• http://www.flickr.com/photos/43173378N00/ jules

    Damn she’s cute! A little on the young looking side but I likes.

  • lina

    She’s so unbelievably skinny.

  • http://ningin.com Aikyrie

    She’s so cute looking. I wonder if she’ll ever come over to the US

  • AllaN

    Thats the reason why I want to be a photographer~

  • paddyspoint

    she’s got piercing eyes.

    she could use a little tan though.. a bit too pale, think.

  • http://www.gamedudex.com GameDudeX

    Awesome set of pictures!

  • http://g20.net P11Gdub

    holy frijoles, i want to be that pillow.

  • alex12345678910

    we kissed

  • zado


  • Runnerman92

    Can’t stop looking at this one. What an absolute doll!!!

  • ivan

    totally kawaii minus the curves.

  • Sanvn

    Ah hah, now i know her name :) , i have alot of her pic b4, but dont know anything about her :(

  • qtip


  • robmar19

    damn, she is hot…..

    my two cents…


  • Marty

    honey, your pics are VERY BEAUTIFUL, and they are VERY SEXY as well, you are a real babydoll, love, Marty

  • Boni24

    she is awesome lov her

  • tony

    i am glad that god bring you to my eyes!!!!!!!!!