Devil’s Advocate !

  • Ellis

    Blame Culture…… AT ITS FINEST!!

  • Van Si Fudere

    Monsters like him should be judged by society like in the olden days. Let him have “cake”!!!

  • Van Si Fudere

    Blame sick minds that need a lot of help! This guy is all screwed up!

  • Van Si Fudere

    Mother Theresa is here now.

  • Van Si Fudere

    Another asshole that needs help. This is not what life is about.
    Well, eat your own “cake”!

  • Van Si Fudere

    You are ruining their lives even further. What goes around, comes around.

  • Van Si Fudere

    Applause!!! This guy has no idea of what life and love is really about.

  • Socialx Change


  • StevvC

    Give me five minutes with this dick. I’ll show you ugly.

  • Whatevs

    I don’t believe this story because it doesn’t make sense. If it is true, then he’s a fucking retard. I lived and traveled extensively in Asia, SE Asia, for 10 years. I have never seen an Asian woman look like that without the help of plastic surgery. His dumbass is Asian so he knows this too. Besides, he looks as though he has had some facial rearranging himself.

  • Robert Nather

    The kids should learn how to open their eyes when their picture is being taken

  • Rachel Thomas

    Ok objectively the kids are a little weird-looking but this man is so superficial.If he really loved his wife he could forgive her, I think.

  • Paradox

    And the sons?? They’ll do? Whew…yes, this is the 21st Century but it’s difficult to believe! And this is why the continent of Asia should be, well, done in? Terrorists, Communists, Macho-sickening pigs, twisted ideas/thinking/beliefs! You name it… Ugh!

  • Paradox

    And poor kids!! :-(( Nice father… He should have a vasectomy…he’s no father! He deserves NO children!

  • KRoad

    1) Why wasn’t he concerned about the oldest boy in the photo? 2) Why did he go on to have a third child with her? 3) How will these kids feel knowing that their father thinks they are hideous? 4) If they are still married why are they doing this? It’s their money anyway – no actual cash is being forked over to anyone outside of the two of them. 5) Will the father “let them grow up hideous” or will he put them under to have them surgically altered to meet his definition of attractiveness? He is a terrible father.

  • Abhishek

    Well, to be fair to the guy he should have known how his to-be wife looked before the surgery. Let’s assume instead of ugliness it was a disease which would have passed on to the children, then the children would have really suffered and the woman would definitely have been in the wrong under even the most liberal, woman-friendly systems for surpressing her medical condition.
    In short, I hope the children are not left destitute but she should have been truthful. With her face, she can probably get an acting or modelling role now so I hope things work out for her.

  • Charlie

    If he loved them at all he wouldn’t have said such cruel things about them for the global media to see. This will make them miserable when they are older.

  • Erin Maynard

    If he’s SOOOO upset about his “ugly” children, shouldn’t the money go into a trust so his children can have funds to pay for the cosmetic surgery they “so obviously” will need? What a douche bag! The little girl is adorable. It’s hard to see the baby and the oldest boy is mugging too much for the camera, trying to look all “gangsta” to tell what his facial features really are, but sheesh, you’re supposed to LOVE your children, not think they are ugly. Those kids should be taken away from them. And what kind of man marries a woman with no interest in even looking at pictures of his bride-to-be when she was younger???? Superficial asshole.

  • Per

    Only an idiot of a Judge would rule in favor for such a dumb trial, dont they know that The main event of conception is the uniting of the mother and father’s chromosomes to form a new, unique human being. there are 2 persons to blame for this not just 1

  • Getagrip

    The story is a lie, folks. Check it out:

  • Ulysses S. Grant

    but…..all three kids look the same…

  • Fugazi

    You’d ride that dick like a circus show pony wearing nothing but assless chaps? Now that’s disturbing.

  • Masami Rockefeller

    Hmmm…. sounds like an entertainment tabloid thing. It actually doesn’t sound right.

  • guest

    That’s not a picture of the family; it’s lifted from a Taiwanese plastic surgery ad.

  • guest

    And it’s a hoax.

  • GELO


  • Kim

    What ass wipe, those children are beautiful , she better off without him !

  • Kim

    What ass wipe, those children are beautiful , she better off without him !

  • Ms. Hussein

    This is an urban legend that has been circulating since 2004.

  • Guderian

    From the perspective of the husband, marriage and reproduction should be considered separately. So whatever argument/opinion you make on this topic, address it specifically. Don’t blur hermeneutical meanings, such as by playing on the word “beautiful” in the sense of aesthetics and human mind . Logics should not rely on arbitrary interpretation of language. Common understanding of communication must be tacitly agreed.

  • Guderian

    straightforward. candid. good comment.

  • Guderian

    People throw words like “shallow” and “superficial” around a lot. But what does it really mean for a person to be shallow or superficial? No one has really adequately defined that. Does it mean that he weighs some certain values more than the others? If so, why are those values “shallow” or “superficial?” Based on what do you judge some values to be less important than the others? Is your judgement universal? and universally justified?

  • Troy Knox

    Why did they have two more kids then?

  • Gullible is on the ceiling…
  • Tajs Brøndal Nielsen

    it looks more to me that they have downssyndrom so maybe it’s not about her looks but genetic makeup of them both. maybe the father has retard genes. but enough said don’t judge a book by it’s cover some of the brightest people in the world did/do not have the most popular sterotype look.

  • Sandy

    They say that some good looking parents can produce ugly children and visa-versa

  • thetruthisoutthere

    its a fake []

  • Just me
  • Princess

    He clearly doesn’t love his children otherwise he would have never found them ugly. I haven’t met a single parent who claimed their kid is stupid and ugly.
    Also serves him right for picking a woman just because she was beautiful.

  • Iria chikusho

    so damn lame, i hate that guy n also his wife
    neither of them deserve to be stand up for-_-

  • OMG

    lol $120,000 that will be used for the 3 of their children’s plastic surgery

  • Ian Deaville

    The story is a hoax. The picture above is actually and advertisement for a Chinese cosmetic surgery company. The slogan translates as “the only thing you need to worry about is how to explain it to the kids”, hence to western looking parent with 3 Chinese looking kids.

  • Grant Andrew

    meh i can see his argument, scary how far women will go to look beautiful

  • krissi

    but hes ok with the youngest boy on his lap that is the double of his sister??!!

  • the sandman

    they look like stoned pokemon characters

  • Srt

    You guys are really funny… It’s a faked news.. Just search the image

  • Giovanni

    Funny for the looser because those boys looks a lot like him.

  • rach

    Reading these comments it looks like everyone thinks this man is right but im sure it takes two to make a child and this man may not have an ugly face but he definitely has an ugly heart to speak of his children in that way.

  • ʇsoɥƃ

    Of course it’s fake, I heard this exact same plot a few years ago in high school!

  • Elizabeth

    Those children are not ugly… and he is stupid!

  • Elizabeth Hunter

    those kids are not ugly

  • Nunya

    That lady is a model. I have seen her elsewhere. This is either a BS story, or a BS photo.

  • Jean Valjean

    One word: Awesome. Too bad she got the money from their joint checking account.

  • HappyGrannyB

    The judge and the man are extemely shallow minded… first and foremost beauty comes from within… not the other way around…

  • MidVinter

    The woman should divorce him and sue him for whatever hes got, and one thing is certain, its not looks, hes ugly as hell, and has a look only a mother could love, shame the kids has to suffer as their father not only a ugly motherfucker but stupis ass as well

  • Pukemaster3000

    Pukemaster3000, u got it!

  • Pukemaster3000

    qute daughter, cute wife, father and sons like a dash off pigpoo..Bafffff!
    Pukemaster3000 has spoken!

  • ben

    look. ugly is ugly, okay? not everyone is beautiful or wonderful. those are some damn ugly kids. and i don’t care if you think i’m ugly too. good for you. it won’t change the fact that those kids are UGLY

  • Kay

    What is wrong with everyone? What happen to unconditional love? What if your parent looked at u and said oh shit take it back. It doesn’t matter what they look like. Your suppose to love them because they are yours to love. What if one was born without a arm or like a lot of Americans, buck teeth. Do your parents sue each other? Of course not. This world has changed to the point where I am ashamed of people. Especially the judge who was stupid enough to awarded such a frivolous claim.

  • Ro
  • Jack Edwards

    no theyre kinda freaky

  • Kay

    Well thank u Ro…I was starting to lose hope in the judicial process. Plus some people thought this was okay. That’s disturbing but thank u for the heads up.

  • Jess

    The kids look like him

  • JH
  • IdSueUrMommaToo

    Whether you consider it shallow or not, having attractive children with good genes was important to this man, and if his wife hadn’t lied to him he probably would have chosen a different partner to reproduce with, that’s his prerogative.
    I don’t know if someone should have the right to sue his wife for 120’000 for being ugly though haha
    But many factors make up your opinion of a whole person, you wouldn’t stick with a beautiful person who was a complete asshole, you wouldn’t marry an attractive really nice person who you found really boring and had nothing in common with, why is it only despicable when the deal breaker is looks?
    Not everyone buys into this new age “looks don’t matter” crap. It does matter, it will sure as hell matter to those kids when they go to school or look for love.
    Everyone should be treated kindly and not judged for their physical faults, but if you’re honest you don’t want ugly children like you don’t want them born with one leg, for their sake!
    Being selective about who you have children with, with the quality and health of the offspring you will produce in mind, is one of the driving forces behind evolution and reasons we are here!

  • Taylor Wiish

    well…. in most cases like this it turns out the girl was a guy….

  • BadMrWonka

    That photo is not of the actual family in this story.

  • craig cadolowitz

    cultural approriation

  • putak

    f dat so, y have 3 kids f u alraedy knew?

  • zgn

    i think this is a fake pic. .. Cause those children looked cute to me ! Especially the daughter:)

  • Elo

    Scr*w him, would have left his stupid @ss…What if she had told him that she did plastic surgery, would he have dumped her after he had already fallen in love….most men are just plain dumb…now she needs to sue him for saying her kids are ugly…@sshole!!!

  • Tom Hashtag Classicgupta Gupta

    And I thought the justice system in this country (England) was bad. Thats the problem with culture based countries. If it had been the other way round then the man would have one. And its really unfair on the kids.

  • llanemsh

    The kids images look photoshopped, their noses and the bit on the rights mouth don’t seem right. They may be ugly before but someone’s made it look worse.

  • Melanee Packard

    NOBODY is ugly – except in their soul…and that is what YOU are.

  • Guest

    His ugly soul makes him see his OWN children as ‘ugly’…..and how much damage did he and that judge to to those poor, beautiful kids? wow. No wonder humanity is in SO much peril.

  • Melanee Packard
  • Jabriel

    Women sue Men over bullshit. Why can’t a man do the same? I don’t agree that he should be so vain though. It’s the inside that counts just as much, his daughter is probably has a beautiful spirit but he is so blind. His sons are so adorable to especially the baby one in his arms.

  • oldrascal

    And if the husband had been a fat wimp with no muscle tone when he was younger – and had he consequently engaged a personal trainer over a number of years to give him a muscular physique to attract admiring looks from his future wife? Would the same conclusion be reached were the wife to have then given birth to a lardy, puny son?

  • realtalk

    He’s way uglier on the inside than his kids are on the outside.

  • seanrenae

    That’s horrible. How could you down your own child. I do agreed she lied about her looks which is the case with so much plastic surgery these days. I always wondered how this would affect the children of some of these women who go the the extreme. Children identify themselves with their parents. To see your mom so beautiful and look nothing like her may affect the child. So this confirms what I thought. Surgery doesn’t change your bloodwork. SO you can cut out your ugly from the outside but the truth is in the DNA. That little girl by the way isBEAUTIFUL!

  • kevin kerr


  • Gabriella Schleinkofer

    Stupidity must have ruined your life… Does even your left hand reject you, or why are so bitter?

  • Gabriella Schleinkofer

    Give us a picture of you then… Or are you too repulsive?

  • Gabriella Schleinkofer

    Janey, I don’t think his hand is interested

  • kate
  • tom

    The kid on the right is already odd job

  • tom

    Imagine all the fame as a stunt double!!!

  • jessica

    What an asshole, he should look at him self. His daughter is beautiful.

  • Lance Desker

    oh wow… so everyone is promised a gorgeous child?? Life must be fantastic for this dick. Not only is his logic fallacious, it is one sided. Is his wife solely to blame ?? I notice none of his surgeries are listed either, topmost of which was the lobotomy he would have had, judging from the bull that comes out of his mouth.

  • davidt

    disowns his children and cashes in at the same time! what a guy.

  • daxshyla

    this guy shouldnt be judging his kids in this way, especially when he himself has ears like dumbo!!!

  • Tingaling

    This is an advertisement for a plastic surgery center in Taiwan. It is NOT a true story.

  • saywhatnow?

    Those children are not hideous. Thy simply aren’t white in their features. Is that a problem? He married a Korean that has white features….she lied about her looks but it doesn’t cover if she lied about her ancestry. Genes were inevitable to pull through in one way or another from their South Korean heritage. Did he not know hat her parents look(ed) like. Shouldn’t he have found out? Didn’t your Mom teach you to look at the parents of your love to see how your spouse will look as they age? He’s handsome but he’s not gorgeous and most kids go through a “goofy” stage. Most kids that I grew up with that were “the cute kids” are UGLY and out of shape adults. Both physically and in CHARACTER…..which is obviously something this man has none of. Why hurt those children’s hearts? I see a lot of unintelligent responses to this “news” (if that’s what we want to call it.) SHALLOW. On the deepest level.

  • FactoidsAreNice

    Ahem… always look before you leap. :P

  • joe

    well at least the oldest son looks more like today but those other too hmm

  • The anti-cunt

    Are you black or something?

  • bluekirty
  • Missi

    What an ass! That little girl is beautiful!

  • bel

    with $120K he can do same thing for the girl
    same as his wife did

  • Craig Davidson

    The wife is cautiously pulling the girl away from the father and boys as they seem to be taking a totally separate picture. LOL! What a world.

  • Aysa

    i had heard these words ….ugly gf, ugly bf & ugly face but”ugly daughter or son ” is not defined for parents as far as i know . May be this is something really new ! When you are a father u will love your child .I am sure about it .

    And plastic surgery , all girls like to have it , why not ? they want get jobs and rich husbands and they have this right to do it.

  • kaka young

    He himself is the ugliest (from the heart)

  • chuckyarou

    Or the smartest.

  • Unbelievable

    Never knew that you had to tell someone you had surgery or it was false pretences. Also Maybe if that guy grew a set of balls not mice size and man up. 3 kids in picture and he just decide the girl was ugly? DAMN he needs a brain added to an empty skull. SHe should get a million for putting up with an a!!hole everyone has one but he’s just an oversized one.

  • Bob

    Those kids look like they were scraped from the bottom of a barrel. A barrel located in hell.

  • Aileen is BLIND

    You have very VERY low standards Aileen Jack. I would hate to see the man you are with, if with one at all. Anyway… the court disagrees with you.

  • Elizabeth Hunter 2

    You’re right. They’re FUGLY.

  • Fuque those kids.

    I’m betting with his $120,000 he couldn’t care less what Van Si Fudere thinks.

  • Jason

    Elizabeth, you as a person are fugly.

  • ricky bobby

    Ask the woman that that lied to get him.

  • Jason

    Bull, you don’t berate your children as too horrifying to look at if you love them.

  • Sieliabra’s KRAZY!!

    You must be looking at a different pic.

  • Howard

    That is one dark dingy world. Don’t let the trolls get you billy goat gruff.

  • Jason

    She didn’t lie. Besides, beauty is subjective and she shouldn’t have to tell her or anyone else for that matter, what she does to her body.

  • Jason

    By the way Elizabeth Hunter, you’re an idiot. Do you tell people your brain is half-functioning before you date them?

  • Jason

    Low standards much?

  • Jason

    Low standards much Elizabeth?

  • Jason

    And Elizabeth, if your reading comprehension was up to par, you’d know this photo was fake.

  • Jason

    Because courts are notoriously correct and just…../sarcasm

  • Jason

    You have very low standards for being a decent human being. I’ll take an ugly duckling over a moron like yourself any day of the week.

  • Jason

    There’s no ugly in that. Some people’s hypocritical views should be pointed out.

  • Selena

    I read this similar news many years ago with exact same situation yet a beautifully loving outcome; the husband and the in laws DID NOT blame the wife and teased that the kids can have plastic surgery when they grown up. The husband was also RELIEVED that his wife didn’t cheat on him and still love his wife very much and forgived her for lying about the plastic surgeries in the past.

  • Niamor

    Peopleee are really crazy !! Poor kids

  • Wayne

    “Our daughter was incredibly ugly, to the point where it horrified me.”
    hey man !! … that’s your own blood! Love is the greatest gift, and
    the child is a wonderful gift. Accept and take responsibility for
    whatever happens …

  • CharlieEWFR

    The widely accepted features that are considered good looking usually correlate with good health in the same way that widely considered ugly features often correlate with bad health. Take for example a woman with alopecia (hair loss), it’s very unlikely that anyone will find her attractive as it is a sign of a medical condition. This natural aversion is built into us to help us choose the right mate. We are subconsciously thinking of our future children every time we hook up with someone. Therefore for this woman to deceive the man is unfair… probably not £120,000 unfair but definitely a deception that should be condemned.

