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Miri Hanai

Miri Hanai

Kineda’s Idol of the Day is Miri Hanai. Miri Hanai was born October 15, 1984 in Japan. This 4’10” beauty loves to read books and karaoke. Discovered back in 2003, Miri Hanai keeps her 36-23-34″ F-cup body fit with her routine of gymanastics. Miri Hanai will release two new photobooks this month. 12 pics of Miri Hanai have been added to the Idol Gallery.

50 Pics of Miri Hanai in Photo Gallery

  • jules

    My kinda girl!

  • daBones

    Those are some mighty big ta-tas.

  • KLS

    Are ‘those’ for real?

    Anyways, some gorgeous shots in there from a photography pint of view. :)

  • Terry Ng

    100% real. ;) I think it has to do with the water in Japan. :D

  • Shogun

    WOW :-))

  • f0e0fg0d


  • ophidite

    So much flech , I love … nice phot’ by the way

  • evan_bb

    Oh,god,so hot!!!

  • dante

    She’s so cute!

    Go onto you tube to watch videos. worth a look, especially the full body massage ;)

  • Panotpon

    Any idea who’s the photographer and stylist?

  • Boost Samurai

    Hot, very hot!

  • Izphycke13

    i want her to be my girlfriend or wife!!!

  • simply_honey

    she definitely have the body but the pics don’t have enough class.

  • michek

    jsuis au bord en voyant tes douces formes maternelles.

  • Popoy

    To Vulgar!!!! Cute but no art.

  • beni

    i like her natural look

  • djss

    i love that top she is wearing very revealing of her gifts.

  • Rasanen

    Miri this is my ideal. Super legs, super B-I-G breast, beautiful face – super girl. AAAAAAAAA!!!
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  • sanbad

    oh;wow is very hot.i want u for girls friend.are u trending.plz post your email adres to me.i lov uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu miri.

  • reaper girl

    uhhhhm even dough she’s got a big boobs still she’s cute and my brother got crush on miri she said he doesn’t care about her boobs he only stare’s at miri’s cute round face heheheh

  • simiodeplateia

    She is really pretty.Beauty from the eastern world .

  • simiodeplateia

    i need your body to rescue me…

  • simiodeplateia

    i need your boobs to comfort me …

  • simiodeplateia

    p.s. i need your whole body..YOU ARE HOT..SEXY..DELICIOUS..

  • simiodeplateia

    p.p.s. let’s make love..NOW !!!

  • alex16pham

    she’s areleady my wife

  • Brad

    just another ugly asian bitch