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Panward Hemmanee

panward hemmanee

Kineda’s Idol of the Day is Panward Hemmanee, nicknamed “Pei” back in her homeland of Thailand. Pei is an upcoming TV drama actress that has been featured on numerous magazine covers including the likes of VOLUME and MARS magazine. This 5’5″ Thai beauty landed on our Ultimate Asian Hotties List and I’m sure there’s no question why.

5 Photos of Panward Hemmanee are available below

Panward Hemmanee
Panward Hemmanee
Panward Hemmanee
Panward Hemmanee
Panward Hemmanee
  • jules

    I’ve never liked Thai girls all that much but DAMN SHE’S HOT!

  • Lenka

    I thought that the most beautiful women are from Slovakia till I see Panward

  • rbx6jm7man

    she’s so gorgeous… i think i’m gonna go plan a kidnapping now^^*

  • sandalian

    I’ll be happy to be her servant! No fee is okay ^o^

  • shinobi12

    Wow…I need to go visit Thailand!

  • imlee


  • simply_honey

    the pics are tastefully done and not screaming “SKANK ALERT”…

  • Popoy

    I have to agree with Jules. She’s Hot!!!

  • beni

    thae women are lovely, why isnot the picture format like this for the rest of the gallaries

  • alex16pham

    She is the hottest girl ever. I dated and married her.

  • mmsqmsq


  • leonardo

    I am really love her..wuw very cool