  • Fateh Belfihedj

    ohh my gosh can’t believe it :o

  • Barbara Vickery

    He doesn’t have much to talk about with his big ears sticking out like car door rear view mirrors. He needs an ear tuck.

  • Barbara Vickery

    They both LIED – her about her true physical appearance and HIM about loving her. He married her because she was pretty!

  • AJ

    Are people not yet aware that this is fake? It’s not a real story. The picture itself is actually an advertisement for a Clinic offering Plastic Surgery. It’s tagline goes something like “The only thing you’ll need to worry about is explaining it to your children.” (Rough translation.)
    Logically, why would a man continue to have 3 children after, allegedly, branding his first born as ugly, then pose happily for a family portrait?
    I’m not trying to be rude, but people need to be a little less gullible.

  • AJ

    I’m glad I’m not the only person aware of this!

  • peter

    More then fair and reasonable. its unfortunate that this doesn’t happen more often. There are way too many fake women on this planet leaching for money and having surgery to assist in improving their looks. These leaches should come with a sign on their forehead.

  • Lisa Dipalo-Tasli

    UGLY DISGUSTING MAN! The comments he said about his daughter (first of all she is not ugly) those comments will hurt her..this should have NEVER been allowed in court the judge should be fired..

  • wisepati
  • Avalon George Petrovani

    ahahahahahahahhahaha omg

  • wam

    Hope she kept the surgeons number. 3 new patients in about 14 years.

  • wam

    It’s not skin deep, bone structure is acutely linked. How choosing a fictional character as your prized example is supposed to represent the real world I don’t know. In reality 90% of people admit to judging first on appearance of a person as to whether they would like them. A flattened turned up nose and down-turned mouth could be a jaw or pallet deformity, more than just skin deep.

    She should have told him and shown him before pictures on the day he proposed. He then goes into creating a family with his eyes open.

  • wam

    You’re forgetting they don’t live in the western world. Over there the children will understand that their mother brought great dishonour to the family.

  • Raquel Santiago

    The kids still havent grown into their full potential. Most kids go though the awkward stages of growing up, puberty adjusting looks etc. Beauty is not just skin deep. Asshole plain and simple.

  • Jgjhgjyg

    That didn’t stop him from having more kids.

  • Jen

    its Facke!

  • Jen

    Opps I mean it’s Fake!

  • kmacca

    I agree that it’s deceitful to use modern technology to correct genetic defects. This is why I never date anyone whose taken antibiotics (if they’ve survived long enough to mate, I assume it’s because they have a robust immune system – anything else would be a lie) or uses automobiles (if they get from one place to another without being killed by predators, I assume their muscles are strong enough to do so, not that they’ve been protected by technology) or shops at a supermarket (I expect my mate to be able to find their own food, not barter for food someone else has collected!)

  • aimee

    If he thort his kids were ugly why didn’t he stop at the first one
    Plus they are half his kids to

  • Joseph Hardin

    Those kids are adorable(although I hear this story is a hoax). All kids are beautiful, and not like this man, who is truly the ugly one.

  • Alli

    I am going to assume that this marriage has since ended…

  • craig

    Bottom line she was deceitful
    Yes its very hursh on the kids but whos fault it it really..
    The kids will look in a mirror and know anyway and will most llikely get bullied which again isnt fair but that’s life. They will learn a good leason not to lie… Up against people in the world for jobs they will have a disadvantage again just because thats what the world is like.
    I dont know one woman that you want to have kids with the ugliest men even if they are really nice because you pick the best suiter to give yoir kids the best chance in life.. she took that from him

  • Lisa Marie Parker

    ..whats the problem with the kids?? The kids in the picture look like regular kids… 99% of kids are ugly to begin with. xD

  • Anonymous

    Did you think Aladdin deserved Jasmine? Did you think Cinderella deserved prince charming? Did Eugene deserve Rapunzel? I guess most of you don’t since all 3 kept their true life hidden in hopes to win the man/ woman. I can’t believe lying about a past cosmetic surgery is a crime. At least that man got 120 grand for being an asshole. The only pig here is him.

  • dale

    The Husband isn’t even that good looking his self, Oh, My what a complete air head!

  • stevvie

    god i have never seen so many shallow and judgemental people on one page before in my life, assholes just like the father, and prob american i guess,
    who should care, it does not mean if you marry a stunner that your kids are going to be a stunners, it goes back down the genetic line before you also, so it could be him thats produced what he thinks is ugly children, and on a 100k would not have got her much on plastic surgery in the first place

  • rizz
  • Alex

    you remind me of Pure pigs

  • Alex

    I knowwwww they are sooo cute!!!!!

  • hoodahell

    why not stop after the first kid, why have 3!!!!!!!

  • pissedoff

    amazing that in this world we live in that people can be grotesquely horrible about children who were born not out of choice. how many of us date people thinking “he/she will do as our kids will look great”? Answer..none of us. And even more amazing is that 98% of people agreeing with this dickhead dont have a profile pic…Answer…because theyre as plain as the rest of us….beauty IS in the eye of the beholder…so get your heads out of your arses and get a grip…agreeing with this story in any way shape or form just renders you the complete twat you really are…end of

  • Sammiee

    He thought his children were so ugly he had three!! Makes perfect sense. Maybe if he had stronger genes and wasn’t so weak and febel he would have better look kids. What a prick!! Poor woman and kids.

  • Shl

    Homework people, all you needed to do was some homework *sighs*

  • Jon

    That’s not the real family

  • Marlanew

    Too bad he can’t have surgery to correct his incredibly ugly heart.

  • Nina

    Wow.. they have a dickhead for a dad- that’s what’s ugly.

  • Eluna

    Yes, she should have told him about the surgery- but at the end of the day you’re supposed to love someone for who they are, not what their children will look like.

    Poor children…

  • guest

    and they have a lying bitch for a mother

  • lupz84

    What I don’t understand is if he thought the child was ugly, why the hell did he go and have three of them?

  • nikhil

    he should be fucked !!! bastard

  • Kenny Powers

    This is just a picture. Article clearly says when they had their first child. A girl, pretty sure the oldest is not a girl. These crazy hoax stories people buy into. Yawn

  • freddie

    so many people judging and talking about love. I read in no place they married for love. Many times people get married just not be alone or to have children. And, more IMPORTANT: why didn’t she tell him she paid 100 000$ on surgery??? I think it is an important piece of one’s past life. Many people here talk about love: if you love someone, you share your life with your beloved, especially such important things. I honestly think he is rich, and she invested so much money to get beautiful and have some rich man by her side. That said, of course the man is without heart, you can not abandon a child because too ugly.

  • Sheri

    This is a hoax people….not true. There is nothing wrong with these children and for your information IF he had thought the daughter was ” so horrid he couldnt look at her” then why would he go on to have another. Some people really are gullible. Dont believe everything you read.

  • mrpregnant

    What’s undeniably hilarious is the visual immaculacy, “sarcastically” Ofcourse. The first case-scenario is unprecedented enough to avoid a three dimensional turmoil; ironically, his naive-ness superseded the inevitably, obvious notion. (Cut your loses syndrome, “Stock Market Metaphor”) Let’s exclude the superficiality out of the equation and explore the deceitful attributions involved. In futuristic endeavors, our past is subjectively peculiar and semi-personal; ironically, if certain aspect of that past permeates a predicating future, then embracing it objectively is quite an imperative notion indeed…So in essence, my contention is not the sensationalistic trivialization of this scenario from a comedic perspective, it’s determining our historical relevancy and the role it plays in the futuristic spectrum of things.
    (Beyond that point) “Absolutely Hilarious.” Chuckle ostensibly with a flippant snide!

    Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st

  • tommyhales

    to fucking right he did the right thing, i know i sound like a ass but hear me out, he sued her because she lied, those kids are ugly as hell and dont give me that shit that there beautiful there not and its not fair on them to tell them that, and do you honistly think other people will? these kids are going to get bullied atleast with the $120k he can use it to help his kids, i know this sounds wrong but whats better for these children a life time of anguish over there looks or plastic surgery that can change there lifes for ever. id use that money to help these children atleast look at what our society calls normal im sure if it was you’re child and you had the money knowing if you did nothing people will look at them diffrently teasing them bullying them he isnt the asshole she should of just been honist from the start and they could of fixed this together

  • Ethan B. Calaway

    How on earth could you ever think your own child was ugly? shit for all he knows the “ugly” part could be him.

  • Stephanie

    He wants to sue over the daughter? He needs to take a look at his sons first. And BTW He isn’t all that himself.

  • Tomasa Rico

    what a freaking asshole, he deserves a kick in the face not 120,000,,,

  • sfbusker

    Are you racist or something?

  • angie paterson


  • disqus_RTGJxhM6Fx

    Eh?? She IS beautiful. Once you had plastic surgery, that really is how you look. She didn’t lie to him about being beautiful, and he seems the kind to only care about outward appearance, what people think of him based on his look, his family’s look, and the irony is, that sort of shallow attitude is what drives people to have plastic surgery to begin with. I’d say, they’re made for each other, and deserve each other.

  • megamom

    To be honest the two ugliest in the picture are the parents. The wife for hiding things from her husband, (she would have been better off telling him and not marrying him.) But mostly the man, to be so shallow as to be wrapped up in the outward appearance of not only your wife but your own children. True beauty goes way further then skin deep. True beauty is in your words and actions towards other.

  • lynne

    Technically she didn’t lie to him, he never questioned whether she had surgery so she just didn’t tell him. Plus, the children have half his genes. People can be beautiful in many different ways and everyone perceives beauty differently. It’s far more important to be beautiful on the inside.

  • Jonathan Christiansen

    I am in tears to see what humanity writes in these comments, How could you, A father. Abandon your children and Sue your wife for them in your vision being ugly. How can you even think about putting such an idea into your mind. Being a Father doesnt means anything else then just supporting and protecting your children from people like this guy who calls himself a Father is. They are your Children! How dare you proclaim that they do not belong to you! How dare you proclaim that they are ugly. This is the 21st century you know? This is no longer : Oh its a girl, throw her into the lions pit. This “Man” Is not a Father, He is a selfish sorrowing idiot.

  • Charley
  • Mike

    Boys look like their dads, so that’s not saying much for him. Idiot.

  • Des

    Clearly these two are long lost siblings. Hahaha.

  • Randi

    I agree!! Genes come from both sides! If theyre letting stuff like this pass, I would counter sue and say my poor sons inherited their dads incredibly small penis.

  • Randi I researched the names in the article and discovered this is a hoax real news outlets keep picking up and reporting on since 2004.

  • Des

    I love trolls.

    They make the world go ’round.

  • Jessica Gordon

    This is actually fake I just found out- look it up on Snopes

  • ThatGuy

    Someone failed Biology….

  • kat

    he is a very ugly person inside!

  • Jake G. C

    You love someone for their personality not their looks jackass. and to do with his children you love them unconditionally. some people would love to have kids but can’t have them. he’s lucky. I can’t have children of my own and it sucks.

  • yvette

    Is it wrong that I laughed so much.

  • kitti_kat
  • Bethany Spielman

    What’s wrong with their noses? Looks like a birth defect…

  • Melissa

    Check Snopes out before you get your knickers in a wad. This story is utterly false and has been circulating since 2004!!

  • Melissa
  • Kirby

    The first child was so ugly that he had two more children with her…..that makes perfect sense.

  • dragontiffy

    Ugly or not ur child is ur child u cant change the way they look its like u saying im giving my baby away because there disabled its horrible



  • fiveninesixtwosix

    You racist SOB! Had a good laugh though :D

  • 2lassie3

    snopes says probably. You can’t always believe snopes either.

  • Omotoye Wole Folarin

    hahahahha damn

  • Omotoye Wole Folarin

    hahahahahahaha damn i cant really tell what the boys look like cause looking at their faces is watching kelvin hart on stage

  • Omotoye Wole Folarin

    hahahaha you’re damn funny

  • lol

    i am dumb nigger

  • Omotoye Wole Folarin

    what are tryin to do black mail them? you mean he should black mail d kids? hahahahahahaha damn i cant really tell what the boys look like cause looking at their faces is like me watching kelvin hart on stage

  • lol


  • Omotoye Wole Folarin

    you mean he should black mail d kids? hahahahahahaha damn i cant really tell what the boys look like cause looking at their faces is like me watching kelvin hart on stage

  • passer-by

    This photo is actually a Korean commercial of plastic surgery which was released a year ago. And the kids’ appearances have been photoshoped. In this commercial, it says that the only thing you have to worry about is how you’re going to explain to your kids.

  • JackPoint

    Sure, she lied. She neglected to tell him that she had elective surgery. But the fact that would have changed the outcome of whether he married her or not, that makes him a fucking scumbag. That he wouldn’t have had KIDS with her if he had known “she was once ugly” makes him a horrible human being. That he won just shows how screwed up that court system is.

  • Lawrence Mok

    this is fake news, the photo is just an advertisement from a plastic surgery company

  • Annoyed citizen

    what a motherfucker

  • bianca
  • thor

    to us physical attraction doesn’t necessarily trump over love but to his culture where everything evolves around looks and beautiful children and success it’s a huge deal. It sucks for westerners but completely understandable to easterners.

  • Hannah Bayley

    The first daughter? The boy looks twice the girls age. Is there another child somewhere.

  • Brown Boy Udswagz K’net

    this kids are so damn ugly !!! the deed is already done, you can’t throw them away

  • EM

    honestly in a f’ed up way he is his rights. If you bought a car that had mounds of body work done and a crap engine/transmission you could sue. Genetic matter to alot of people. That’s evolution. What if it was a story if she had AIDS and didn’t tell him and they had kids?

  • thknprblm

    no one knows what your kids will look like when they grow up I’ve seen some very cute kids that turned out ugly and vice versa. you love your children unconditionally along with your spouse. the way they look shouldn’t have anything to do with it. Besides they didn’t ask to be born if the first one is so ugly then why did you have more?

  • You Are Idiots

    This story is fake. This is a Taiwanese advert for plastic surgery. L2google, assholes.

  • Alexei M S Cruz

    it’s not about the children but the deception the
    wife did to her husband… niloko sya ng asawa into believing na maganda
    sya… it’s unforgiveable… sana nagpakatotoo sa una pa lang si babae…

  • Supernova456

    How can she do that to him?

  • Petey

    In his defence, they are really ugly kids

  • Sharon Blagdon

    what a horrible man! and he is no oil painting himself. T W A T

  • Stupidcunts

    So many ugly, butt hurt women in the comment section. I would be pissed too and you dumb cunts would be on the chicks side if this was the other way around. Look at the facts about this marriage before you sexist dumb cunts jump on the “women’s side” bandwagon. Did I mention you are stupid cunts? :D

  • Declan ‘Quid’ Aumpu

    Two words…. absolute lad.

  • Emmanuel Onyx Adimanyi

    Ladies cause alot of confusion with make ups…its more like mask up these dayz. Guyz can’t even tell who they love cause these “mask” are sold in d market and every other girl shops too. Now ds lady went a step further and had her own mask carved into her skin (cosmetic surgery).. the poor man didn’t av d luxury of an xray vission like supperman. ….so when he set out to produce prince charming and models for broad street; u can understand his disapointment when u look into the young chaps eyes…can’t even find their eyes…..but d mother has lots of it. DAMN!

  • robin Grace

    they still look like him.

  • robin Grace

    Doesn’t this make him racist?

  • gaytrekkie

    FYI that picture is not the actual family. It is a photo for an advertisement on plastic surgery. Basically some ad exec chose an attractive couple and a few kids that he thought were “ugly”.

  • Mark

    You all realize that this is an old false story from 2004 that has already been proven to be a lie, right?

  • wayne

    I told you guys all of them women are liars!

  • Böhr Himself

    Whether these kids are “ugly” is not the issue here. What is at issue is that a father abandoned his children and stole their inheritance; and that a wife lied to her husband about her genetic makeup. Both are deplorable. These children deserve far better.

  • Jones

    then why did he fathered 3 instead of stopping at 1?

  • Jones

    I read about this article and he did sue his wife but this family picture is a fake… the guy did not have any more children with the wife… and here there’s more than one.

  • Jones

    Keiji if I had a dog that looked like you? I would shave its butt and teach it to walk backwards!!! Fugly!!!

  • Makin Edwards

    lol damn that surgeon needs to move to the U.S because the surgeons here make people look like they got beat the fuck up

  • Andre Dufour

    Those are some ugly ass kids. He’s probably gonna need at least 120 Gs to get them enough makeup to live a normal life.

  • Me

    Those kids are not ugly at all.

  • fu

    Shut dah fuk up u asshole dah only ugly person is yu…

  • Suzzie

    What a F***ing idiot, he didn’t marry out of LOVE he married because she was beautiful!!!! also the boys look like him and his gene pool doesn’t look that great, I think the little girl is cute!!!!

  • Bali Expat in Bali

    well said

  • Bali Expat in Bali

    They were all borrowed. This is a photoshopped ad. There are no pics of the real people

  • Bali Expat in Bali

    In many Asian countries where there are only daughters the husband of one of the daughters comes to the home of his Father-in-law and takes on the male responsibilities of his wife’s family. Western cultures sometimes arrogantly view happenings in other cultures through the eyes of their own culture and poo poo events like this. Only by viewing this through the eyes of their culture can you even begin to understand why they do the things they do and unless we can see it from the perspective of their culture we should not critique them.

