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Nozomi Sasaki

Nozomi Sasaki

It’s hard to pick up a fashion catalog or magazine in Japan and not see the face of Nozomi Sasaki. She’s been featured on the cover of Young Jump, Up To Boy, Weekly Playboy, and of course Sabra Magazine.

Nozomi Sasaki

Most recently, the 20-year-old Nozomi signed a contract with Pinky to be the official model of their media network.

It won’t be long until we see her on the big screen!

110 Pics of Nozomi Sasaki in the Photo Gallery

  • jules

    Damn she’s cute! A little on the young looking side but I likes.

  • lina

    She’s so unbelievably skinny.

  • Aikyrie

    She’s so cute looking. I wonder if she’ll ever come over to the US

  • AllaN

    Thats the reason why I want to be a photographer~

  • paddyspoint

    she’s got piercing eyes.

    she could use a little tan though.. a bit too pale, think.

  • GameDudeX

    Awesome set of pictures!

  • P11Gdub

    holy frijoles, i want to be that pillow.

  • alex12345678910

    we kissed

  • zado


  • Runnerman92

    Can’t stop looking at this one. What an absolute doll!!!

  • ivan

    totally kawaii minus the curves.

  • Sanvn

    Ah hah, now i know her name :) , i have alot of her pic b4, but dont know anything about her :(

  • qtip


  • robmar19

    damn, she is hot…..

    my two cents…

  • Marty

    honey, your pics are VERY BEAUTIFUL, and they are VERY SEXY as well, you are a real babydoll, love, Marty

  • Boni24

    she is awesome lov her

  • tony

    i am glad that god bring you to my eyes!!!!!!!!!