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Maria Ozawa

Maria Ozawa

It’s Friday again, and we have a treat for you – Maria Ozawa! We’re a sucker for hapas, and Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi has the perfect mix to get our blood boiling. Born January 9, 1986 in Hokkaido, Japan, Ozawa is half-Japanese and half French-Canadian, giving her an exotic look that’s made her a huge success in Japan.

So what does Miyabi like to do in her sparetime? She’s a huge fan of the guitar and loves to play hockey to keep fit.

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  • heartofjosh

    You just made my day! Damn she’s hot!!

  • JwKuo87

    She boiling my blood alright.. Can’t really notice something really Japanese in her though, or Asian for that matter.

  • vm3z9

    I notice the Japanese feature in her eyes. Thank god its friday again..

  • christophe971

    She’s so… how to say… so coool \o/
    I have some AV of her… her body is very well mixed too…

  • razi

    Her eyes are amazing in that top photo.

  • glimmerish

    She’s really pretty. :)

  • DaoV

    oh my lord *pick jaw back up*

  • haz

    she is one the the best looking Jap AV star in recent years, together with Yua Aida and Sora Aoi

  • David

    From the header picture, thought she was Asian and Spanish, heh, got it wrong. 3rd picture is my favourite. As JW said, the Asian part of her decent doesn’t really show, but pretty nonetheless.

  • GameDudeX

    Maria Ozawa = 42

    (For those of you who don’t get this, google ’42’)

  • rbx6jm7man

    she’s supposedly canadian-japanese

  • b0unce

    shes the bomb.. in more ways then one ;)

  • Lenka

    great international mix

  • gm_axis

    Holy christ. She’s beyond stunning. Gotta love those esoteric ethnic mixes!

  • paddyspoint

    she’s a porn star. a very pretty porn star. i feel sad for her. why does she have to be banged so bad? i mean, she could be a commercial or fashion model instead. i think she has had a sad, broken past. why maria, why?

  • David

    ^ I didn’t know that since you mentioned it, had to Wiki it just to be sure =p, and its true. I never knew that Kineda was a site that posted pictures of girls who had a background of being pornstars, heh. Not like its going to stop from posting future idols on Kineda ;p

  • heartofjosh

    If FHM and Maxim magazine can feature Jenna Jameson, then Kineda can feature hotties like this anytime!

  • asianeuphoria

    Those big brown eyes are so amazing

  • pangea

    Yessurrr she is the truth

  • Inigo Montoya

    Hey haz, watch your mouth… don’t call her a “Jap”, I’m serious.

    Now that I got that off my chest.. yup, she’s really NICE!!! Great post!

  • paddyspoint

    maria’s such a beautiful girl, but i don’t understand why she has to go into porn. the japanese AV industry can be very brutal. bukkakes, nakadashis, and gokkuns… poor maria is treated without dignity. it’s a shame.

  • CsQuared2

    Who cares if she doesn’t look japanese or asian.

    SHE’s HOT

  • JwKuo87


    dumbass, hehe

  • sandalian

    go try to search for Miyabi word at and you’ll see Yogyakarta (Indonesia) will be in the first place :D

    she’s cute and hot but not my fave japan idol.

  • beni

    arigatou daichi, arigatou taiyou, inocho wo arigatou. itadakimasu

  • project_den

    Wow! Didn’t even notice that see was half asian.
    I guess asian mix is the best look..too pretty for
    making Av in japan.. too bad..she has nice eyes though…

  • CsQuared2

    Eh jwkuo87,


    They have pictures more suited for your age.

  • GreenReptile

    day break smooth and cute.its other name is Miyabi?

  • Dexter Kanuto

    YAOZA!!! 100 degress celsius. Hell, A-Bomb, Steam pipe??? whatever she is, it’s awestruck. Make me drool.

  • undextrois

    is she stil doin porn ?

  • beni

    i saw the most amazing thing about Ozawa!! If you get the chance, watch the Music video “Maliyah Kato – Lonely Girl”. Azawa is in it, i think this was pre pron maria too.

  • xdarkx01

    WoW Maria Ozawa is So Cool And Pretty…..

    Thatz All Thanks

  • GameDudeX
  • midnightfury

    mine too…

  • paddyspoint


    i didn’t see maria ozawa in the video. is she one of the girls flashed at the start or one of the girls sitting with maliyah kato?

