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Mihiro Taniguchi

Mihiro Taniguchi

Kineda’s idol of the day is Mihiro Taniguchi. Born May 19, 1982 in Tokyo, Japan; Mihiro Taniguchi is one of the cutest idols in Japan and it’s not hard to see why. Even at 25-years-old she has the baby face of an 18-year-old. Now, if you want to woo her love, be sure to have plenty of cash on hand because she absolutely loves to shop. And if you want to top it off, get her a large double scoop of Baskin-Robbins because this little cutie is a sucker for ice cream!

Mihiro Taniguchi Pics and Photos

  • arweysan

    hmmmmm……ma baby….luv u sooo muchhhh…..

  • greenevelyns

    she’s so natural. I love her

  • cothic

    great girl…i love her movies

  • aldhaf

    nice… dammit!! she’s hot!!

  • djss

    another cute japanese chick. this can never get old

  • Popoy

    Yes Maam!!!!

  • alex16pham

    I kissed her on our wedding day. We kissed each other for 2 minutes. Nobody else can touch my true love except for me! If I see anyone write letters to her, I’ll tell you to stop our else!

  • Abhi

    hmmmm….ma naughty girl
    lets go for bom bom and i’ll show my best

  • alex16pham

    I love the 3 pic she swam with me with her sexy swimsuit

  • louisvuittongirl

    the third one is quite good

  • jazzy experience

    syang euy dah gk virgin lgi….
    cba klo msih prawan, gwe uber nih cwe smpe k ujung dunia..

  • Febry

    gw ttp aja mw klo gk virgin juga gpp cantik gitu

  • Fahmymaulanaansor

    kapan mw tidur m gw??


  • mihiro fan

    I love you babe