  • Bali Expat in Bali

    perfectly put. Unless we can understand this from the Asian perspective we simply are not in a position to fairly criticize.

  • KGC


  • josh.

    How are these God given healthy and able bodied kids ugly? This idiot of a man has never seen an ugly person b4 and that is y he is making this noise. These beautiful kids will grow up to hate d hell out of their father and no person should blame them. Indeed , d kids do not deserve d kind of global negative publicity given to them.

  • Peter

    Forgive me in this day and age for being a traditionalist but I was raised by my grandparents, isnt love suppose to be about the inside not out? So what if she had cosmetic surgery, would he have wrapped up for the rest of his life and adopt? I HIGHLY DOUBT IT!!

  • Ila

    It’s old and FAKE
    Do people really believe everything these days?! EVERYTHING??? C’mon… a little bit of common sense…

  • Cheekygit

    But not wide open;)

  • lynne

    unbelievable that a man can say something like that about his child! I hope there’s some accounting for this @ some point in his life! he should be soooooooo ashamed of himself! I hope he ends up in some accident that impairs his looks! maybe then he’ll think about what’s on the inside instead of the wrapping!

  • Michael Buffer

    LOL what a story

  • Sam Medhurst

    HOLD UUP! arn’t those kide 50% his genes?? and hes talking about his own children in that way.!!?? sad that only looks count to this pig. looks more of a pig to me now than his children do….. psssshhhhh

  • Keith

    fuck that she should have told him about the surgery and showed pictures of what she looked like it may have seemed wrong but at the same time she lied everybody has the chance to beautiful kids now the only way the kids will be with someone if they do what they’re mom did call a doctor. ………………Poor man he should have got 100,000 per kid.

  • Sam Medhurst

    HOLD UUP! arn’t those kide 50% his genes?? and hes talking about his own
    children in that way.!!?? sad that only looks count to this pig.
    looks more of a pig to me now than his children do….. psssshhhhh

  • MrMidstream

    Yu? Isn’t that a Chinese guy?

  • MrMidstream

    These children are “junkyard dog ugly”!!!

  • Dodi

    ummmm. 50 % of their genes came from you idiot, you are half responsible for their looks. She should sue him for any stupidity they may inherit.

  • MrMidstream

    I just did….YIKES!!!

  • kate

    This is an ad in Taiwan for a plastic surgery center. It is not a true story. LOL!!

  • Ella Nicole

    I hope he goes to hell for that one.

  • realitycheck

    I think the biggest thing here is that when he looks at his kids, he does not see his wife as he knows her, he sees some stranger’s face looking up at him. Of course you should love your kids, but the reality is a lot of people do not adopt because they do not feel they could bond with a child that is not their own. Now imagine you have kids, but suspect they are not yours because they looking nothing like your spouse or yourself or the combination of your faces as you might have expected. You simply see a strange face looking up at you. I can easily see how this would be difficult for a man to accept. Men do not necessarily bond with children the way women do and while I agree that this is a very unfortunate situation for the kids – I do feel very badly for the father as well.

  • Antoinette AntAlv

    Sadly, a typical reality from most of Asian Womans… Ugly as hell getting tons of plastic surgerys to trap a rich man…Nowadays they can even be Transexuals dealing with “infertility issues” ….. #BitchesPlease…. Years later the kids have the consequences…. Well at least they can have Surgeries as well or love themselves more and deal with it.

  • Gloria Reyes

    LOL that is a very good one

  • Greg

    This is the craziest thing I believe I have ever read! That is no kind of man /human being to react to his wife or his children this way. He deserves to be the one to pay. Who is married and lives with someone that length of time, and not be able to see that they have had plastic surgery. He must not have paid much attention. Well, I guess it is pretty obvious this man is an idiot! No true man talks about his own children this way. Guess when he never hears from them, or ever see’s their faces again, hopefully it will hit home. Not to be mean, but a slight or mild disfigurement of his own might make him eat his own words. My wish for him is for him to grow old & alone with a mirror to suck up all of his self built image he can stand to look at! He is obviously the one with the “Issues” so I guess the Karma Train will eventually be coming by to visit him (Hopefully Soon) with an empty seat… Oh yeah! Like typed above,…One more word. DAMN.

  • Zammy

    You would think he would of figured it out after the first child. Child woulda had me scared as shit….No offense. I wonder how shes going to explain their divorce to them when they’re older?

  • Ace Zrinyi

    hahahaha yes!

  • Guest

    hahaha! Harsh but it did make me belly laugh.

  • juicifruit89

    So does the $100,000 judgment continue to flow around the household since they’re still married?

  • yeomstaa
  • happymeal

    can she sue for him having a little dick and brain ?

  • Indisarwan

    What he did is wrong but what she did was a crime.This guy like many other males wanted his wife to be beautiful and when he met this “beautiful” lady fell for her and married.She should not have hidden from him the fact that she underwent plastic surgery.
    I feel sorry for kids for the trauma they have to undergo because of their parents

  • Chad A.

    Thats why I am somewhat against cosmetic surgery, it doesn’t let you know what kind of genes you are gonna get and goes against the whole natural selection of things. I think it is wrong that she never showed him pictures of her before that and kept things from him.

  • happymeal

    someone needs to throw acid on HIS face so the duchebag melts off.

  • Jaye

    All I can say is, what a rude piece of shit. A man who marries a woman for beauty is not a real man at all.

  • Elizabeth Kane

    I hope he uses the money to get plastic surgery for the kids!

  • chenzen

    This end up good because it has given a new warning to all man and woman. The route is why must one go for plastic surgery? If u cannot accept who you are, don’t expect other ppl to accept your lie. Be true to yourselves and you will find a true love.

  • eve

    I don’t understand if your first baby came out so ugly like he says then y did he have two more. Really like wtf

  • Her

    Man! You don’t deserve to be a husband and of course not even a father! You are ugly not your kid!

  • David E. Berndt

    Maybe he can use some of that money to buy a personality and a heart…because no “father” should ever speak about his children in such a way…what a jacka$$!!!!!!

  • Gentle29

    Glad he won. She should have have been open about her looks in the first place. Looks do matter when it comes to relationships and choosing of partners. If you bought into something without being informed of exactly what you were getting then you would be upset.

  • to many idiots

    .. what if the child was born mentally handicap….. is she to be blamed for that too?..

  • Nurse

    NOT REAL! The picture is an ad…

  • Nurse
  • Anonymous

    well this means he just married his wife because of her looks…. :-P

  • che

    lies always ruin…

  • Troll

    This is much like trying to follow the recipe of a well respected chef, however when you make it, it tastes like shit.

  • SMH

    Let the kids get cosmetic surgery too.

  • Woop There It Is

    Chubby Darius Rucker – 0 lol – 1

  • Cal

    lol! hell im asian and the fuuugllyyy. he isn’t racist@sfbusker

  • Wendy

    He is a typical Chinese rich asshole that believe money can talk loudly and being judgmental just based on girl’s appearance. These men treat ladies like commodities, how stupid is his wife that married to this piece of shit ! OMG, these sick Chinese assholes are so gross !

  • Norene Starr

    this should not even be here what a small man he is

  • Chalke

    This guy’s awesome

  • AngieG.

    Wife: Before & After Surgery

  • Melvin

    I think this post is fake, the statement in the article doesn’t match on what is seen in the picture -_-

  • Farzath FA Thajudeen

    hmmmm…if he sued his wife when the daughter was born…how come two more kids?

  • Sherlyn Tutor


  • Sween

    Well, they all look the same to me!

  • Blabloe

    He must have met his wife’s parents at some point. Did he never see any discrepancies between his wife’s supermodel-looks and her parent’s physique? I say he knew in some way but tried not to see it until the evidence (i.e. the children) was too big to ignore. Now he’s just on the take.

  • Joezy

    This is fake news , if the father really doesn’t love her daughter and son , why he still wanna take photo with them and hold them so tight .

  • Lec Interiors

    hahaha…lol chinese are small

  • samantha

    most of you on here disgust me. people should love their children no matter what they look like. and if you truly love someone as he claimed in his first statement that he married her out of love, then it shouldnt matter what anyone looks/looked like. so what if she wasnt the best looking person. looks only get you so far. noone is perfect. i would like to meet someone who thinks they are completely perfect. everyone has their flaws. big deal. she had plastic surgery done. get over it and move on. this is ridiculous that this judge was so low as to allow this man to win this case and order the wife to pay $120,000.

  • Kyla Wootton

    Showing how far women’s rights have to go in other countries…..because we still have work to do here in the United States.

  • Buddy Marquez

    Man looks at the outside appearance but God sees the heart. If these children will be raised by their parents in a godly way and develop in them good attitude and character, then they are the true beautiful people.

  • Wonkette

    This story is false. Stop perpetuating it. It’s horribly cruel to the REAL children in the photo.

  • giwamul523

    Is he nuts? What does he think of his wife, a factory of the goods where he has ordered for the manufacture of his children that when they come out not be within his expectations, he sues for factory defects? Definitely, he did not marry his wife out of love.

  • Anonym

    If she couldn’t live with her own appearance, how do you expect him to?

  • mabuhay1656

    hahaha, Chinese people had an incredible characters……!

  • K

    so in their culture he now has an unmarriable daughter because she is not attractive. And his sons will have to grow up and have to fight to have arranged marriages because no woman will actually find that attractive which becomes an insult to the Father and the family. So I guess what you’re all looking at this from is a prospective where you’re not taking into account the cultural differences between their culture and ours. Add to that fact that once you have a hideously at horrifyingly ugly child you start to wonder about infidelity as it said that he did he then had them tested to be sure to see just to make sure that this is really his child and then to his horror he finds out that the woman that he married and fell in love which he was attracted to based on a lie so what else has she lied about how many other things has she not told him the truth about this is the complete shattering of a life and a relationship and he stuck with her to have 3 more kids before this became an issue so all I have to say to all you people out there is if she was so ugly that she had to have plastic surgery and lie about who she is and who she was in order to contract a mate I totally see his frustration in his rage I also agree that there should have been more money involved for all of the money and all the time that he’s going to have to spend fighting his entire culture to get these children married,children, love,homes, jobs you people don’t understand what this woman has set her kids up for you people don’t understand culturally she has just betrayed everything her marriage was built on. Heavens forbid that someone paid dowry for that woman she lied horribly about something that had to come out eventually.. she’s lucky he probably can’t divorce her..

  • ruzzell c. pokpok

    idiots!!! this is an AD. do your freaking research before you comment.

  • zeny martin

    a 100% dumb idea

  • tarugo

    What a fool! One look at the relatives of his wife, and he should’ve known. No DNA tests needed. Unless the entire clan had that really expensive plastic surgery from grandpa and grandma to the youngest cousin…

    Poor kids. They inherited the original looks of their mom and the tiny brain of their dad.

    But then again, the wife seems to be from a rich family, and it was his plan all along… But then again, after three kids?

    Oh, well. I really had a good laugh at this.

  • anonym

    Wow. You made a lot of assumptions while writing that. You know neither the life of the person to whom you responded nor that of the children; you do not know if he is shallow or if they are resilient. You are creating fiction to prove your point.

    Some people are so incredibly bullshitted as to think that changing the name of something will change the fact of it: in terms of physicality, those children are hardly appealing. Does that make them lesser people? No. I know many unattractive people, but I still enjoy their company regardless. However, whether or not they are ‘beautiful on the inside’, they are still physically unattractive, and I’m not prepared to delude myself otherwise.

    I am underweight and physically weak, and regardless of how much I exercise or eat I cannot gain weight. I accept that. If someone were to tell me about how muscular and strong I were, that would be nothing but delusive thinking, and I would lose respect for the person that said it, regardless of any good intentions.

    Some people are weak, some people are ugly, some people are unsociable, some people are annoying, and some people are reclusive. All of these are particularly negative traits, and everyone has at least a few of them. Denying their existence does nothing but hinder the person’s journey to emotionally accept or overcome them. Though it is hardly good to berate someone about possessing a negative trait, it is also quite destructive to deny its existence.

  • anonym

    You should probably research the law of whatever your respective country is. I am quite certain that your dispute wouldn’t even be afforded a date in court.

  • anonym

    If she could not live with her appearance, how do you expect him to?

  • Olden

    Uhh, so who failed basic biology? HALF those genes are his.

  • Starry-Eyed Surprise

    Someone should punch this dude with a toaster and disfigure him for being so freaking stupid and vain.

  • Charlie

    You clearly didn’t understand anything I wrote about how love stops things like looks mattering so much. I hope you one day meet someone who wouldn’t lose your love if they lost their looks.
    Many people are unhappy with how they look, but we are more critical of ourselves than we are of others in that regard. I have met people who I thought looked great, but they weren’t happy about some aspect of their appearance. It doesn’t mean they are so ugly that as you put it, ‘they couldn’t live with’ themselves. It just means that given the option to, there were a few things they would change.
    And anyway, he doesn’t have to live with an ‘unattractive’ woman – he fell in love with her the way she looks now. Why should finding out that she looked different before they met have any impact on how attractive he finds her as she is now?

  • AndresLobo

    I totally agree with this. I look for the mother in my daughter when I look at her… It strengthens the bond knowing that a part of the woman you know is in that child with your genes. To not recognize that must be terrible

  • Gregg

    ……I can’t even begin to describe this man…I would

  • Lakeshia Evans

    You mean important to most superficial bigots.

  • Lakeshia Evans

    It is not her job to inform anyone at all. She fixed her deformity. I guess you want her to be victimized her whole life. If she was going to tell anyone, it would be immoral, wrong, and a stupid waste to get the surgery. It is like those getting sex reassignment and then wasting the time, money, and effort by telling others. They tell others because they want victimized. The whole point of surgery is so NOBODY will know.

  • Lakeshia Evans

    No, the MARRIAGE (an emotional union) was not based on a lie. She had a right not to be born ugly and for nobody to know about her deformity. He had absolutely NO RIGHT to know. For him to sue, there was no emotional union. It was solely her body, but I guess he wanted to own that too. It is stupid to not drink the finest wine because of the chalice it is served in.

  • Lakeshia Evans

    She didn’t lie. Nobody has a right to know what someone does to their OWN body. Even in marriage, there are parts the partner never owns and has no right to know about. When someone gets cosmetic surgery, it is their unalienable right to be treated as if they NEVER looked different. Nature f**ked up, and we should never be punished for fixing what nature messed up, and never held to that.

  • Lakeshia Evans

    She did not. He had absolutely no right to know, but his inferior, bigoted, rapist heart demanded to know. It is not a lie to withhold things others have NO right to know. Not even a spouse has a right to know, and a good person unlike this predator garbage would never want to know.

  • Lakeshia Evans

    No, she had no such burden. He had no right to know. But we see the “marriage” was all about his filthy rape tool.

  • Wendy Downey

    I didn’t think that they are ugly the boy looks sad the baby so cute and happy and the little girl is going to be really pretty when she grows up

  • wee

    This man was not told the truth and everyone has a choice who they have as a mate and Mother of their Children. I agree with Judges decision. She should have been up front to begin with.

  • lilvovlil

    is this real? kids face seems like somebody used photoshop to make their eyes and nose looks so small and slanted.

  • tom

    the kids are not that ugly its just their eyes are too small o-o



  • Claire hair-mua

    How mad is this. His kids actually look more like him anyway.

  • Cynthia

    No they are not beautiful.

  • Ankh Amungus

    Can she not sue him for breaking the trust and telling the world and ruining his own childrens lives as well as his wifes?

  • ernz

    you should be thankful coz you are blessed with children. others don’t have or can’t have at all. now you have the money, what are you going to do with your own daughter ? abandon her?

  • t
  • Nat

    This story isn’t REAL… that isn’t a real family photo, it was an ad for Plastic Surgery Center:

    “this picture is an ad for a plastic surgery center in Taiwan, and you
    can see that the children in the picture don’t look like their parents
    at all. The ad features the line, “The only thing you have to worry you
    about after plastic surgery is the explaining you’ll have to do to your

  • Danny Liew

    Stop using fake photo…this i s a plastic surgery advertisment photo

  • mensageira22

    What a selfish and evil father/husband .I would have kept my children and kick his ass out of my life forever.The little children are beautiful.What is he worrying about.

  • Ginamos Bulad

    To fix this problem.. its better to the children to be in plastic surgery/cosmetic surgery also so that they will be a one big family…..End of the Issue and Move on…………

  • Ginamos Bulad

    Jian Feng should accept his wife for what she is and who she is…..The Marriage Vow said “For Better or For Worst Ti’ll Ugly Face Do Part..” Heheheheehe….Am I Right

  • Monique

    How he know it’s not his genes that’s making the kids look like that!!

  • fugly2

    MAYBEEEEE… they both had surgery!!!

  • Dannielle

    What an absolute asshole, what is sadder for me, is the fact that he was successful!

  • Concerned Male

    I am a guy and I totally disagree with the man who did this. To all the men that think he had a right to know what this woman looked like before, try this:

    Before you propose to your special lady, the one that you love and want to spend the rest of your life with, be sure to tell her, “Honey, I love you, but if it turns out that you were once ugly, and we have ugly children, I feel I will be completely in my rights to sue you for damages.” Certainly the woman has a right to know what she is getting into.

  • nic

    The kids are beautiful he is an Arsehole so is the judge

  • Ash

    They look like Persian cats.