  • bupa

    She is half-Japanese and half French-Canadian………….mmmmm perfect mixs

  • beni


    ya, thats the video, look towards the end when they show short clips of girl’s profiles, one of them is maria.

  • EddyMaximilian

    Bummer, she’s a porn star in Japan.

  • jementa

    She is definitely the most googled Jap idols
    See the google trends
    Her no. 1 fans come from Indonesia apparently

  • sandalian

    hey, it’s her birthday now.
    Happy Birthday Mariaaa!!! ^_*

  • tigersabre

    Whoever brought her into porn should be sent to hell!!

    If you can read Japanese, you can talk to her directly at:

  • Popoy

    Your the apple of my eye Maria Ozawa!!!

  • Popoy

    glimmerish i know the girl whose on your avatar. Its Ellen right?

  • beni

    shes a religious girl?

  •!iQTuP_SCExxKNGhVmA-- tigersabre

    Who said AV stars can’t believe God??

  • djss

    ooooooooooo maria ozawa i have seen her movies. their great.

  • robstroy

    Ozzing with sexyness and beautiful angelic face, Maria Ozawa is a certified spanker…

  • haz

    i am sorry for my previous post, i did not know it was offensive to use that short form for Japanese. i apologise again for offending anyone.

  • hollinaz

    I think she have a great breast too.

  • apungkarias613

    shes my dream girl i do really love her

  • Nxeg

    Wow cool. I like her 1st and 4th picture. she look smart.
    And her 9th pic kinda make her look fat.XD. Sexiest WOMEN ALIVE!!!

  • Shorman

    DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!! All of the girls are fiinnnnnneeeee, but the Hottest Is Maria Ozawa

  • Milo4891

    I dont care if she’s a pornstar she’s hot and If she’s anywhere as chill a person as she is hot than…. That would be ill.

  • slaugther dagger

    damn I wish my teacher ia as hot as maria.

  • Sp4wN19

    She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.
    Perfect body, ever inch, great personality, just the perfect girl.

  • maanmi091120

    ur eyes is sow beautiful..cute?..just like my crush..

  • R1#05

    your sow B E A utiful..

  • nasty_nigga_nyc


    I hope you are doing well and you are happy. I really miss our conversations on Yahoo you know? :) Well, if you see this I’d love to hear from you again. You know where to find me! Hey, did I tell you that I got married to a Japanese girl this year?

    Take good care of yourself Ina.


  • littleziontree

    oh yeah she is hot. I have the full version of the youtube on my desktop.. but it’s not all that exciting. I have seen hotter in person. It is kind of blah. no passion. Not even fake passion. But she is definately hot

  • EddyMaximilian
  • Abhi

    Well i think miyabi is the winner
    she’s realy cute i wish i could sleep with her some day

    hey… do you know fellas i’ve got few her porn video
    and that’s very fantastic
    you should watch it
    and these videos are realy make your packard turns on

  • simiodeplateia

    what a woman she is…

  • Maria Ozawa Meiki

    I LOVE Maria Ozawa, she is a very beautiful women – thank you for creating this page dedicated to her :)

  • rin
  • Arif_oezil

    i like you maria
    your body is soo delicious….
    ever tou play sex with west person..???

  • Amy_double77

    i like a sex



  • miki

    up to y2009 nov , she still doing porn . she loves sex like us right ? F1Japan a must to see

  • Su Heny

    Hai,,,, Maria Ozawa !!!

    what you have Number phone ???

  • Su Henny

    I’m origin from Indonesia,,,

    I want making love with you

  • Jonelz232

    she’s so beautiful..

  • Vishi_2009

    Maria Ozawa possess an excellent and the most beautiful and sexy Nose.
    Her nostrils are very sex appealing. I looked at her Nose for half an hour.
    God bless her beautiful Nose.

  • Rendy

    I dont like you maria, but if you like me, i want making love with you every second, oohhhh maria maria come to papa…

  • Www Ayongsoeherman

    kau snggh smprna wat w………..?????????/

  • carlos

    que hermosa eres maria azawa o miyabi xd

  • Fhgdfddgd

    aq pengen kui kui seng enak d emut  

  • Dhvhvvvgv

    aq pengen nyogok nyogok tempek e maria ozawa tapi kapan aq iso yo

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  • jazx

    i want to fuck her so hard!!!

  • michael jorge beltran

    maria ozawa is so very beutiful……….her body is very complet… i think.
    i love her…