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Maria Ozawa Does FHM Taiwan – Photo and Video Shoot

Maria Ozawa FHM

For all you JAV fans out there, you’re gonna love this. Maria Ozawa is on the May 2009 cover of FHM Taiwan and they even scored an exclusive video interview in English. She talks about her love of outdoor activities (get your mind out of the gutter), and the release of her upcoming movie Invitation Only on April 17th.

Peep the sexy video of Maria’s photo shoot and a few pics from the magazine below.

  • daniel

    I love her tattoos. And also I love her scar near her eye. Idont know why but it is so sexy.!

  • madray

    My sweetheart. There’s no need for AV baby… come to papa!

  • b0unce

    so hot

  • AllaN

    LOL@ madray
    I seem to notice some skin flaws on her cheeks in the video, maybe im wrong, but she is definitely something so smokin
    Another reason I should go Pro with photography!

  • kewlger

    sweet merciful crap O___O
    do me..
    i mean shes pretty

  • The Envoy

    P-bear reference!

  • kinedasite
  • abner benjamin

    i really like her! when she smiles i just wonna stare thru her eyes!

  • Kingmanjohn

    kontol klen smua

  • Anonymous
  • Rayhanzhampiet

    Mariaaa.. you are so sexy ! I have dreaming to sleep with you at Tempat Berkomunitas Paling Asyik all night long.

  • Georgedags

    my name ni george

  • Borsgonzales

    i LOVE YOU ..MARiA   
    i LiKE iT :D

    mArKy ;)

  • Wakowakowako

    fucking pornstar

  • ardi