  • Mayella

    poor children :'(

  • Phoebe Anne Gabriel

    Being ugly is not a crime.

  • Yared

    The wife: She wants to look attractive, loved and cherish…as everybody does..can’t be blaimed.
    Hanband: Though found out the reality , he should accept the fact that even the biggets Celebrities haven’t the right look we see today…Sholud update himself with the global fact.
    The children: Terrybly sorry for them for being said ‘ugly’…childrens are always beautiful.

  • james worrad

    The photo is a fake. The kid’s faces have been photoshopped, clearly. Plus the story says he was freaked out by the first daughter, yet the oldest is actually a boy.

  • breadcrumbs79


  • sweety

    the issue is that she LIED!!! that’s why the court favored him… it’s not about the kids, the father would always love the kids… that’s what happened when women have too much VANITY in their mind!!!

  • Pascal

    Why doesn’t he see his child are beautiful ?

  • Charlie

    1. If he loved the kids, he wouldn’t say such cruel things about them to be reported in the global media. This will really hurt them when they’re older.

    2. He is the one with vanity if he would leave his wife because she’s not genetically pretty enough for him.

    3. If you truly love someone, finding out that they used to look different should not be an issue. Looks are trivial if you really care about someone. I would be slightly more inclined to have sympathy with him if it were a more serious lie, eg. she had a sex change or kids from another marriage, something like that. But she was self conscious about how she looked and so decided to change it? That should NOT be a deal breaker later on if he actually ever loved her in the first place. What I see here is a selfish and shallow man who married a woman for her looks and didn’t want to stay with her when he felt he’d been cheated out of the one thing about her he actually cared about.

  • stupidcants
  • Victoria Araiza

    beauty is in the eye of the beholder; and seriously this guy is a very ugly person inside and out. What arrogance, all kids are funny looking, but they grow up and depending on how they are raised they become beautiful individuals, this guy didn’t even give them a chance he called them ugly from day one looking at the pictures they are not ugly only he is.

  • teray

    he said he married out of love, then why is he looking at the external beauty???

  • Gale

    IF I’m right and this story is indeed old, I remember from my source that the judge who ruled in favor of the husband is also male~

  • Jesse P.

    The eldest son is fucking Tuco in the making, BITCH

  • A_game

    One word: Asshole!

  • trace

    before and after

  • Ghost

    I can see your point, BUT you missed something here. If he was saying that he was upset (and suing) because his children didn’t look like him, that would be one thing. But that’s not his complaint… his complaint was/is that they are ugly… in his words: “… incredibly ugly, to the point where it horrified me.”
    Saying such a thing about ANY child, much less your own children… is just f’ing unforgivable. Those children will likely grow up with tremendously low self-esteem, depression, and perhaps even deeper psychological issues such as profound self-loathing. To be called “incredibly ugly” by anyone is very painful and damages how you perceive yourself FOREVER… but to be called that by one of your own parents… and for him to even sue your mother because you’re so ugly… and last but not least, for it to be blasted all over the internet… there are no words for how bad the situation is. I’m sorry, but this guy is a walking, talking piece of shit. He has damaged those kids (and later adults) forever. FOREVER. How the hell does someone live with knowing that their father sued their mother because they were so ugly? It would be a miracle if I didn’t kill myself. So yeah, you shouldn’t feel badly for the father. At all. He could’ve simply said that he was upset/disturbed because his children didn’t look anything like him. He didn’t have to say the cruel, cruel things he said about them.

  • Katie Brewer

    Absolute legend

  • Wayne

    shallow so shallow

  • We too low

    you would know!

  • Shirley Stroh

    What an incredibly self centered man and the judge also. She needs to get away from him.

  • Honeyv

    Why not use the money to have cosmetic surgeries on their daughter? Beauty is eye of beholder…you can have the most beautiful child but the personality is so evil…not worth it.

  • Musikonica

    What in the fuck. Why do we have plastic surgery? Because people have physical flaws they deem “ugly”. I hate plastic surgery, personally, but I understand the cosmetic desires.

    In what world do you often hear “I warn you, my genetics are ugly” on a date?? Love with your heart, not with your eyes. Otherwise, you’ll never be truly happy.

  • jesly eris

    ohh yeahh ur a negro.. lolz chubby lips like a leech

  • jesly eris

    no Idiot dad is Handsome not like that kids looks like a syokoy.. lolz crazy dude

  • jesly eris

    Chinese are big too and their dick.. some of them are 7’5 theres so many Chinese lady who beautiful and sexy too.they are clean looking unlike those negro girl.

  • Reese

    whats the point of getting plastic surgery if your just gna tell evryone u were ugly. And yea the kids are pretty damn ugly but hey are half his and if they do get all there looks from thier mother then who has the stronger and more dominant genes. mum does haha wot a faggy ching eyed looser that egg must be.
    you have two boys and one girl tho if i had the right you would have none as i would take them all off you. obviously no love in that home so kids will probly grow to be just as ugly on the inside because of there father.

  • jesly eris

    Anon those Chinese kids are not really ugly as you described it so.. there are more ugly American kids who have down syndrome and autistic children who are far more worse than this kid.. they have a better future to come Chinese are known for their intelligence and beauty.. you are biased and prejudice to theres looks.. theres a lot of negro kids who likes like a chimpanzee and baboon but no one give a critics to them coz u afraid of acklash from the black people lynching you.. lolz

  • Reese

    what did he ask her if she was born ugly??

  • Reese

    OOOOM your an egg by skin deep they meant her looks not her personality. what an egg to justify a stupid commentt

  • MAX

    Hopefully, this totally LUDACRIS lawsuit happened in China, or Korea, or Tiawan, and not in the United States. I’d hate to think that some Judge here in America would even listen to such an ABSURDITY, much less find in favor of such a TOTAL ASSHOLE guy. All 3 of his kids look exactly alike. Has this NARCISISTIC, SHALLOW IDIOT ever thought about the fact that these 3 children have HALF his gene pool too? I can’t believe the CRUELTY of this whole ASININE situation. Has HE looked in the mirror…HE IS CERTAINLY NO PRIZE!!!!

  • d

    No offense hey there, but you would a horrible father if you agree with that asshole.

  • d


  • ambrielle

    You are a first class idiot for that statement.You have attractive and unattractive in all races.You are ugly as sin for making that stupid ass comment.

  • damndamn

    good job indeed. I want her plastic surgeon’s contact details!

  • darren

    I’m surprised nobody’s made the point yet that if she’s got $100,000 to blow on plastic surgery then she’s probably got $120,000 to give to him…. good luck to her, him and the whole family lol

  • Question?

    Not entirely true. Many women date or even marry ugly guys for money. If a guy lies and pretends to have lots of money, but then she finds out he doesn’t after they marry is that the same thing?

  • Jeff Hocker

    I completely sympathize with him. Those are some ugly children.

  • Gian Burayag

    Anybody who believes this story and who doesn’t see the obvious manipulation of this photo needs to have a break from life.

  • Donson

    your statement is total bullshit lol. I dont think this dude is right, but she was FAR from right for not telling her husband the whole truth about something THAT serious. If she just changed her nose or something small it wouldnt be bad, but if she looks 100% like different person and says she loves him, she should’ve told him.

  • Get with it, people
  • wookiehater

    “ugly” people can’t look that good after $100.000 worth of surgery. The kids may have some sort of genetic condition to make them look like they do.

  • wookiehater

    whoops, i meant $100,000

  • Blah

    Does anyone not notice that it says birth of their eldest, a daughter, and the pic is of an eldest son? This story is fake.

  • Zhaar

    He didn’t know that CHILDREN are precious gifts from GOD. No matter what they look like, and what imperfections they have.. THEY’RE STILL PERFECTLY GIVEN TO YOU FROM GOD TO BE LOVED AND NURTURED..

  • Richard

    Yes. It would be. It wouldn’t matter though, because she wouldn’t get any money if she sued.

  • Homer Bulos

    Just raise $300k more and problem solved.

  • cathy

    He should never talk about his daughter like that. I think he is the ugly one inside out.

  • ruth

    God created us beautiful so whatever phisycal appearance we have still we’re beautiful in his eyes. All i can say love your children because they are the most precious things u have in this world. Remeber others don’t have even one.

  • Leanna Stokes Kiernan

    the little children are lovely looking so is the mother the only ugly person in the picture is the father and worse he’s ugly on the inside to

  • L.JIll

    Wow! Anyone who thinks that what this man did is okay is TRULY SICK!!! I highly recommend that NONE of you have children. If your so self centered and vain that you can call your OWN children ugly with no regards to how this will affect YOUR child’s self confidence then YOU MY FRIEND ARE THE UGLY ONE!!!

  • your worst black nightmare ^-^

    is this some next racist website or something all im seeing is negro this or nigger that all of you need to grow the fuck up and realize times have changed or are you still crying about that one time you called a black man a nigger and he smacked the shit out of you for it so now your racist online but scared in real life i feel sorry for you lot out there got no life like

  • jeff

    I can see why he would be mad… Tell me girls, what if you dated a guy for months, married him, and then after the marriage, he took off a pair of shoes that made him appear 6 inches taller? Would you say all good.. because I love the man inside? Bullshit… Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • tatpog

    magagaling pla ang cosmetic surgeon doctors ng south korea, gaganda k… ting! parang magic..

  • nomad

    this didnt actually happen and the picture is actually an ad for plastic surgery

  • dm

    well she lied about her appearance….it is misleading. i don’t think he did anything wrong.

  • Jacob Sawyer

    I think its bad that he called his daughter ugly but I think its good to bring up this issue. I think you should be able to search a database for plastic surgery, not only for things like this but also for safety. What if a criminal lives next door but has a new face and the police couldn’t find him unless they could search a plastic surgery database.

    It makes sense, even though its a new issue. I’d still hook up with that girl, just wouldn’t want any kids.

  • Jacob Sawyer

    This has got to be one of the dumbest comments in the history of the internet.

  • Jacob Sawyer

    I challenge you to make a post with less than 5 grammatical and spelling errors and/or racial slurs.

  • Jacob Sawyer

    She mislead him. $100,000 buys you alot of surgery. Its not just a boob job or a nose job. Thats at least 5 major operations, could be up in the 10-20 operations depending on where she had it. I know in other nearby countries to S. Korea in S.E. Asia there are super duper cheap operations like in Thailand for instance.

    She was a completely different person, and while I dont think its immoral or illegal to get the operation and have a relationship, I think its immoral and completely wrong to hide the fact while knowingly conceiving children.

    Let me sum it up:

    Lets think historically, last 10,000 years being our time frame…

    Man or any other male animal looks for certain attributes in the female that are desirable for future offspring. He typically stays away from lesser females. Weak, injured, ugly, whatever the case….its been like this forever and its even the case with animals as well.

    We can get all emotional and say he should love them anyway, but the point is, she lied about one of the most basic parts of human life. Procreation.

    By hiding her surgeries, shes basically lying to him saying, i’m like this, when i’m really not.

    Im sure he loved her but his love was mislead and how can you love someone who lies to you about significant things?

    Shes a completely different woman after $100,000 and she lied. I would not only divorce her but seek emotional damages as well.

  • katie

    I hope he is now ex husband.

  • BougieHippie

    The real question WHO IS HER DOCTOR?! He has the hands of a god.

  • Charlie

    If you really think that then I probably won’t be able to change your mind, but it saddens me that so many people here are cheapening love so much by saying that its ok to leave someone you love on the grounds of looks. I think that if you really, truly love someone, it wouldn’t matter so much. If I found out something similar about my partner, I might feel hurt, shocked, but I would still love him because it was his personality I fell in love with. Attractiveness is a nice bonus. I’ve asked him and he says he would feel the same if he found out the same thing about me. As long as he finds her attractive now, what difference does it make to his attraction to her? I think it’s very likely that this story is in the context of a wider marital breakdown with many other issues involved, and this is a way to hurt her. Either that or he is a very shallow and cruel man…

  • guerdon

    Well, how stupid of him to marry her for her looks alone; more stupid for not getting to know her background and her past. HE WAS ALSO RESPONSIBLE FOR BEING STUPID. And don’t even begin with the “trust” angle…. he married her because her looks gave him a hard on. Such a vain guy. He should sue himself for not isisting to see family pictures, childhood pics, meeting the relatives, or talking to them… the list goes on. HE IS STUPID.

  • Elohim
  • ronald

    faggot ass red neck go back to fucking sheep

  • guest

    Isn’t this story like a year old already or something?

  • True True

    Stupid man, marrying just out of what he sees. Yes, indeed, a true asshole that he really is! Where is love in this marriage?

  • tracymichelle

    Since when is it a requirement to tell your spouse that you had
    elective surgery? And when did we get to start suing our spouses for
    withholding information? Those children are a product of BOTH parents… not
    just her. I’m sorry, but he is ignorant and does not deserve to have a family
    if he is that shallow!! So, I can sue my ex-husband for being a lying,
    cheating, douche bag? I think that sounds a little ridiculous, doesn’t it? It’s
    good to know that our judicial system is more focused on this nonsense than
    prosecuting actual criminals!!

  • Randy

    She should sue him for hiding his ugly soul. How does a parent even make a statement like that about his own daughter?

  • Toinkz!

    and yet the father still make 2 more of them… lol

  • Kjp33

    First of all…. First of why did it took him 3 try to come to a realization… He should Never won the damn case. It’s invalid. The point is dead!!!!

  • Rick Sander

    You have to see the before and after of the wife. This article is holding back. It’s shocking if true.

  • Dada

    This is what you get chasing beautiful women… you’ll end up with a bigger disappointment..

  • Jacob Sawyer

    I never said its ok to leave someone you love on the grounds of looks.

    She deceived him. I dont care if you lie about having orgies with hookers or about what time you got off work, a lie is a lie.

    I don’t think its ok to lie, Charlie. Is that bad? I would have a major issue with my wife (if I was married) if she lied about something like that. Imagine the depth she would have to lie.

    He had no idea she looked different before, that means not only has she not shown him ANY pictures of her past, but she must have hidden them from him because they are both young enough to be in the generation of people that take millions of photos. There should be at least one photo of her as a youth and she hid it, meaning a huge cover up, not just some little white lie. Get what im saying Charlie? Its not as extreme as you made it out to be….

    I wouldn’t accept such dishonesty. I think the looks only have about 20% to do with this (for me). The 80% would be the lies.

    I just cant get over the dollar amount and the length of time she had to hide and cover that up. Thats a big deal.

  • Asskicker

    The husband is as ugly. Perhaps the wife should sue him back. What a piece of crap!

  • don8life

    That’s just awful! They are HIS children too! If he loved them and his wife, then it shouldn’t matter what they look like! They have half of his genetic make up as well, so it’s 50% HIS “fault” if he doesn’t like how his children look! And why is he only focused on his daughter? So women should be beautiful and that’s all that matters? This man is a horrible father and human being.

  • TheTafpage42 .

    This guy is an absolute asshat he doesn’t deserve to have kids.

  • June Woolston

    All I can say is poor children having to grow up with him as a father, I hope in the future they disown him! I was born with a slight facial deformity, my parents still loved me and I’ve had a good life in spite of it. Shame on him!

  • Hahah

    Especially since their marital problems MUST have something to do with his incredibly small penis that he can’t get hard enough to stimulate his wife. He probably got plastic surgery on his dick. This man used his money to buy a trophy wife, dick plastic surgery, lawyers, and Viagra (to have his 3 kids), all to make himself feel pretty and hide the fact he’s a sad little closeted chinese gay man with a tiny non-functioning dick!

  • Lakeshia Davis

    No, it is not BS. That is HER right alone. He had NO right to know. That is why you get surgery, so others will NEVER know. Any transsexual who gets surgery and then wastes the surgery by telling ANYONE, doesn’t deserve ANY rights. You are supposed to change a body you are not supposed to have and be treated 100% as if you had the correct one your entire life. If you tell, you don’t deserve rights and should be forced to be changed back.

  • Lakeshia Davis

    That is the whole point, to change your body to force others to love you for the correct body you were always supposed to have. Hopefully God will punish him harshly for his immoral “need” to know and his greed and bigotry. ALL anyone has a right to know is what you look like now. It is not lying to not tell others what they have no right to know.

  • treasure

    ` well, I wonder why he agreed on this photoshoot if he is scared of being labeled “father of an unattractive child” ?! WTfox!

  • Anonymous

    All I can say is that is one incredible plastic surgeon!

  • jeff

    If he had an arsehole transplant, the arsehole would reject him

  • Minh Thuy

    Cant believe he make 3 kids with her, should stopped after 1 kids and find out what happened ? Hahaha, but he handsome! Oh im feel sorry for him, married to an ugly girl! Lol !

  • Minh Thuy

    Hey coi hinh before and after she do surgery, u will have the same my feeling !

  • RITom

    She paid it out of their JOINT CHECKING ACCOUNT.

  • Kim

    If this is a real picture of the family, why is the husband and wife smiling here and if the husband is angry with his wife how did this picture came about…although I know that cosmetic surgery is popular huh almost everywhere not only in South Korea…COME ON!

  • ruth

    She wasn’t ugly just Korean, thats how koreans look

  • anton

    are they koreans? Dont they all have plastic surgery?

  • mez

    This is fucking ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    Why did they still have the third child then? Seriously asking.

