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Megan Fox Nude in Jennifer’s Body Trailer

Megan Fox is about to get nude and deliciously evil for “Jennifer’s Body.” The movie stars Fox as the main character, whose body is possessed by a demon post-accidental death, where she starts killing just for the fun of it. You would think it’s just some crappy scary movie using Megan Fox to rake in the dough but it actually looks quite good.

Megan Fox Nude in Jennifer’s Body Trailer

Megan Fox Nude Pics
These Megan Fox topless photos were taken while filming Jennifer’s Body and are the closest you’ll ever get to seeing Megan fox naked (she actually has nude colored plastic pasties covering her nipples).

  • David

    That scene where she comes out of the lake, thats like a part in the Fathom comic right there, I hope she does a Fathom movie.

  • AllaN

    I never thought it’d say this, but, im kinda bored of megan fox :(
    But the chances of me watching this… extremely high, all the vessels overflowing with testosterone are surely going to ask me to go watch this movie!

  • o41791

    this movie doesnt seem like its gona be ne good

  • Spyderman

    Sorry to burst everyone’s bubbles…but she doesn’t really get naked in the movie. Pics from the movie surfaced last year and she’s wearing nude color covers. But I guess a little CGI might be thrown in there.

  • usarogersbros

    i would watch it once…but no more

  • FuckMeganFox

    Too Bad She Doesnt Go COMPLETELY Naked… :(

  • Umer_gujjer

    i like megan fox first i like anglina jolie but when i seen megan fox i think that anglina is nthing in front of megan fox ……….love u fuck u ……megan……..

  • Umer_gujjer

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  • Johncoutinhi

    I just seen the Megan Fox Sex Tape with her ex boyfriend Ben Leahy.
    Although the quality is kind of bad i think that is really her blowing that dude.what a whore lol ; )

  • Danielc

    I love u Megan u are sooooooo hot xxxx

  • Danielc

    I love u Megan u are sooooooo hot xxxx

  • Danielc

    I would do anything to meet u in person Megan love Dan ps please text back

  • N00b

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  • Fuckgoy456

    sex is awesome

  • Philambdaepsilon65

    shes my idol

  • Philambdaepsilon65

    i always dream of you

  • Jonny Quest