  • Eve

    Well, I agreed with those who called him an asshole until I saw the wife’s before and after photos… I can sort of sympathise with him, as he would never have looked at his wife before surgery. She did kind of cheat him.

  • Jany

    He has an ugly heart!

  • Slipmatwax

    she should counter-sue for double the amount

  • Le_Post_Monkey

    It didn’t bother him enough to NOT have two more kids after the first…

  • tiggy

    If this happened to me, I would be pissed! She lied and really not who he thought she was. If he had met her how she really looks like without surgery they would never be together so the whole thing is a lie. Sounds bad, but having children look like this would be pretty horrible.

  • KiaMIA

    His children are adorable, so can somebody please tell me just what in DAFUQ is his
    problem? #doucheBagToTheMax

  • Sherry Heim

    He is a total pig and he should be charged with child cruelty. He should be forced by the court to support his children and not be allowed to come in contact with them until they are old enough to make the choice to see him.

  • bob

    ugly runs deep in that man, he is wrong that he could not put out anything ugly, he already has..

  • Legend

    I bet they just got done doing math as a family

  • japh

    come on guys, the judge won’t be so stupid to allow him to get away with such elitist looks-discriminating excuses. It was the fact that the wife has broken the trust of the husband. What would you have done if you think you loved someone and you marry them only to find out that they are not who you think they were? It just happened that he found out through the looks of the kids. We all know single eyelids are the dominant trait, but both of them did not have single eyelids, but all their kids have single eyelids (as seen from the picture). What explanations are there? Infidelity or plastic surgery. Either have broken the trust between husband and wife- the foundation of marriage.

  • Sappaire

    That is not right. Sorry, but I think u are wrong there about even in marriage are partners has no right in knowing what we do in parts of our life. Then that is not a real marriage. Keeping secrets from each other is not good. I don’t like doing that either does my husband. I like it lay out on the table and just tell the truth. If u keep things from each other like this then the marriage well not work. What u say is mess up. Honest is the way to go. Do u do that to ur husband? If he finds out u didn’t tell him the truth what will he feel. Hurt! If my husband doesn’t tell me everything in his life from the start that we were married. We would have not be together for 10 years. Lies are bad. Ur partner has a right to know everything about u. if u are marriage or not. I don’t care what anyone says. This is how u have a good relationship from the start. If u love someone so much then u should never keep or hide anything from them. That is why there are so many mess up relationships today. People break up or get divorce over crazy things like this looks, money, power. I hate every bit of it. Also nature did not mess us up. We are created by God. We all look different. I understand that she wanted and needed the cosmetic surgery to make her feel good about herself. She should have told him the truth. Will, I have to say good luck with ur relationship if u keep this up.

  • sara

    that is so wrong are you not ment to love your kids no matter what!

  • Alan

    This kind of wife . cheat on the man. And The man also not very handsome.

  • Jamie

    honestly, the photo looks photoshopped and no one will really whether this story is true anot

  • Charlie

    I agree that lying is an issue, but not enough to justify his actions, which I think are just cruel. I just don’t think that if the love was ever real he would react in this way. I would be hurt and shocked, but I certainly would not sue, or draw media attention to the case just to humiliate my partner. I don’t think I would even leave him, just have a very serious talk about honesty and trust – I love him too much to leave him over something that I see as understandable, even if it’s definitely not the right choice.

  • Larloch TheShadow King

    You’re racist.

  • Larloch TheShadow King

    you must be a negro girl

  • UglyTruth

    The truth shall set you free…Serve her right. Going into marriage you have to tell everything cause you never know what that ‘asshole’ or ‘bitch’ can take when the truth comes out after.

  • Tricia
  • Andy, Bad Person

    Still fake, just like it was ten years ago.

  • Shaun Aceves

    I’m sorry Lakeshia, your heart is in the right place but I disagree with you on this. People try too hard to be politically correct these days but the fact of the matter is when we find a mate for life we also think of procreation and whether we admit it or not want our kids to be as good-looking as possible. Looks isn’t everything but it does matter to a degree. If she had a lot of plastic surgery done and was possibly deformed, when she and her husband decided to have kids, maybe she should’ve mentioned something. I don’t agree with the guy in the article on this either though. No point in suing; he was being a douche. Personally speaking though, I would be pretty bummed out if I were that guy.

  • Suzanne White

    Ditto my thoughts exactly! He need watch-out Karma can be UGLY!

  • Bryan Goodridge

    Feng needs to be jailed for child abuse in a cell right next to the stupid ass judge.

  • Ildefonso Certeza

    you cannot cheat almighty, and it is now proving..

  • Leo

    the kids look beautiful in my eyes.

  • Denise

    Whats Crazy is if he can’t look at her and tell she had her eyes done ( not to mention he had his eyes done too) then he is a dumbass.

  • sugarbear

    the judge was right! beauty is skin deep but UGLY is to the bone! I would have sued her ass too!

  • sugarbear

    nigger? go back to the trailer park and fuck your cousin!!!!

  • sugarbear

    white racist so gangster on the internet but won’t say that shit in public…go fuck your cousin you trailer park trash…smelling like wet dog!!!!

  • Guest

    what a tosser still could of been his fault what they looked like many good looking parent have not so good looking children and lots of not so good looking parents have gorgeous kids x

  • Donna Burbeck

    What a tosser still could of been his fault what they looked like,
    good looking parent have not so good looking children and lots of not
    so good looking parents have gorgeous kids x

  • Tired Of The Ignorance

    He’s not all that great looking himself to try to pass judgment on innocent kids HIS kids that HIS DNA help to produce. What an A-hole & some of you need to lighten up & show compassion for ALL people. Why must you turn everything into a black & white racial issue? Last I checked black, white, whatever we are all H U M A N B E I N G S ! ! !

  • Justin Marcantel

    What is wrong with these kids? They just look…Asian to me…

  • wickedwizard

    he needs his head knocked off

  • Kellou22

    Got to be a lad of bill if be was that bothered he wouldn’t have had more children with her would he!!

  • Kellou22

    Sorry *load of bull

  • Christopher John Walters

    I bet her Plastic Surgeon is over the Moon that his/her work was so good that the Narcissist moron who married her didn’t cop on.

  • Barbara Morgan

    He should be the one paying out the money since all the children look like him. Wonder what the judge looks like that awarded him $120,000 for saying his children are ugly and that it is the wife’s fault instead of charging him with emotional child abuse? . He is sorry excuse for a Dad and you are a sorry excuse for a human being for your statement about the boys and must not to good looking since all you show in your picture is your lower torso.

  • Barbara Morgan

    You either need to get glasses or think beauty looks the same to all of us. The man is ugly, the children look like both parents and are better looking than their father. The judge should be kicked off the bench,, the father charged with emotional and verbal child abuse, fined 300,000 dollars and sent to jail.Sure hope that you don’t have children because based on your posting you would be a verbal abusive parent.

  • Barbara Morgan

    Your kind of thinking and others like you thinking is one of the main reasons the world is like it is today. It is not physical attractiveness that attracts most people to their mates, it is they have the same values, and get along with each other. Any relationship built on how pretty someone is doesn’t last because there is no real feelings on the part of the person marrying the attractive one since they are only looking for a trophy mate not true love.. Also since it clear that his daughter was born after the two boys, why didn’t he divorce her after his first”ugly” child was born instead of having two more children with her, Another where is the wife going to get $120,000 dollars to pay to her ugly husband? Is she rich or her parents rich so he get the money his ugly self doesn’t deserve. If she is rich that is why he married her not because of her looks. You are a very shallow person.

  • Barbara Morgan

    I will be surprised if any of the children live into a adulthood after their father’s emotional and verbal abuse toward them since many kids commit suicide when they are bullied by being called ugly by others. Image how these children must see themselves now after their” loving” father sues the mother because of the way they look and the stupidest judge in the world agreeds with him. If looks is so important to this “shallow Hal” how come he never questioned his now wife about her reasons for her not showing him childhood pictures of herself and didn’t he meet her family before they were married to see what they looked like knowing that she what she looked like came from her parents.

  • Barbara Morgan

    Women have to much VANITY IN THEIR MIND, it is the man here that is vain not the woman. Also where does it say he ever asked her if she had ever had any plastic surgery done and she said no, if he didn’t ask her then she didn’t lie. Also plastic surgery is expensive and the amount she spent could have been to have a crooked or large nose fixed, to have moles removed or something fixed that she felt was ugly when it wasn’t. The out rage from most of us is because this “father” thinks his children are ugly, sues the mother because they are”ugly” and is awarded $120,000 because his children, which carries 50% of his genetic genes which also contributes to how his children looks is considered ugly by the judge also. We are thinking about what this “father” and judge have done to the children and their feelings about themselves and how it may lead to them killing themselves because they their “father” and a “judge” says they are ugly and that is spread world wide over the internet.

  • Barbara Morgan

    You are ugly because your posting is ugly thus no matter how you really look you are uglier than they are and they aren’t ugly.

  • Barbara Morgan

    He doesn’t love his children, if he did the way they look would not matter and he wouldn’t have sued their mother because he didn’t know that she had had plastic surgery. True love for your children doesn’t include suing their mother because of how they look, you love them despite their looks. There is an important factor at work here that some many siding with the “father” in this article have overlooked, his genes also contribute to how his children look so whose to say the ugly he sees wasn’t caused by his genes not her.

  • Barbara Morgan

    I understand from another post that the picture is not actual picture of the “father” but a stock picture, no actual picture has been shown so the children can’t be ID and made fun of by people like many on this blog. IF the man in the picture is good looking you need glasses

  • Barbara Morgan

    Since the picture shown is not of the actual family none of us have any idea what either parent looks like nor their child or children look like How many of you standing up for shallow Hal the”father” and him suing his wife know anything about how we get our looks? It seems none, we get our looks from the combining of the genes of both of our parents so how we look is because of that combining not the fact that one may have changed their looks by surgery. Since the children’s looks are from both parents,how can he or the judge say that his family genes aren’t the reason that the children look like they do instead of their mother’s gene, what did his ancestors look like when it came to their looks. The “father” is an abusive parent, and should have been charged as such when he sued his wife because he considers his children”ugly”, abuse is not always physical but can be verbal and emotional abuse and he is such abuser. Also since it seems that other children were born to them besides the daughter that he got a DNA test done on why did he stay with her and have more children . He is a not a father but a scumbag and all that are taking his part in this case are just as bad as he is. If you love your children you don’t sue their mother because of the way the children look especially since you are 50% responsible for their looks also.

  • mressentialist

    I mean…

  • Dave
  • Kristen Brienzi

    This man is going to hell for all the not so nice things and some of you on here are as well! How can you make fun of someone you love & care about. OOO WAIT HE DOESNT!

  • Perry

    fake news, and photo comes from a charity poster which promoting care to Down syndrome children

  • jay
  • Lina4969

    wow, he really needs to get over himself. when you marry someone you promise to love and care for them. why should it matter what your kids look like? you are called to love them no matter what!

  • hankbask

    This is a fake news story… no names, no location, a staged photo, and kids whose eyes and noses have all been altered in photo shop. Asians don’t take photos like this, And there is no way the wife’s longer shape nose could have been a turned up snout before cosmetic surgery…no way to add skin like that. I cry FAKE. And what Asian family has 3 kids… NONE.

  • hankbask

    Having an attractive spouse or two attractive spouses does not always guarantee the kids will turn out good looking. Look at Bruce Willi’s kids, Billy Joel’s daughter, many celebrities have awkward looking kids….genetics are a funny thing.

  • BayRidgeGeorge

    In America we have prenuptial agreements over money & property. So this man wanted an attractive FAMILY ,he married her on the grounds that they would have good looking children (It’s a harsh shallow thing to do) but I agree with the Man. A half truth is a full lie & She wanted to marry a wealthy goodlooking man.Its like what if she had a sex change and then got married? The woman was sneaky & the Man is shallow ,So I guess they deserve each other!

  • carrie

    … my son looks identicle to me… and shows no resemblence of the sperm donor

  • Kim Thomson

    plastic surgery has many positive effects and many negative effects.

  • Proud dad

    What’s on the outside showing with those beautiful CHILDREN isn’t nearly as ugly as what is on the inside of a father that would first off see his children as ugly but to say it out loud….so ugly inside!!!

  • Guest

    If the girl is “incredibly ugly,” then why not have mom fix her as well?

  • hihi

    I mean they are ugly… No denying that, and the parents are good looking. Horrible dad but the wife didn’t tell him, this is on her. The dad is just an ass hole

  • Rebecca Mclaughlin

    Seems it isn’t true according to other sites. If they had problems since the daughter was born because he believed she was ugly they would likely not have gone on to have another baby a few years later. What makes me cringe is this could be a loving family who’s portrait is being passed about naming there children ugly. How awful would that be.

  • linda

    This story is hilarious if only it weren’t so sad…poor children! I’d counter sue if I were her. The man is clearly an unfit father, talking about child abuse……. :/ And ugly too, being the small short sighted asshole he is…

  • Lele

    That’s… That’s not how genetics work.

  • Lele

    Sorry, but you’re a fucking idiot for that comment.

    None of them are actually particularly ugly except for one thing, and idgaf if its harsh to say, they have horrible noses… That are the same shape as his wifes was before she got surgery.

    They might still grow into it – I mean, their all very young and all that shit, but to be fair, if my wife had had plastic surgery and I wanted to start a family with her, I’d think about it. Because while I want love and all that, I want my children to have as easy lives as possible – and if you’re ugly, that’s less likely. I hate that fact and think people are cunts for making it that way. I would also never sue a partner for giving me ‘ugly’ kids.

    But anyway, back to the idiot thing, I’m sorry… They just don’t look like their father in any bad way. I’m a heterosexual male and I can still see the guy’s handsome – and all of the kids do have good qualities from both, don’t get me wrong.

  • Lele

    No. Just no. I don’t like the fact that appearance has such a huge role in society. But its genetic. Its hardwired into us – and also, its the general consensus.

    The guy is an asshole in some ways, but I completely get where he’s coming from. Sure, love your children no matter what. There’s nothing to say that this guy doesn’t. He is simply angry with his wife for lying to him – and causing his children to be ugly. That’s whats happened.

    You might say ‘oh, don’t be so shallow.’ But because their ugly, they’ll get bullied in school. People will most likely be cunts to them because of it and their going to get a lot of shit. That’s just how society is – and there’s little we can do to change it because our GENETICS use beauty as a way to determine health for a partner. Its subconscious, but that’s how it is. I hate the fact he’s been an asshole about it. But he has every right to be pissed that she lied and as such three poor kids will probably end up being bullied for years.

  • Px4D

    Isn’t it obvious, that she had some surgery done ? O.o

  • angel16677

    Wat a bloody prick all he is worried about is having perfection and perfect looks , well wake up u blind fool there is no such thing as perfect looks.

  • Richard Roma

    I think she could have defended on the grounds that he had not one, but three, ugly kids before making his decision. And FYI, I’ve known many Chinese parents who tell their kids they’re fat and ugly on a regular basis. It’s really not that uncommon.

  • Jane

    why would proceed with the next one if you are unhappy with the first child???
    everyone is worth-ed on Earth even if you are damn ugly!!!

  • TheJudgeisPretty

    Lele, i couldnt help myself to agree with you. a very sad case, especially to the childrens. undoubtedly the children inherited the “ugly” side of their mother but really, to sue your wife? nothing can be done, you have 3 kids anyway..
    as for the father, i dont know if he feels sorry for himself or the kids

    Lesson learns, a couple to come clean if they have gone for cosmetic surgery before they are getting married.. . :)

  • Iknowiampretty

    there is nothing wrong with the kids anyway. it was their mother who fakes her beauty to lured a man to marry her. Those kids are perfectly fine. I am sorry I feel sad for the children too..
    and the deceived father..

    BTW, do u think we should do a page ” stop cosmetic surgery” and “embrace your natural beauty” in Facebook to educate people that they are beautiful.. no matter what people says.. :)

  • Joxin

    kinda stupid also. The kids he dun have a responsibility to have them meh? Also got his genes inside what. Who knows he also went for plastic surgery and look like a pig in the past? Blame wife might as well blame himself. *puke*

  • Iamnotthatnicereally

    no .. we are not.. even the mother also can’t accept that she was so ugly she needs a 100k cosmetic surgery to change her look. I feel sorry for the children. really. the mommy was selfish!
    now u put yourself into his shoe. what do u think if your GF was so darn ugly and she did a cosmetic surgery and change her face and appearance ( fake from head to toe) and she didnt tell you about and and you got to see her old photo.. u will be freak just to see her old photo! Let alone to have a baby that look like her before she is now..

    don’t try to be mr nice guy here. i think u also wanna date a hot girl. dont you?


  • iamgettingsohotnow

    yes. agree with you

  • iamnofakenoplastic

    anyway Lakeshia, if you yourself does not love your own body or your own look, how would u expect other people to LOVE you?
    Talking about TRUE LOVE,u guys say he is scumbag, come on people. would you love someone who does not thankful for what they have?

    talking about LOVE, bullshit!
    Talking about TRUE LOVE? bullshit!
    you guys are pretending like u are an angel. while in real life you all not even close to it.

    this is what i say,


    i wonder if u also had a cosmetic surgery!

  • iamnofakenoplastic

    yeah yeah.. wait till you get one. let see if u can still maintain your principal. :)

  • iamrealiamnoplastic

    logical thinking is what we need. i do agree with you.

  • iamrealiamnoplastic

    charlie, u are such a keyboard warrior..
    u r cluttered with your emotion. it is good. it shows that u r human.. ;)

  • Charlie

    Wait until I get what? A long term partner? I have one. And I couldn’t leave him over something like this.

  • Charlie

    I’m not sure if I should take that as a compliment or not ( the bit about being cluttered) , but I think I will. I spend a lot of time arguing about things I believe in in various ways, mainly women’s rights issues and politics. I think that if I manage to change even one or two minds in the interests of tolerance and individual choice, then it was worth the time it took to research and type my thoughts.

  • Arifin Assaly


  • Charlie

    If the man could be ‘lured’ to marry her with just looks and wasn’t in love with her personality, then he is the shallow, morally lacking one, not her.
    I love it when people embrace their natural beauty, but I don’t judge people for getting cosmetic surgery if they want to and it makes them feel better about themselves. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it as a personal choice, as long as it’s done safely and only to people who fully understand what they are doing.

  • Don

    Ok. Sue her for false pretenses, for not telling him the truth about the plastic surgery,…but to sue her because their kids are ugly and for the judge to AGREE … holy crap!… (the kids’ each carry half HIS genes for Heavens’ sakes… so it’s not just the wife’s “fault” those kids are ugly…and those boys are way uglier than that girl).

  • Joey Keen

    this is fake, btw.

    they both had plastic surgery as well

  • Jai Taormino

    He forgot that half of his genes are in the kids, maybe it’s HIS fault that they look the way they do, they’re beautiful kids. He have a lot of nerve, he didn’t marry her because he loves her {if he did he wouldn’t care how the kids look}, he’s an ASSHOLE, i wouldn’t give his ignorant ass anything but a swift kick in his balls!!!

  • Hmmm, have to think about that

    Am wondering why he had more than one child if he so horrified about the physical appearance.

    Am wondering if he is not aware that such a shallow, vain, critical, insensitive, arrogant attitude is far uglier than his perceived ugliness of his children; and that others such as myself are ‘horrified’ that he would ‘feel’ such a way about his own flesh and blood … is he incapable of seeing their inner beauty?

    Am wondering if the judge agreed the children were ugly … and if so, did he agree to the law suit only on with the terms that their Father spend the money on cosmetic surgery, so he would not be horrified when he looked at his flesh and blood and they would not ‘feel’ horrified when they look into the mirror.

  • elisa

    i find the little girl pretty.

  • Opinionatedasshole

    I would’ve awarded the man 120,000 for each kid.. Hell they all ugly .. Then she gonna lie about the surgery .. That’s just like photoshopping a picture or using some filter so your picture can look better but show up in person looking like a science experiment

  • Brian Coddington

    That is just so wong!

  • Carolj Animae Themusic

    He should get knock his ass out flat!

  • Carolj Animae Themusic

    dad or not the dad let a man even yell at my kid , !! shit! id like to meet this asshole!

  • LiveinHarmony

    So after the first child, who he thought “was ugly” .. Why would he have two more? I don’t mean to laugh but … LMFAOOOO , This is the most RIDICULOUS thing I’ve ever heard about !

  • nat

    That man is both ugly inside and out!!!!!!!

  • Annette Williams

    I’m sorry but, all three of those kids are ugly! Now, I do agree the wife mislead him by not telling the husband about her plastic surgery before they got married. But, I still think the husband is an azzhole for suing his wife because she gave birth to three unattractive children! DNA is luck of the draw! Just because two attractive people have children together doesn’t guarantee they’ll have pretty babies!

  • philyhai

    This is a fake news!!!

  • Rob F

    This is a spoof. It’s been doing the rounds since 2004. Not a real story. The picture is from a humerous billboard advert for plastic surgery.

  • djulien

    This must be from The Onion!

  • djulien

    Check out this Twilight Zone episode:

  • Heather

    Someone tell me why they didn’t stop having children after the first one, if they thought it was so hideous?!

  • mark

    This guy is still in the closet.

  • tiedtotheair2

    Ugly is in the eye of the beholder. He’s the one who is ugly. I hope his children grow up (without him) to be successful, well admired and respected adults. That would be the best revenge.

  • tiedtotheair2

    Ok. I’m lost. What does being Black have to do with this? Seriously, I am very curious to know why you asked that….

  • Andrea

    Dang what a douchebag he is. I think his kids are beautiful. Unfortunately he’s too blind to see that.

  • Chuck D

    A buck 20? Turn that around, get the daughter her own plastic surgery, and have enough left over for a loaded Civic. Win-win.

  • Nc

    The only thing about this is you my think the kids are ugly now to me no child is ugly they are young and there facial features will change he is just a concided jerk and only cares about looks :-(

  • Mista Starr


  • parent

    Funk you all. Most u mother flowers have kids and leave. Leaving most Americans kids growing up with out guidance. Here you people are judging other by race and enthic. Grow up and better yourselves and stop the hate.

  • blorfk

    This is satire. SMH

  • Sade Green

    She should’ve at least told him she had gotten plastic surgery and prepare the man lol Poor guy was shocked sigh….I wonder if they are still together lmao

  • David Gibler

    Shut up. Who asked you?

  • David Gibler

    Actually, they’re not. But they are still his, and he sucks.

  • momma ren

    the saddest part is how the children must feel. no parent should ever feel that their child is ugly he is ugly for thinking that about his own flesh and blood how sad. i think the kiddos are cuties and there is no reason for what happend i would have told him to sick it

  • Lindaandjerrytaylor Custom Tee


  • Cree

    Think maybe the Judge ordered that high an amount to help motivate a divorce so he can jump the mom??

  • john

    ya its messed up but I dont think there his cas the r a good looking couple but honestly suing her dont make sense but i wldnt be happy about it ether , and thn again whos to say it wasn’t his genetics passed down if they wer his kids. Now i wld still love my kid’s the same no matter what but there is sience behind y we look for an atractive partner, it becas subconsiously we r wired to look for these things in a partner, so our offspring have a better edge in life

  • Carlen

    I saw a lady and her husband in the check out one day and their children looked just like her but all had huge long noses. Her nose was perfect. I think this happens pretty often. But this guy lacks natural affection for his children. They are Not ugly.

  • shibbydibby

    In his defense, those kids are pretty damn ugly.

  • Tim Seekins

    This is so messed up…they are beautiful to me and i would adopt them if i could…

  • april

    that’s sad… they are gonna be mentally messed up when they get older =

  • April

    and bigger question… what did she look like before o.O

  • A.W.

    Anyone else want to see her “before” pictures? Cause, damn, that surgeon did a great job.

  • funbunn40

    What a shallow, callous piece of humanity that can reject his own flesh and blood. What was that judge thinking? He must be as big of a jerk as the husband. Can’t imagine any other woman wanting anything to do with such a cold, calculating man!

  • Dave

    Just so everyone knows, He is not suing her because the ugly children. He is suing her because of Marriage under false pretense, hes just using the ugly ass kids as proof. Whoever wrote that headline needs to take a class on general analysis.

  • kittykatpoppiepop

    there’s no way this is real. so what exactly are you suing for ? deception ??? The fuck ?? lol

  • Wtf

    that is od messed up

  • Jfro

    I agree with both him and the judge. As society becomes more vain people decieve others to gain what they want. Shes lying with her body. He may have loved her but she isnt who he thought she was. How would she like it if he had a fake bank account? Think about what ur doing before altering who u are.

  • Someone

    i feel bad for the kids, what kind of horrible parent could even say something like that? However, that being said this whole situation brings some important facts forward….firstly if you’re a pathetic skeeze who only judges someone from looks you deserve to date some plastic made up person, why the $ %#& do you think woman do that anyway? perhaps because society dictates that for them to even be treated decently they need to look like that?… i question her taste somewhat though, i’m assuming he’s rich since his personality is zero. Anyways you go for looks, that’s what you get.

  • Jake42083

    Heck yeah!! I’d be pissed off as well. That nose, for crying out loud- THAT NOSE!!! Str8 up Michael Jackson nose!

  • Colette Harrington Schwoeri

    Children are a gift from God. He did not marry this woman for love, obviously she came from money in order to afford so much surgery. The kids are cute and it’s shameful he would be so cruel. God forgive him. The lesson is all of this is to make sure you know the person you are marrying. She should have been upfront and obviously he’s a horrible human being. I also want to say to the people here who said the children are ugly, you’re uglier in God’s eyes. He judges a person’s heart and you don’t have one.

  • hung far lo

    now he has to chang(e) his name to Guna Soo

  • Nancy Jacqueline Snelders

    Clearly this photograph has nothing to do with the story to which it is now attached, as the Fengs supposedly divorced after the birth of their first child, a daughter, but this family portrait includes three children, the eldest of which is a boy. Indeed, this image actually originated with an advertisement for a Taiwanese plastic surgery center:

    What do you think of this picture? A handsome father and pretty mother surrounded by three children who very much resemble each other all smiling in front of the camera — it looks like a happy picture of the perfect family, doesn’t it? But wait, is there something about this family that doesn’t quite look right?

    Well, this picture is an ad for a plastic surgery center in Taiwan, and you can see that the children in the picture don’t look like their parents at all. The ad features the line, “The only thing you have to worry you about after plastic surgery is the explaining you’ll have to do to your children.”

    Is any aspect of this story true? Probably not, as it apparently originated as a single-source item printed in a Chinese newspaper (the Heilongjiang Morning Post) known for publishing urban-legend like tales without verification, such as its recent fictitious story about a man who arranged to meet his online girlfriend for their first “real” date only to discover that she was his son’s wife:

    The Heilongjiang Morning Post apologised for publishing a false story without verifying the facts.

    The newspaper published the story “Man’s online date is daughter-in-law,” saying that a 57-year-old man in Muleng, Heilongjiang province, asked his online girlfriend out for a date only to find out that she was his own daughter-in-law.

    The story became a web hit after it was published.


  • a2013

    Beauty is nice to look at but what about when it gets boring! People that are up themselves are the ugliest of people by far as they never have thoughts/feelings for anyone but themselves. He isn’t happy as it reflects his genes too! Poor kids. To be honest everyone is beautiful to someone! This is just law at its craziest form. What if the children god forbid had had a disability? Who woukd have had the blame of that! As a parent you love your kids unconditionally so why has he judged them in any other light than parental love? Money grabbing idiot! Hope it doesnt affect the kids too much bless them.

  • HexED

    Wait.. He had the first one, then thought, “hey maybe I should confirm this theory of mine”, so he had another, then being so in love with her he decides to have one MORE for good measure? And then and ONLY then does he sue her? Mindblown~

    And yea.. the picture is fake.

  • chuckied97

    what the fuck if they are black?

  • chuckied97

    cut the racist shit asshole

  • Samantha Marie Batey

    You people are crazy if you think the dad is attractive. He is ugly on the inside and the outside. Plus his kids aren’t that bad, I’ve seen much worse. And also her surgery is pretty obvious, at least to me, he should have known more about his wife before having children with her. And those are still his kids…. and him saying they arn’t his when they are and calling them ugly is considered abuse and he should be tried in court.

  • Samantha Marie Batey

    you are a jerk.

  • Samantha Marie Batey

    I don’t know whether to like you or hate you.

  • Samantha Marie Batey

    Loved this xD

  • Samantha Marie Batey

    Outside beauty is nothing if you are ugly on the inside.

  • Samantha Marie Batey

    Thank you for being one of the only decent people on here.

  • Tab

    That’s what I say lol

  • Sylvia Alecia Coppin-Smith

    My thought is, all the kids look like they have Downs. So she may be much older than she looks. I agree with the judge making HER pay for fraud. But I do not agree with dads words. He has to accept the gifts God blessed him with and work with it. Sad situation.

  • Tab

    I agree with you the father should be charged for emotional abuse to those kids how could anybody look at their own child and say something like that?! He needs some serious help

  • StormKat

    Well they barely look like the mother considering they have their fathers eyes and mouths. So that pretty much sums it up that the father is the one who’s ugly.

  • StormKat

    Plus the father looks more like a fucking faggot. Lmao

  • StormKat

    His mustache looks like a landing strip of a woman’s pussy. So that tells you he can take a dick in his mouth and looks like a MAN girl.

  • Dr.Ali

    how do u know Chinese are small ? :P

  • Lizz Bate

    What a fucking dick sucking asshole

  • Jon

    By nature a man chooses a woman to support based on the feeling she’ll give him beautiful, healthy offspring… All the political correctness in the world isn’t going to change that.. He has a right to be pissed if the stories real… On a grander scale, political correctness is always against the greater good.. Being politically correct doesn’t make you ‘good’ rather than you just aren’t that smart.

  • Rosemary: For Better — Or Wha

    The kids aren’t ugly, they’re just ordinary looking kids. The problem they have is not their looks, it’s their horrible, shallow, idiot father. Maybe they can sue him for emotional abuse and general stupidity. Too bad he can’t get plastic surgery to improve his thinking.

  • reina

    Just curious I will love to see the picture of his wife after,she spends 100,000 thousands dollars on correcting her ugly self.
    Don’t judge this poor men he was been used to married a woman who feels is uglys hell :)haaaaa

  • Mother of 2

    regardless of the color, race, etc poor kids to deal with a father like that. he needs to get his ass kicked every day there are kids that for no reason come out with down syndrome or blind or what ever it is does it matter you should love your kids no matter what

  • Rosiegirl

    Why would he say that about his daughter! That’s just mean! She’s cute in her own way!

  • Kokuto Shirogane

    Im marry her in a heart beat regardless of her original looks and have even more babies



  • Anony

    And how would u know that he has a small penor?

  • Art Renner

    The only thing worse than a racist is the mother who allowed him to become one…your ignorance and arrogance are an embarrassment to all humanity. This is an awful story…hyphenated by your idiocy.

  • Me

    Didn’t they look at the man,he is no winner. Shame on him. Those poor children should be given to families who will see their beauty and handsomeness. Kids change as they grow. I haven’t wanted to bop someone in a long time but I want to bop those 2 adults,I refuse to call them parents, that they are not in any shape or form. What good is plastic surgery if you don’t have a heart. And to win….This world is nuts.

  • engrishslayer

    You think that “dad” is handsome? Methinks you’ve never ACTUALLY seen a good-looking man. That fuckwad isn’t handsome. He looks like a woman.

  • Julie

    What did she think would happen when she had children. I think she was living in a state of “ignorant bliss” before children. Feel sorry for both parents and all three kids.

  • Brian Thompson

    Damn! That’s messed up. If those are ugly children, how’s he know they’re her fault? He could have inbreeding in his family tree… Now watch them grow up to be models or singers or something. Hey dad! How ya like me now?

  • ExpertWitness

    I’ll take “Highly Unlikely” for $1000, Alex.

  • Deal Hipster

    LOL… master of illusion

  • MeeshaWoodstock

    Looks like the genes must have come from the father…if this is indeed true!

  • Lobo04

    Well, she did lie to him. Based on their current looks there is no way that those kids should look like they got hit in the face with a shovel. I understand his frustration, but he needs to be a bigger man and just let it go. Plenty of unattractive children grow up to be very handsome and pretty.

  • hopping

    So this happened in South Korea? Here I thought we had the stupidest law suites in the USA.

  • Romano

    Did mitochondrial DNA not play a role in this case?

  • Blove221


  • Amanda Tenario

    That is not a father. That is a low life shallow pig and I think the little girl is absolutely adorable… the Dad however? Uglier than a donkey’s ass.

  • Amanda Tenario

    Well maybe if he wasn’t such a ugly fuck he’d make cute kids eh?

  • MyKitchenandI

    I am looking at a picture of an adorable family and wondering which child is supposed to be the ugly one. My guess is it must be that rather large man child in the center. What a dirt bag.

  • A poopie

    I’m sure both the parents had the eyelid surgery that is so popular among Asian these days and that’s why the children’s eyes look different from their parents.

  • jay valdez

    my dad sued my mother because i was born very ugly. Thanks dad.

  • MissRae

    This is a probably false story according to It’s been going around since 2004 and originated in a Chinese paper known for printing urban legends and such without checking sources. Here’s the link to the story on snopes:

  • KS Heck

    Sorry guys this story is a hoax!

  • iliana

    That is bull shit. “married her out of love”??? yeah right you only saw the face not the heart. What kind of father calls his daughter ugly? ugh. glad some men are not like that.

  • lurch

    My fist reaction was W T F but then beauty is only skin deep

  • pg

    Is this for real? Those children are beautiful as all children are and as all fathers should think they are. This horrible man with an ugly soul should never be allowed any where near his children. The judge i hope burns in hell.

  • Debi57

    What an arrogant pr**k! Hope his kids see this & never want to see him again! How shallow & disgusting can you get! Not exactly Mr Universe or Brad Pitt himself ffs! Tosser!

  • Joe H

    This guy is no stud and he had a lot to do with the making of these beautiful babies. I would encourage the wife in this story to countersue his ugly ass for having some fucked up genes…. And while doing that, why not also in Include F….. Up brain too. If he got away with that bs anything is possible.

  • Leatheryman

    Probably like throwing a sausage down a hallway I’m guessing

  • Leatheryman

    It’s just that Pigsy called around while he was away.

  • Anukul

    that big guy looks like a don

  • Marvin Pearson

    That is so damn rude and conceded.

  • Christy Youtoldharpotobeatme J

    Yes. Most people seek someone who is compatible with them based on various reasons. This is a given. What is not a guarantee is how your children will look. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Furthermore, we do not know if our children will be healthy, etc. Regarding those babies. I honestly do not find them ugly and I think you are wrong for saying that. So do you think that handicap children are ugly too? How would you feel if someone called you ugly? You expect for the world to call you ugly… not your dad! He is just as ugly!

  • BekkeBassoon

    I am a woman I can kinda understand how he must be frustrated. We all naturally want to find a good mate with good genes to mix and carry on to the next generation. False advertisement, but that’s one of the issues here with plastic surgery. Beauty is only skin deep, DNA is at the deepest source.

  • JasonB

    In his defense, those are some ugly children, and if she was ugly before he met her, then it is her fault and she should pay up!

  • HHH

    I support the dude. What if this happened to you?

  • Dorota

    wow that’s so sad i feel bad for those kids how can a parent say something like that about their children i have 3 of my own and 2 step kids and they are all beautiful to me no matter what they will definitely need some kind of therapy after this just horrible!

  • Storm Calysta

    Watch those kids are all gonna grow up & be models or something. lol

  • lyndsey

    Well I want to see the picture of HER before she married him. Did she look like those kids?

  • CAB

    She should of told him that she had had the surgery though. Thats why the judge ruled in his favour not that the judge agreed that the children were or were not ugly.

  • Millie Zeiler

    It`s unfortunate that the father is so superficial to worry about looks rather than what really counts; the beauty inside. If anything, the wife should sue him for not being as attractive on the inside as she thought he was on the outside. The fact the judge agrees with the father suggests he has no idea what a beautiful human being really is either.

  • Yoni Mayeri

    When his not so pretty children grow up, they are going to resemble the Dad! The body language in the photo says a lot too. Sad story.

  • Bolgheri

    I’m thinking I want to know who the cosmetic surgeon was… if she truly was ugly before, the results are/were one hell of a natural looking beauty.

  • Mitchell Stevens

    This has to be another Facebook hoax…isn’t it?

  • mama

    that is friggin great they are ugly bahahhahahahah

  • thisoneguys

    I kinda wish the judge read the verdict as “DAAAAAAAAMMMNNN Son they kids ugly as hell. Bitch pay this man.”

  • OliveJustine

    Urban legend. Check snopes. I’ve been hearing this story for years.

  • OliveJustine

    It is.

  • Forreal Tho

    Too bad she couldn’t do something about those witchy arms shes got.

  • fuck black people


  • black people are worthless

    I’d sue to if some cunt produced three down syndrome looking kids, god damn fugly

  • sherry is a fat bitch

    fuck you sherry your probably just a dumb ugly cunt with ugly children, you’ll never understand what its like to be beautiful….i feel bad for that guy, he had a good life until this cunt produced ugly as fuck children, again fuck you sherry you ugly fat pig

  • Samantha Marie Batey

    I’d love my children no matter what, because thats what a GOOD parent does.

  • Fiberton

    You do not know what she looked like. I seen the before pictures..A man would not reproduce with a woman that looked like her..

  • Rick Lutes
  • Rick Lutes

    RocketNews24 wrote about the same photo last year, saying it appeared in an ad for a plastic surgery center in Taiwan.

  • Rick Lutes
  • Rick Lutes

    Despite the recent media attention, the story actually goes back to 2004.

  • Rick Lutes

    No wonder you idiots believe Obama when he said Iran doesn’t not want Nuclear weapons. It looks like you will believe anything and not waste a minute checking to verify anything.

  • ChicoAtcheson

    2-assholes. The husband and the judge.

  • cara

    He is a superficial idiot but I do understand why he would be angry to find out his wife never told him. But He should not take it out on the kids also. He should love them no matter what. What concerns me is why are these kids picture being posted. They don’t have a chance now. Hopefully in what ever school they are in, they are being treated with a little more kindness than at home. I’m pretty sure that a man who goes public with this kind of nonsense is not exactly father of the year material.

  • dwayners13 .

    She should be able to counter sue on the grounds that she thought he had a heart. Any parent who sees their children as anything other than beautiful, obviously has no heart.

  • dwayners13 .

    I always feel sorry for racist people, while the rest of us have plenty of accomplishments in which to take pride in, the only thing they have is the colour of their skin . . . something they had absolutely no control over. Quite pathetic.

  • Adrian Warner

    This is very sad I feel vanity is a big problem in this world!! Every human on this world is a beautiful creature regardless of anyones perception..

  • Lina

    it’s hoax, you know that right?

  • Jack

    Someone needs to drown him.

  • Jesse

    DONT WORRY EVERYONE. THIS STORY ISNT TRUE . The picture is actually an asian commercial for plastic surgery. The punch line is “you will only have to explain it to your children”. So. Yeah.

  • Paulette Walker

    wow… some father and husband!! His love is definitely not unconditional!!! I would sue his a** for pain & suffering for the children… one word describes him “Asshole”!!!

  • Paulette Walker

    Good one LOL!!!

  • boomhawer

    this story isn’t true…

  • Mike Rushing

    This isn’t true. This has been going around since 2004 and like has been said, it’s from a plastic surgery advertisement.

  • Teresa Ecert

    The women is very attractive..I do not see any resemblance to her but to only him quiet honestly!

  • Bob

    ha. he’s not incredibly sexy either.

  • Michael Ho

    The wife looks so beautiful, it must be an ugly gene from the guy.
    She should counter suit him for millions.

  • Anukul

    did u even read the article??

  • poseidonrage

    She must had gone through plastic surgery as genetics wont change lol xD

  • Marie

    Keiji, is that what your mother told you?
    Your plastic surgery must be scheduled any day now, you ugly fuck.

  • Yulemguyz

    wait until the kids have become successful and make the mum rich… he will be crawling back to her.

  • kathy n

    if this man didn’t know that asian woman do this all the time to enlarge their eyes and thin their noses, then he is an asshole. he should be bitch slapped.

  • Freya Doughty

    Well done on not doing your research and realising that this is an advert for plastic surgery.

  • GottaBSaid

    She should sue him over his tiny penis.

  • frankyzelleo

    Cute precedent, should be adopted universally, these bitches be like they can fake beaty and get away with it!?…noo way!

  • frankyzelleo

    yeeeh meeehn, that bitch should real pay fi her sins

  • Chris Good

    “she had about $100,000 worth of cosmetic surgery done in South Korea before they met.”

    Of course she looks beautiful now. she paid for it.

  • Chris Good

    “she had about $100,000 worth of cosmetic surgery done in South Korea before they met.”

    Just in case you missed that part.

  • Suzanne Ryder Caley

    You’re an idiot! There is nothing wrong with those kids, those kids are sweet and definitely NOT ugly, it’s him who is ugly if he’s that superficial that he can’t love his children for the blessings that they are. Doesn’t he realize that there are people out in this world who would love to have those children as theirs? He’s a sick psychotic moron and anyone who thinks he was right is in the same boat as being sick, psychotic morons as well. You are obviously young and immature. Grow up before you post something as insensitive as what you did. She should sue him for false pretenses, on the grounds of his superficial love.

  • Cyndi

    now that’s funny!!

  • kim

    This crap email has been going around for years. It isn’t a true story.

  • Crazymonkeyluv
  • Furioustiger

    no matter what other people says a real parent would always say that their children are the most beautiful of all. This man is saying that his children are ugly so he’s not worth any respect !!

  • jtsander

    Well, of course she doesn’t have the Asian eyes – did he think that was natural? What about him… looks like he had the eyelid surgery too.

  • TheViper4Life

    Is it just me…or are those kids not even ugly? I’ve seen cuter kids, but those kids certainly aren’t ugly.

  • thereddiva80

    So…he didn’t actually marry his wife out of love, he married her so he could have a trophy wife and freaked out because half of his DNA produced the stuff of nightmares. Good job taking douchebaggery to a whole new level!

    To be fair, those kids are really unfortunate looking.

  • some one

    Sounds like something my father would do. He believed that no one in his family could have girls because they were all men. When he had a girl, He denied her for twenty years and said that the mother had cheated on him.

  • TheCousinYouDidn’tKnowAbout

    The only black people that would call themselves a “dumb nigger” are the ones that used to be black over five thousand years ago and later had a genetic defect that caused skin mutation leading to lighter and lighter melanin in the skin and ultimately creating social tensions towards this new minority that pushed them out of Africa and into the European continents. I find this rather ironic. Don’t you?

  • Hansel

    funny when people try to start irrelevant drama to soothe their own feelings of inferiority…your statement doesn’t have as much weight as you think…sorry to throw water on you ignorance. P.S I am Norwegian as white as they come…

  • Karel Kritisch

    Poor children.. to have a father like this.

  • Jennifer Bergamo

    LOL! right

  • Summer

    This is awful. He is just as much responsible for the children’s appearance as she is! It just shows how shallow he is for only caring about appearances.

  • Guest

    A mixture of internalized racism and perhaps a semi-legitimate complaint since he sort of “married a lie” :P

  • Jeffery Brinagh

    well it takes 2 to make a child so all that unattractiveness is not totally her fault his DNA is definitely in there somewhere so he’s partially to blame , besides aren’t you suppose to love your children regardless of how they look. I need to talk to him whats his name on facebook that makes me so mad

  • Whoa

    Judging by his wife’s hands, he needs to check under her skirt for balls

  • kamwick

    All the kids resemble him more than her…can’t the judge see that?

  • Kyle E. Wilson

    She looks like the girl too…under all the plastic surgery!

  • Kyle E. Wilson

    Did you read the story tho? She had plastic surgery…apparently these kids look like how she once looked

  • Name

    Why the fuck is this “story” still circulating? It was a proven hoax. It’s an advertisement for plastic surgery. Not real.

  • Zeven

    The comments are more entertaining then the stupid post XD

  • Javier

    Laws need to exist for this type of thing. The law should be called THE RIGHT TO KNOW LAW! People should not have the right to deceive others of their right of choice. Deceiving people with ones looks should be illegal and apply to anybody entering into any kind of touching relationship. Gay people should be ashamed, because many gay people have been getting away with it for to long, and it has been going overlooked. Strait people should have the LAW protect their rights, and gay rights shall not overpower or bully strait rights.

  • whocares

    “first daughter” but the oldest child in the photo is a son…

  • Tim Trinier

    He votes liberal. what do you expect.

  • Tim Trinier

    Ya realy. There would be more than three kids and they wouldn’t be married.

  • Tim Trinier

    Social tensions??? Did it ever cross your mind that the pigmentation in our skin colour changed because we moved north. Were in the hell did you learn your information. The baptist school of liberals? PS we started hiking out of Africa a lot sooner than 5000 years ago.

  • Emma

    That’s disgusting he should be ashamed of himself !!

  • Idiots

    This is fake.

  • Matthew Courtney

    You can eat a dick, he might have a small penis but he’s not a fag. See we fags are regal and elegant, and we don’t hide….We generally bring it to your face, tell you to fuck off, and choke on a dick and die. See…I agree with your assessment till you dropped the gay bomb.

  • cryssie

    I dont understand cause the boy was first he is worst lookin than the girl she is the better lookin of them all and why did he have 3 kids if he infact felt she made ugly kids and thats what the judge should of said u are 3 kids to late should of sued from the first one so go sit to hell down bastard of a father..

  • grace

    this is fake. the photo was originally used as an advertisement. There was a slogan at the bottom of the photo. Whoever wrote this news cut the lower half of the photo and used it to create this fake news.

  • Ken

    Well to be honest he should sue himself because the kids look like him.

  • Chakintosh

    He should give up on $60 000. Since 50% of their kids’ DNA came from him.

    But that still doesn’t change the fact this this douche needs to be hanged from his penis for such thing.

  • towbeezgrl

    good lord! he’s uglier than his daughter!! what a dick!!! i hope she threw his ass to the curb!!!

  • Suzanne Ryder Caley

    Enlighten me as to what her sin was? Plastic surgery as far as I know is not a sin, nor is not telling anyone about it. If her surgery was many years before she met this fool, there’s a good chance she didn’t even think about it, nor feel it was a bid deal. Get a grip, and you as well, should grow up before posting something as immature and foolish as your reply! I swear, there are far too many brain damaged young people around today! Nothing better to do with their free time but post nonsense. I’m glad that my youth was spent during a time when young people took an active interest in what was going on around them and actively tried to make changes. Maybe the changes we succeeded in making are making things, like not having to think before you say or write something, too easy for you young fools today!

  • Maureen Carr

    Has he taken a look at those two boys? Three baggers if I ever seen one.

  • Maureen Carr

    That’s an insult to women. He’s a whole new kind of ugly.

  • Maureen Carr

    Yep.. That boy looks like he got kicked in the face by a mule.

  • Maureen Carr

    I love a good hoax like this. It gives us all a chance to let our inner asshole out :)

  • Felix Rebil

    Yeah is kids look like that cause his dick is so small cause he is suck an inadequate man she had to use a dildo to push it deep in her.

  • Dennis Chesney

    If he was so horrified by the first, why did he have more with her? Idiot!

  • Ronnie Beitler

    I think those kids are beautiful! What a piece of shit that guy is.

  • all children are beautiful

    The truth is genetics are bitch so many variables. And look at all the kids they all look the same in the eyes and nose. Funny how the husband is only upset by the girls looks. Who know the man could be the good looking one out of his family and most definitely helped to make the dsughter. These poor kids have not had chance to fully grow and once hit matureity could be quite beautiful. Can’t believe the bad rap females still get in these centuries old countries.

  • Sherry Baldwin

    What a horrible man! He should have to pay his children for all the therapy that they will need after growing up being judged so harshly by someone that should love them unconditionally. What a prick! He isn’t even good looking at all, who the hell is he!

  • Kaptain K

    And no surprise, he carries that “Trying way too hard to look like one suave motherfucker” look about himself, that just screams “complete insecurity”.

    I bet if someone told him his hairline was receding, he’d need $150,000 worth of therapy. Any takers?

    And that aside, the girl IS beautiful. And I bet she was before the surgery, too.

  • tannman07
  • GuEsT

    The kids are all PERMA STONED!

  • Nicole Brooks

    how did race come into this?

  • Enix

    Yeah, he’s a douche for being such a shallow asshat, but on the same note, her not telling him about the surgery is similar to a woman not telling a man she’s got an STD before engaging in sexual intercourse.

  • Blewis

    She’s just going to turn around and sue him for child support and alimony. He might as well hold onto that money he was granted cause he’s going to be paying it back to her!


    It’s bad enough the man sued the wife for something so ridiculous, but the court allowed this stupidity to be HEARD in court is totally ridiculous!

  • SoWild

    what picture are U looking at?? O.o

  • SoWild

    no…they really do not

  • Michael Pelvay

    Want to know why he sued his wife? He’s a model so he wanted to marry someone as sexy as he was. Enough said?

  • Maddie50

    He is not that handsome himself.

  • ghirahim

    Those kids look like him.


    Lol…funny ishh

  • Evelyn Roebuck

    They are cute kids. What a jerk.

  • Helene Belding It seems to be another BS internet rumor story. The picture is from an advertisement for a plastic surgeon in Taiwan with the caption “Now all you have to do is explain to your children (why they are ugly)” or something similar to that. Gotta love snopes!

  • Rhea Tanagoche Abe

    Kids are angels , they are the most beautiful gift from above …he was the most dumb asshole to say that his kids are ugly .go to hell!!!!

  • Nevorchi

    I love this comment ^_^

  • Little Eghan

    satire i assume? if not then the judges are incredibly ‘unjust’. to the husband you are an a##%hole!

  • Fee

    I looked to the comments about the ARTICLE on the SUBJECT. And all i see are racist comments starting with some ignorant B.S .. Thanks @09bfebe9fb79ac4b27993da83aa45c52:disqus . -_______- you really are a cunt .

  • jeanie Butler

    it takes two he not that good lookin so he may have had the ugly gene seeing how hes a ugly person for saying his kids are ugly

  • Gamil Hall

    LOL. Good one

  • Amy

    Please learn to speak proper grammar before trying to insult someone. You sound dumb.

  • Buzz Teddy Head

    I find it ironic that you are railing against a racist, when you are also a racist. You have a lot in common.

  • Buzz Teddy Head

    This is a sad story, but a lot of the comments are even sadder :(

  • Philly Ciz

    race comes into everything on the internet in this day and age.

  • ang

    The one boy looks just like his daddy. I guess there was secrets kept on both sides. Her with the plastic surgery and him with the fact that he is a superficial jerk. She should divorce him, take the kids and take every penny he will ever have on the grounds that what he has done will cause the kids to need a life time of therapy due to mental anguish. Personally, I think the kids are cute.

  • Shawn

    It’s a fake story. Check it out on Snopes. Gullible People, never cease to amaze me.


    This cant be real! disgusting that a judge would even allow this nonsense in a courtroom!

  • Becky

    I beg to disagree. While I find my husband attractive, it was definitely not his looks that originally attracted me to him. All of these comments are incredibly shallow. No one marries “for better or worse” anymore. It’s all about self and what “I” can get out of it. That’s sad.

  • Becky

    It’s funny to me that you talk about God and basically suggest that he made a mistake with his creation.

  • Christopher Michael Moore

    I don’t like the effect on the kids, but I hope it does increase the expectation of honesty before a marriage.

  • Kathy Ward

    Sounds like my ex

  • justcrazy

    But what did she look like before all the plastic surgery…?

  • Name

    That is a cute little girl…there’s not a thing wrong with her looks. Could it be that her father wanted a daughter that looked caucasion like her round eyed mother? He and that judge sure aren’t doing anything for that little girl’s self image.

  • lala41

    He is really the ugly one – your actions and behavior make you ugly. Ugliness appears in more than one way. He is the ugliest of them all.

  • rutland waters

    why didn’t the wife sue him?

  • Mister Authentic

    Wow they’re both fucking dumbasses. She got all that work done and said NOTHING as if her genetics were altered along with her surgery. And then you got this egotistical prick that can’t seem to love past the looks. Both of them are shallow, both of them have self-image issues and fucked up self-esteem…UGLY ON THE INSIDE WHILE THEIR KIDS ARE CLEAR OPPOSITES. It’s just sad that these children are going to have to grow up with this story over their heads.

  • Brian Thompson

    LOL. It’s too bad, really. She’s not bad looking now! Is plastic surgery out of the question for those kids? Hahahahahahaha!

  • Brian Thompson

    He’s not going to hurt those kids. They’re wealthy. They’re also in Korea, so the chances of those kids reading this in a time where it would affect them is highly unlikely.

    They ARE ugly. If she can afford $100,000 for her plastic surgery, then she should be able to afford it for the kids. You’re acting like HE’s the bad guys when she is the only who spent a fortune to change her looks.

    Chances are, he’d have never gotten to know her at all if she was ugly. Seriously. There is a physical attraction before the heart takes over and in the cases where you fall in love first, it’s most likely someone you’ve known and are beyond judging their looks.

    This whole thing begs the question: If she was that deceptive about her looks and the surgery that made her pretty, then what else is she lying about?

  • sheryl

    so if this issue was raised after having the first child, then why did they continue and have 2 more? clearly the age gap of the children is about a year or so.

  • Aimee

    The only person(s) I feel sorry on is the kids… They have done NOTHING wrong but for being the way they are… Sick people…

  • tom

    That’s what’s wrong with plastic surgery… She could have mentioned it to him and found out he was superficial sooner and in a less expensive way lol. Also she must have agreed with his superficial views on some level if she couldn’t be happy with how she was born and needed to spend all that money to make herself feel attractive. She was dishonest…

  • yeee!

    dont tell me there still married ha!

  • Nigga

    the guy gotta do what he gotta do =P

  • Nigga

    damm i will love to fuck her in the ass

  • damelisa

    has this guy looked in the mirror lately? and the daughter looks just like the older son.

  • Rae

    correction please try to USE proper grammar!

    ( we are writing not speaking)

  • Rae

    the noses are all the same, that must be hers cos its not his?
    He also couldve had surgery, who doesnt look at pictures of their spouse as a child?
    Theres no cure for his being an idiot!

    If the children end up as nasty as him can she sue too?

  • Rae
  • Chuckyegg32

    Try to use grammar PROPERLY (we are using the queens English after all)

  • Rae

    I stand corrected lol x

  • Edw

    If he didn’t want a mixture of genetics he should have taken the advice, I’m sure, from someone telling him to go f— himself. The mother took steps few other women could have to make a better representation of herself and, I believe, succeeded. Unfortunately her efforts attracted a louse!

  • v

    Never happened. It’s a fake story –

  • Shawna

    Yeah, cause only black people have multiple kids out of wedlock. Not!

  • minnie

    What if he had plastic surgery too?! >:(

  • Catherine

    So when they grow into shallow ,nasty people will she counter sue?

  • Norma

    Kids look Chinese, but parents do not…maybe he has had a bit of plastic surgery of his own???

  • ann om o nus

    what a piece of work u sue over ur childs looks? well guess what they have ur looks too and to be honest ur not the gods gift to women

  • ann om o nus

    n y do u all turn this into a racial thing and say these kids r ugly ur personality is as ugly as this man says his kids r

  • ann om o nus

    I think we are all born light in color and diff parts of the world are closer n farther from the sun which I believe has something to do with our skin pigments

  • ann om o nus

    race issues always come into play its not all whites that r raciest most blks r cuz now we have a blk president n they think they can now over rule us as if the whites owe them something, get over it it was the blks who sold their own kind to the whites to begin with so if u hate on color hate on ur own or don’t hate at all this has nothing to do with race this has to do with an asshole father

  • Dylan

    From looking at the pics, she definitely got off easy.

  • boknoy


  • marlena

    oh my gee! how did this turn into a racial discussion?? moving along, it was deceiving that she did not tell him about her cosmetic surgery – at least as a forewarning but yeah, they are still his kids and shows how he is so into looks and not what is inside. i wonder if they are still together…

  • boknoy

    racist aside… Honesty is still the best policy.

  • Paul Engemann

    How many ways can you spell shallow?

  • pampie

    A REAL father would love his kids no matter what they look like!

  • Anonima

    I hope the kid does not get traumatized for the rejection of his father. I dont justify she did not come clean before, but he is a horrible person to hurt his kids like that. What if all parents would reject kids with special capabilities or syndromes? They are normal, not ugly. He is shallow and selfish.

  • Janice

    be happy with your $120k now, its not ganna last long you will grow old ugly and wrinkly and alone. karma has its ways

  • justme

    And no money to sue each other for,just food stamps

  • LondonTiger

    I’m not black or white but I think the idea that all humans migrated out of the African continent is dubious at best. Our idea of evolutionary biology is always changing and we can’t really take one mans theory as fact on this matter.

    P.s. white people don’t just have different melanin difference there are facial differences. Even amongst the same race. If you take a English, Romanian & Russian white person you will see that they are very different racially.

  • Areyoualldumb

    Are any of the comments down here even related to this article anymore?

  • HatakeMegumi

    guess the husband and the judge don’t realize that this man contributed
    half of the DNA to make these so called ‘ugly’ children. So I don’t
    think he should have gotten a dime. What’s he going to do when he has
    children with the next wife and they turn out the same?

  • East Side

    What a fu*king douche he deserves a punch in the face!!

  • Devon Sewell

    Beauty is skin deep but ugliness goes to the bone

  • Devon Sewell

    Beauty is skin deep but ugliness goes to the bones; and no amount of plastic surgery can change that. dwl

  • SMH
  • Wanda Johnson Hall

    Women need to wake up. There is a price to pay for lying and being fake. I saw her before picture. She obviously didn’t love herself to spend all that money to change how she looked. I guess she didn’t know she looked that way because of her genetic make-up.

  • Vivien Towers

    He is no oil painting and its the person inside the body that counts , he has made half of each child and should be grateful that her had been given the chance to be as father, But it seems that he only wanted a showcase family and it is terrible to talk about your children like that he is not a proper father or man, I hope he looks back and regrets things.

  • minayola clevers

    I too am of mixed origin and I think that both black and white people differ facially except for Asians though. But who cares about skin colour. One colour of anything makes the world a boring place to live in.

  • lori

    this is so horrible. if you dont like who you look like talk to god he made you. you can have a beautiful body and face but be a bitch and ugly inside..god made you and kids.. i remember my x said about his one son he wasnt good looking and he wasnt his but he was :) laughing all the way to the bank :)you cant tell what kids look like until they getolder…. shame on you… you will have to answer this on judgement day…you just wanted attention on here is all you wanted….. if plastic surgery trying to look like more american looks to me…. u can do plastic surgery but what is your heart look like here….and mr you not so great lookin yourself u dont appeal to me so who u think u are mr whatever :) :)if u win that title i mrs america :) when your kids get older and they hear this story they wont like you at all….and before you married she never had to tell u all in her life its after u get married and u go do something like she did…. so except it mr your wife might be plastic surgery pretty but also if those are your kids u better take look at all of them means u not so good looking yourself blaming your wife for all of this….

  • Vick Rose

    A lot of women out there need to be honest about their own beauty. Instead of modifying themselves to look attractive. Stop with the weaves, tone down on the make-up, enough, eat healthy. Because no-one cares about those vain things.

  • Bman34

    Where the hell is she getting the money from? Isnt he basically suing himself?

  • lizzydarcy

    Looks like there are egotistical assholes even outside the U.S.

  • lizzydarcy

    Right on! LOL.

  • 44Grim

    What a POS excuse for a ‘man’.

  • Regina Marie

    His genes would be stronger than hers.

  • Candaxe

    I just want to know- if they were having such problems & he thought the child was so “ugly”.. WHY did they keep making more?!

  • Janett Souvenir Chan

    This is show us that the appearance, beauty can cheat us anytime.

  • Wildana Germain

    Yeah you right

  • Wildana Germain

    So stupid at all, OMG

  • Forerunner

    I will be praying. Ignorance is universal.

  • Ikshaku Bezbaroa

    You guys need to look beyond the titillating’re playing right into the hands of the media. The fact is he sued his wife for misrepresenting herself to him. He has a reasonable expectation for genuineness in his wife’s physical appearance, and the fact that she deceived him is what the judge is condemning.

  • jbg9617

    What a ridiculous case. Lesson, never go to trial in a South Korean courtroom.

  • fgsfds

    No, please, do go on about how you know so well what’s best for other cultures. It happens, shut up, deal with it.

  • Dick Everhard

    I would have Jack Hammered her and left town.

  • Dick Everhard

    The guy is at fault since his penis implant still only got him to 3.5 inches which in China is Extremely huge and most of the good swimmers escaped thru the gap from the tiny penoid muscle. If you can’t touch both sides of the vagina stuff will leak out. You must form a seal.

  • Ed

    This man should be put into jail

  • norman

    Omfg tahts Epicly stupid

  • chuck

    ahahahahahahahahaha ahahahahahah ahahahah ahahah ahahah hah ah h

  • Alexandra Nala

    I have just one question… What love connects two people that
    are not sharing their true experiences or steps?? In my country and the way I was
    raised, in order to get married, means that you actually know your spouse. A
    plastic surgery is something your other half should know for different reasons
    like health issues and more. A child may be born affected (negatively) from
    these things. On the other hand, it is really disappointing reading some
    comments in this article blaming and criticizing the appearance of a child. Of course
    it’s nice to see a pretty person, but that doesn’t mean that a less pretty one
    must be band or face discrimination. Who are we to discriminate the life of others?
    Or haven’t all of us faced something like it, from something ridiculously small
    and unnoticed – to something very serious? If he wanted a pretty child, according to his
    standards, there are other methods to achieve it. But in which country a mother or a father
    rejects its own blood due to appearance? Is this a proper stereotype for a
    life? There are surly people that love only the cover, but are they really
    happy? Moreover has anyone step in a different point of view? How will these
    children going to feel when they see this article or others in a couple of
    years? How would you feel? Lastly, black, white, yellow, brown, green, red,
    purple, big or small… SO WHAT???We are all made out of the same material,
    breath, interact and believe in families and some kind of religion. People wake
    up! These are the things that make us miserable and worthless! Every child,
    elder, human or not being needs love, help, and real people around them. Bottom
    line… after all this journey and because life is short we need to live the present.
    Make something out of it!

  • dutchess21

    Well if they were white he prob would killed his kids cause thats a white thing racist dick skin lets go i got plenty more!!’

  • Junie

    To all the idiots below:
    I thought this was an Article about a man who sued his wife for having unattractive gives who in reality look (like their mother) the way she used to before having $100,000 worth of cosmetic surgery. What’s with all the Race Talk???

  • Junie

    What an idiot judge.

  • Jem

    People get birth to ugly children everyday.. Do they really need to be sued??? It’s the heart that counts always and forever..

  • Dumbledora

    LOL guys, the people in this photo are definitely those involved in the case. This photo dates back at least 2007.

  • tini59

    My man should look like MAN, not like suger doll :)

  • Peter

    Fake story. The story was investigated by Snopes:

  • Lusinda

    whats the problem they can have a surgery too

  • lovedemasians

    no, he is so shmexy it hurrrrrts

  • sj

    oh my god! what a total arse! what makes him think he is gods gift?! what a hurtful thing to do – and as for the judge who actually agreed to such a case….. what an idiot!
    the wife and kids should sue him for twice as much emotional damage

  • Rosa Bun

    Wow!! How about if he had kids with a gorgeous women and his kids were still unattractive or how about if he never knew she had all that surgery. ….. Then what? He’d just leave her and be bitter and get no money, but because our justice system makes it so easy to sue over the silliest things-why not. What’s sad is his kids has a narrow minded father!

  • paybodiddley

    Sorry, London Tiger, you are living in denial. There is too much evidence in archeology, paleontology, and other sciences that shows we migrated out of Africa, probably between 90,000 and 120,000 years ago. We have developed slight mutations to fit our environments, but we are inherently one people, and to state otherwise, you are a racist in denial, who quite possibly can’t see your own racism. You do not have to be skeptic, or an atheist to accept this. I am neither. But neither is the world less than 10,000 years old, and the Big Bang and its time frame may well be correct. But what came before the Big Bang? No pseudo-rationalist skeptic can answer this question, and they end up being as equally dogmatic as their counter claim born agains. But we can answer questions through true science, and the fact that we are one people is more than evident. Another example is the proto-Indo-European language which can be mapped out by linguistics with such precision. Get with it. This is the 21st Century.

  • paybodiddley

    Say what? He says “I married her out of love” and then turns around to insult the result of his sperm joining her ovary. And then to deprive her money; in fact, legally robbing her of money through suing her, he has done the greatest harm and injustice to his wife and their children. Here we have witnessed verbal abuse, psychological abuse, and economic deprivation abuse. She owes him nothing, and this asshole owes her, and more importantly the kids, a secure and safe future. Pay up dude! True love is not based on superficial beauty….you have no idea what love is….yet, at least…still hope 4 ya’ , though! Catch while you can!

  • yoroshiku8700

    Fuck Him, it takes two to tango, the guy seems like a real pussy anyway hung up on shit for brains!!

  • umair

    the parents are not chinese. their eyes are open :D

  • MyOpinion

    One word. Asshole.

  • moo

    FYI this photo is an ad from a plastic surgery clinic, it is NOT a real photo of people in the story! Shame

  • John Kl

    you guys need to wake up. the world is full of lies to begin with. everyone lies. there’s nothing wrong with lying. the ones at fault are those that believe those lies. that’s just reality. there’s nothing wrong with being selfish. some or most men marry women for their physical or other traits. the man just wants what’s best for his child to be beautiful in his definition. that’s why he married that women for his children. for god sake just let him have what he wants. he married for love? well of course, is just a word. is up to you whether you believe it or not. whether he loves his children or not, is up to him. you can’t love something if you can’t deep inside anyway. telling him to love his children even though he doesn’t deep within. you guys are the same and just as selfish as he is. not like there’s anything wrong with being selfish though. all humans are selfish to begin with. that’s just humanity. not just humans. you calling him racist, evil or whatever that man can also call you the same for telling him to be someone or do something he doesn’t. it sounds to me like you guys live in a cave. there are no rules to begin with in how a human being should be anyway. well the man is at fault for not finding out that his wife had plastic surgery in the first place. i don’t blame him. there’s a first time for everything. i just feel sorry for that guy for not noticing it while having sex with her lol. everyone wants their children to be beautiful in their own definition of course. he should have ask if his wife had plastic surgery to begin with. but i doubt his wife would tell him the truth anyway.

  • John Kl

    you guys need to wake up. the world is full of lies to begin with. everyone lies. there’s nothing wrong with lying. the ones at fault are those that believe those lies. that’s just reality. there’s nothing wrong with being selfish. some or most men marry women for their physical or other traits. the man just wants what’s best for his child to be beautiful in his definition. that’s why he married that women for his children. for god sake just let him have what he wants. he married for love? well of course, is just a word. is up to you whether you believe it or not. whether he loves his children or not, is up to him. you can’t love something if you can’t deep inside anyway. telling him to love his children even though he doesn’t deep within. you guys are the same and just as selfish as he is. not like there’s anything wrong with being selfish though. all humans are selfish to begin with. that’s just humanity. not just humans. you calling him racist, evil or whatever that man can also call you the same for telling him to be someone or do something he doesn’t. it sounds to me like you guys live in a cave. there are no rules to begin with in how a human being should be anyway. well the man is at fault for not finding out that his wife had plastic surgery in the first place. i don’t blame him. there’s a first time for everything. i just feel sorry for that guy for not noticing it while having sex with her lol. everyone wants their children to be beautiful in their own definition of course. he should have ask if his wife had plastic surgery to begin with. but i doubt his wife would tell him the truth anyway.

  • lart

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  • William MATAR

    That is funny

  • Robin Gray

    I only hope the daughter becomes the president of the United States, the son the next Elvis, and the baby a kind of steve jobs so they can all tell this arrogant father to psssss off

  • Robin Gray

    I only hope the daughter becomes the president of the United States, the son the next Elvis, and the baby a kind of steve jobs so they can all tell this arrogant father to psssss off

  • Robin Gray

    I only hope the daughter becomes the president of the United States, the son the next Elvis, and the baby a kind of steve jobs so they can all tell this arrogant father to psssss off

  • Beth A Go

    gotta find her doctor, lol!

  • john g

    Though he is without a doubt a prick for what he’s saying about his own children, the mother is also at fault for not being truthful. Don’t you think you would tell your spouse if you had any plastic surgery? that to me is a fake person. They are both shallow people.

  • Tzu-Han

    The Picture was a